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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AB, Periode: 13-04-2021-1800-1900.
18:58:13Whatever you wantStatus Quo00:03:47
18:54:16Too young to be marriedThe Hollies00:03:59
18:50:59Why did it have to be meAbba00:03:19
18:48:07So much in loveThe Hitmakers00:02:54
18:44:51Ma BakerBoney M00:03:18
18:41:56You can do magicMcKinleys00:02:57
18:38:35Blød lykkeSebastian00:03:22
18:36:42From a windowBilly J. Kramer00:01:55
18:34:09Break it to me gentlyBrenda Lee00:02:35
18:31:55DaydreamThe Loving Spoonful00:02:15
18:29:20Baby come backThe Equals00:02:37
18:26:29A letter to the BeatlesThe Four Preps00:02:53
18:24:14Jam up and jelly tightTommy Roe00:02:18
18:22:00Little by littlePeter Belli & Les Rivals00:02:16
18:19:44All my lovingThe Beatles00:02:05
18:17:29I get aroundRed Squares00:02:17
18:14:03Beautiful brown eyesSir Henry00:03:29
18:10:23Close the doorTeddy Pedergrass00:03:32
18:06:29Greatest dayTake That00:03:56
18:03:55High time babyThe Spencer Davis Group00:02:36
18:03:45Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12