Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 31-12-2018-0000-0630.
06:29:12Too much love will kill youQueen00:04:18
06:25:11Væk migRay Dee Ohh00:04:03
06:20:49Love is all aroundSort Sol00:04:22
06:16:31Up where we belongMartin og Ea00:04:18
06:11:29Goody my loveRotation00:04:29
06:07:32Starting overJohn Lennon00:03:54
06:05:16Love me doThe Beatles00:02:18
06:01:43ConfusionElectric Light Orchestra00:03:34
05:57:52Ordinary girlLyra Project00:03:53
05:52:57Child in timeDeep Purple00:04:11
05:49:17The room is spinningKristina Renée00:03:40
05:46:56Move itCliff Richard00:02:20
05:43:59Wake upJessica Andersson00:02:59
05:41:17Wouldn't it be niceWilson Phillips00:02:41
05:39:06Østre GasværkKim Larsen00:02:13
05:36:45Mister sandmanThe Chordettes00:02:21
05:31:25Love shackB 52's00:05:22
05:28:42I think of youMerseybeats00:02:32
05:25:21Jorden i flammerCæsar00:03:23
05:21:17I wanna know what love isDonny Osmond00:04:05
05:17:19Sugar sugarKissing Cousins00:03:59
05:13:08Too lost in youSugababes00:04:10
05:09:50In ZaireJohnny Wakelin00:03:19
05:06:26Always look on the bright sideMonthy Python00:03:25
05:02:46Say you love meSimply red00:03:40
04:58:13Nothing's gonna stop us nowStarship00:04:35
04:56:09Bye bye babyRed Squares00:02:05
04:52:31Længes efter mereLis Sørensen00:03:38
04:47:48Sweethearts togetherThe Rolling Stones00:04:43
04:43:52VincentDon McLean00:03:58
04:40:17Blue NightMichael Learns To Rock00:03:37
04:37:01The fire still burnsThomas Ring00:03:16
04:31:59Distant dreamerDuffy00:05:03
04:24:22Kys mig nuLindhard og Max Five00:03:07
04:21:33In the countryCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:49
04:17:19Everybody knowsDixie Chicks00:04:17
04:13:46Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
04:10:23Highway to hellAc / Dc00:03:25
04:05:16AbracadabraSteve Miller Band00:05:07
04:02:58Witch doctorDavid Seville00:02:18
04:00:19Candy manRoy Orbison00:02:39
03:57:33Precious loveHenriette Lykke00:02:46
03:54:40For altidMario00:02:55
03:49:31All good things (come to an end)Nelly Furtado00:05:09
03:45:53Out of sightChimbo's Revival00:03:38
03:41:43Here with meDido00:04:11
03:37:22Slave to loveBryan Ferry00:04:22
03:34:01Dig og migBlå Øjne00:03:21
03:31:45Little dipper slopThe Danish Sharks00:02:16
03:28:58Up around the bendCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:36
03:26:23Glass of champagneSailor00:02:35
03:23:51A monsters holidayBuck Owens00:02:32
03:20:51The riverDelta Goodrem00:03:01
03:16:26Change the worldHanne Boel00:04:25
03:13:26Double WhopperSweethearts00:03:01
03:10:56You really got meAndrew Strong00:02:30
03:07:02The cry of the lone wolfKatie Melua00:03:55
03:04:21Lykken kommer lykken gårAnnette Klingenberg00:02:43
02:59:19New kid in townEagles00:05:03
02:55:58Games people playInner Circle00:03:23
02:52:11Hard to say I'm sorryChicago00:03:47
02:46:55Don't you worry 'bout a thingIncognito00:05:16
02:43:54Med exprestog til KinaUlla Bjerre og Ole Bredahl00:03:02
02:39:30Face the nightWalter Trout Band00:04:25
02:37:47Mercedes BenzJanis Joplin00:01:44
02:33:41Your crownInfernal feat. Xenia00:04:07
02:30:41Psychotic reactionCount Five00:03:02
02:27:12Close the doorTim Christensen00:03:21
02:25:17JavaAl Hirt00:01:55
02:22:19En del af mit hjerteJanette Sund00:02:58
02:18:28Under pressureQueen og David Bowie00:03:53
02:13:40Shame shame shameShirley and Company00:04:49
02:10:33Go nowMoody Blues00:03:08
02:07:44FreeDeniece Williams00:02:50
02:05:56Simon Smith and his amazing ...Alan Price00:01:48
02:02:45Reach outMarie Carmen Koppel00:03:12
01:58:48Something worth leaving behindMaria Lucia00:03:56
01:56:28Tutti fruttiLittle Richard00:02:22
01:54:19ShindigThe Shadows00:02:10
01:51:19Not a Sinner, not a saintAlcazar00:03:00
01:43:34Making love out of nothing atBonnie Tyler00:07:46
01:39:31Call meSpagna00:04:04
01:35:37Hold on tightSmokie00:03:55
01:32:04Eight miles highByrds00:03:34
01:30:16Yakety yakCoasters00:01:47
01:27:16Midnight in MoscowGale Garnett00:02:49
01:23:49Got my mind set on youShakin' Stevens00:03:26
01:18:50The same sunChris De Burgh00:05:01
01:15:24Husk at glemme migLeeloo00:03:27
01:11:48I surrenderSaybia00:03:37
01:08:48Nat i OsloPoul Krebs00:03:01
01:03:11Cover of the rolling stoneDr. Hook feat. Ray Sawyer00:03:10
00:59:38This is the world we live inAlcasar00:03:33
00:55:19I need you tonightBackstreet Boys00:04:20
00:52:02CrushJennifer Paige00:03:18
00:48:13Jeg kender en engelDodo And the Dodo's00:03:49
00:45:06Hungry heartBruce Springsteen00:03:16
00:41:00Dybt vandSvenstrup og Vendelboe00:04:06
00:32:30Never walk alonePeter Viskinde00:04:35
00:28:20Just give me a reasonPink00:04:01
00:24:40Hot or notShu bi dua00:03:41
00:20:30Always on your sideSheryl Crow00:04:12
00:16:13Katolske kysPå Slaget 1200:04:19
00:13:15Dear oneLarry Finnegan00:02:59
00:10:59Cradle of loveJohnny Preston00:02:16
00:08:01Girl, you be a woman soonUrge Overkill00:02:58
00:03:44Our last summerAbba00:04:18
00:00:19Show me loveYaki-da00:03:25