Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 23-06-2019-1900-2359.
23:57:27Don't you worry childWe Are The Catalyst00:04:18
23:54:56Du er sidst min venLindhard og Max Five00:02:33
23:50:25I am the walrusThe Beatles00:04:31
23:46:54Gør mig varmStig Møller00:03:30
23:42:44Swamp river daysJohn Fogerty00:04:10
23:38:57I won't be thereAtomic Kitten00:03:48
23:34:59Riding out the stormKatrine Falkenberg00:03:59
23:31:52Is this the way to AmarilloTony Christie00:03:09
23:27:24Do you really want to leave me.....Maggie Reilly00:04:20
23:24:35Move itCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:49
23:22:27Jenny JennyThe Defenders00:02:08
23:18:03Losing my religionR.e.m.00:04:25
23:14:30Still believingErann DD00:03:33
23:11:23Sammen med digLisbeth00:03:08
23:08:58Mama I'll sing one song for youDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:02:27
23:05:14Glory daysBruce Springsteen00:03:46
22:58:36In our lifetimeTexas00:04:05
22:54:54My angelAudax00:03:42
22:51:52You weren't thereLene Marlin00:03:04
22:49:17Kansas CityBrenda Lee00:02:36
22:45:09Hvis du forstodSanne Salomonsen00:04:08
22:40:57Liv efter livLars Lilholt00:04:13
22:37:31Black and blueMikkel Møl00:03:26
22:33:26What can make you happyMajbritte Ulrikkeholm00:04:05
22:30:14He's beautiful to meCrystal Gayle00:03:11
22:26:58Before you get thereStriving Vines00:03:18
22:24:26SpecielOle Berthelsen00:02:32
22:16:46It never rains in southern CalifornAlbert Hammond00:03:50
22:12:41Giv mig skibene tilbageDodo And the Dodo's00:03:53
22:08:49Who wants to live foreverSarah Brightman00:03:52
22:05:14When Susannah criesEspen Lind00:03:37
22:02:49Jailhouse rockElvis Presley00:02:26
21:58:30Dance the night awayThe Mavericks00:04:20
21:56:47Long tall sallyThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:01:45
21:53:02ToughLewis Capaldi00:03:45
21:49:46PianomandPeter Viskinde00:03:17
21:46:11The one I'm waiting forKim Strandsø00:03:35
21:42:35Wanna see the lightSuzann and the Davies00:03:27
21:39:00CrossroadsDon McLean00:03:37
21:35:37Feel goodTeitur00:03:24
21:31:52Melt me down like chocolateLouise Latham00:03:44
21:28:29What now my loveMelvis and His gentlemen00:03:24
21:26:01Hot legsTom Jones and Tina Turner00:02:28
21:22:57It's magicFenders00:03:06
21:20:11Peggy SueHank Marvin00:02:46
21:16:17Hjallerup kroLaura Mo00:03:53
21:13:42Be bop a boogieRocking Ghosts00:02:24
21:08:56DonnaCliff Richard00:04:18
21:05:45I still believe in loveHenrik Bank00:03:11
21:02:12I wanna be the only oneEternal feat. Bebe Winans00:03:33
20:58:23Shout our love will be the lightJulie00:03:50
20:53:40Bow and obeyMike Tramp00:04:43
20:50:31Get the party startedPink00:03:11
20:47:31I think I love youPartridge Family00:02:50
20:44:36Rock and roll waltzKay Starr00:02:55
20:41:01Vi danserGitte Hænning00:03:35
20:36:23When you say nothing at allHenning Stærk00:04:40
20:33:04Home againJulie Berthelsen00:03:20
20:29:18The way you look tonightRod Stewart00:03:46
20:25:24Will you still love me tomorrowSmokie00:03:55
20:22:15A house of many roomsMike and the mechanics00:03:09
20:18:47Bare neccessaties megamixU.K. Mixmasters00:03:28
20:15:44This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04
20:12:20Concrete and clayBaccara00:03:04
20:09:08FairytaleAlexander Rybak00:03:01
20:06:03And she's thereAndreas S Jensen00:03:05
20:02:32You're my worldPå slaget 1200:02:58
19:58:32Two out of three ain't badMeat Loaf00:03:56
19:56:23Tennessee waltzAlma Cogan00:02:08
19:52:48Fields of goldSting00:03:36
19:50:11Lilla vackra AnnaHootenanny Singers00:02:37
19:46:36Thank you, starsKatie Melua00:03:37
19:42:21Væk fra denne virkelighedMathilde Falch00:04:16
19:38:30Aht uh mi hedLisa Bassenge00:03:53
19:34:20Lady in redChris De Burgh00:04:11
19:31:08I never got to know herDr. Hook00:03:13
19:28:53Big girls don't cryRed Squares00:02:17
19:23:58Rock'n roll I gave you all the bestThe Cats00:04:55
19:19:46Two sides of a coinNeben Gesjæft00:04:12
19:15:33The last rocket manAndrew Strong00:04:13
19:12:34I've never been in loveSuzi Quatro00:03:02
19:09:36Cos you like to love meThe Hollies00:02:57
19:06:57Lilly fra LøkkenDalton00:02:39