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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 31-08-2020-0000-0630.
06:29:3874-75The Connells00:04:25
06:26:10Let's get loudThe Baseballs00:03:29
06:23:42Take good care of my babySvenne og Lotta00:02:28
06:18:57Sally comes aroundBonnie Tyler00:03:34
06:14:10Forget about itMaggie Reilly00:03:21
06:10:02The hustleVan McCoy00:04:05
06:05:29I can't let goThe Hollies00:02:23
06:01:37Groovy dayThomas Helmig00:03:52
05:58:03Touch me in the morningDiana Ross00:03:23
05:53:41Ina SheerGeordie00:03:48
05:48:24For enden af regnbuenPoul krebs00:04:50
05:44:04Tænder det opKaren00:04:21
05:40:29Imagine me imagine youFox00:03:36
05:37:09VillainSally Anthony00:03:21
05:33:22All the timeZara Larsson00:03:47
05:29:40Just a little loveErasure00:03:31
05:25:42Unforgivable sinnerLene Marlin00:03:59
05:22:09Around the worldATC00:03:34
05:19:21Oh boyMud00:02:50
05:15:11Lay your hands on meBeth Hart00:04:10
05:12:18Morning BeatBrian Wilson00:02:55
05:08:07Just around the cornerCock Robin00:04:11
05:04:56Afternoon's gone blindKelly Willis00:03:13
05:01:37HonestlyHot Chelle Rae00:03:19
04:59:04Please mr. postmanThe Marvelettes00:02:25
04:55:33Chariots of fire themeCaravelli00:03:32
04:51:36Alt er godtChief 100:03:58
04:48:13What good will you do for mePeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
04:46:09SnowbirdLynn Anderson00:02:05
04:42:22Det bedste du vedFenders00:03:49
04:35:25Purple rainPrince00:04:06
04:32:08One last summer nightMichael Learns to Rock00:03:16
04:28:42London callingThe Clash00:03:18
04:24:34Trevelling lightHank Marvin00:04:09
04:21:53Nowhere manThe Beatles00:02:41
04:17:36Ticket to heavenDire Straits00:04:19
04:13:58FarkropCity Singler00:03:39
04:09:34HushDeep Purple00:04:24
04:04:38Cleaning out my closetEminem00:04:57
03:59:37Fast carTracy Chapman00:04:50
03:55:43Colour my worldWestlife00:03:54
03:51:54I love it when we doRonan Keating00:03:49
03:48:35Du løfter migLouise Espersen00:03:19
03:45:41Tears on my pillowHep Stars00:02:54
03:42:48Walking by myselfGary moore00:02:54
03:37:25Du gør mig hidsig lille LizzyTyggegummibanden00:02:49
03:33:52Erase rewindThe Cardigans00:03:35
03:29:58Part-time loverStevie Wonder00:03:42
03:25:46Mashed potatoesThe Defenders00:04:13
03:20:51Familiar roadsSko og Torp00:04:57
03:16:57RosesTommy Thiel00:03:54
03:13:13Kul påMidnight sun00:03:44
03:10:43I'm just a lonely boyPaul Anka00:02:30
03:07:05Fight of our livesSir Reg00:03:37
02:59:50VincentDon McLean00:03:58
02:56:33I've got youJay Smith00:03:18
02:50:21Sowing the seeds of loveTears for Fears00:06:12
02:44:32MarinaDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:02:14
02:41:25Touch meDoors00:03:08
02:38:01En stille søndagsbajerRock Nalle00:03:25
02:34:28Never on the day you leaveJohn Mayer00:03:33
02:30:18Stretching outMark Knopfler00:04:10
02:27:27Tell Laura I love herRicky Valance00:02:42
02:23:59Call meBlondie00:03:27
02:20:10We take care of our ownBruce Springsteen00:03:50
02:17:14Two are stronger than oneMe and My00:02:56
02:15:17Nut rockerB. Bumble and the Stringers00:01:58
02:11:05I doJessica00:04:13
02:08:10It's still rock and roll to meBilly Joel00:02:55
02:03:22Bang and blameR.E.M.00:04:47
01:59:28Every little thingDilba00:03:43
01:55:59Going back to IndianaJackson 500:03:29
01:52:31DamnLee Ann Rimes00:03:29
01:49:59Blue moon nightsJohn Fogerty00:02:33
01:47:45As I walk into the morning of yourCliff Richard00:02:15
01:42:49Just the way you areKirsten Siggaard00:04:56
01:39:11King of my castleWamdue Project00:03:38
01:36:32Before and afterChad and Jeremy00:02:40
01:32:45So simpleStacie Orrico00:03:47
01:28:52The heart of it allThe Consolation00:03:42
01:26:55I don't want to see you againPeter and Gordon00:01:58
01:24:18Oh lonesome mePå slaget 1200:02:39
01:20:21Ordinary dayVanessa Carlton00:03:58
01:16:20Lovely dayBill Withers00:04:03
01:12:35Some kind of nothingnessManic Street Preachers00:03:46
01:08:58One callNick Zutphen00:03:39
01:05:43SplitsekundRasmus Walter00:03:16
01:03:41Close in your armsThe Danish Sharks00:02:03
00:59:06Tror du at jeg vil la' dig gåRay Dee Ohh00:04:26
00:55:18Fading like a flowerRoxette00:03:49
00:52:43Mozart forteThe Shadows00:02:34
00:48:07Female voiceBig Fat Snake00:04:38
00:45:11Eeny meeny miny moeLuv00:02:56
00:40:54It's overRod Stewart00:04:17
00:37:51MarieCarsten Elmer og Jørgen Klubin00:03:04
00:35:16Nam namShu bi dua00:02:36
00:31:11All in good timeBen Reel00:04:06
00:27:40Omnia boaThe Strange Boys00:03:19
00:24:28Moster IngerBamses Venner00:03:14
00:20:55Blackberry wayThe Move00:03:33
00:17:18Call my nameTove Styrke00:03:40
00:15:02Why do fools fall in loveFrankie Lymon and The Teenagers00:02:16
00:12:46Don't throw your love awayFortunes00:02:17
00:09:13Twelve thirtyWilson Phillips00:03:34
00:05:52I natLouise Dubiel00:03:22
00:03:20Route 66Rocking Silver00:02:34
00:00:17This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04