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Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AA, Periode: 11-11-2019-1800-1900.
18:57:14Alone again naturallyGilbert O'Sullivan00:03:35
18:54:04Something's happeningHermans Hermits00:03:10
18:51:06She's a womanThe Beatles00:03:00
18:47:42San Franciscan nightsEric Burdon and the Animals00:03:24
18:44:51Stop the musicLenne and the Lee Kings00:02:51
18:42:54I saw Linda yesterdayConnie Francis00:01:59
18:39:31Teddy loveHarpo00:03:25
18:36:39Chapel of loveSvenne og Lotta00:02:52
18:33:57So my daddy saysMi-i-rana00:02:42
18:31:55Twist and shoutBrian Poole and the Tremeloes00:02:02
18:28:46Angel of the morningP. P. Arnold00:03:10
18:25:34More than a womanBee Gees00:03:13
18:21:35Your mamma won't like meSuzi Quatro00:03:59
18:15:32Can't help falling in loveElvis Presley00:02:59
18:12:22Don't stopFleetwood Mac00:03:10
18:09:35Ebb tideRighteours Brothers00:02:47
18:09:24Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12
18:00:20Fællesannoncen RKSKSnakkeradio00:07:31