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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AB, Periode: 10-02-2021-1800-1900.
18:59:18AlbatrossFleetwood Mac00:03:06
18:56:57Why do fools fall in loveThe Diamonds00:02:21
18:54:41Little by littlePeter Belli & Les Rivals00:02:16
18:51:16Ain't no mountain high enoughDiana Ross00:03:27
18:48:05Sitting on a fenceTwice as much00:03:07
18:45:11San FranciscoScott McKenzie00:02:55
18:41:57Can't get by without youReal thing00:03:16
18:38:29Save your kisses for meBrotherhood of man00:03:01
18:32:20Bohemian rhapsodyQueen00:05:54
18:29:29The sound of silenceThe Bachelors Collection00:02:51
18:26:24Ribbet og flåetBifrost00:03:06
18:23:48I think of youMerseybeats00:02:32
18:20:53Let it be meThe Shadows00:02:57
18:13:14Lok wot you dunSlade00:02:56
18:08:05Me and Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin00:04:28
18:05:33Mo'reenThe Teenmakers00:02:32
18:03:17Here comes summerCliff Richard00:02:16
18:03:05Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12