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Udsendelse: Onsdags��bent, Vært: AA, Periode: 07-04-2021-0800-1000.
09:54:18SoarChristina Aguilera00:04:45
09:51:44Blue bayouAndrea Corr00:02:37
09:47:39Younger than yesterdayReal Estate Days00:04:04
09:44:22DumpetNadia Gattas00:03:17
09:39:42Dit nordlige sindRasmus Walter00:04:13
09:37:00HeartbeatHank Marvin00:02:43
09:34:04NannaWarwick Avenue00:02:57
09:31:01You better go nowSøs Fenger00:03:03
09:27:05The wall street shuffle10 cc00:03:56
09:25:05Patricia the stripperSir Henry00:02:01
09:21:49Our houseMadness00:03:19
09:17:16True love travels on a gravel roadHenning Stærk00:04:35
09:14:18Hey mammaSunstroke Project00:02:58
09:11:15Break the fallSandra Elsfort00:03:04
09:06:45Disco 2000Pulp00:04:30
09:03:10Paddling outMiike Snow00:03:35
08:59:36You'll never knowMichael Learns To Rock00:03:31
08:55:52Hide with meDeep Parliament feat. Stevie00:03:44
08:52:58When you're in love with a beautifuDr. Hook00:02:56
08:49:09SoldierGavin DeGraw00:03:28
08:44:55Prinsessen fra ÅlborgPoul Krebs00:04:16
08:41:30A picture in a frameBasim00:03:24
08:36:31I believed in youDanny's mindfield00:04:32
08:33:38Go'e gamle fru OlsenRock Nalle00:02:55
08:30:58Crying gameDave Berry00:02:41
08:27:13Some kind of nothingnessManic Street Preachers00:03:46
08:23:32Hvergang regnen siler nedLis Sørensen00:03:41
08:19:47The man who sold the worldLulu00:03:46
08:17:28Sail to the other sideAnma00:02:20
08:14:30All time highRita Coolidge00:03:00
08:10:54Fool (fight of our lives)Sir Reg00:03:38
08:08:15Pretty little angel eyesThe firebirds00:02:34
08:04:43All my loveRocazino00:03:32
08:01:03I et sommerhusSouvenirs00:03:40