Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 30-06-2019-1900-2359.
23:56:50Back being blueKelly Willis00:03:43
23:52:07CatfightsKristina Renée00:04:44
23:48:05For the first timeRod Stewart00:04:01
23:44:21You can leave your hat onJoe Cocker00:03:46
23:41:20Guilty flowersWard Thomas00:03:01
23:39:09Blue suede shoesCarl Perkins00:02:13
23:35:10ElsketSandra Gregersen00:04:00
23:31:26Where's the loveHanson00:03:46
23:27:23JuliaChris Rea00:03:54
23:23:17Give a little bitSupertramp00:04:05
23:19:44ZabadakDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:03:34
23:16:46It's a beautiful dayKatrine Falkenberg00:02:59
23:13:20You're so vainSmokie00:03:27
23:10:27Someone someoneBrian Poole and the Tremeloes00:02:54
23:03:05I just can't stop loving youMichael Jackson00:04:09
23:00:16And we runWithin temptation feat. Xzibit00:02:49
22:57:18AlletidersJoey Moe00:02:58
22:54:37Glad det' ovreLindhard og Max Five00:02:43
22:46:32Walk the dinosaurWas Not Was00:04:21
22:44:00Min lykke - mit heldPeter Viskinde00:02:32
22:39:40Sig mig hvem du elskerNews00:04:20
22:37:15Listen to the rythm of the fallingThe Casades00:02:26
22:34:45Foot tapperThe Shadows00:02:31
22:30:44ValiantLaura Mo00:04:02
22:27:48Cry me a riverJoan Baez00:02:57
22:25:44Jeg har købt en guitarShu bi dua00:02:06
22:22:02Any way you want itMichael Learns To Rock00:03:43
22:18:29Miss you soBonnie Bianco00:03:33
22:14:14Lygtemandens sangGnags00:04:03
22:10:22SometimesBritney Spears00:03:53
22:07:08Ud af mørketShaka loveless00:03:14
22:03:16Fools goldmineKim Schwartz00:03:52
21:59:29BitterblueBonnie Tyler00:03:47
21:55:00AngieThe Rolling Stones00:04:31
21:51:41On melancholy hillGorillaz00:03:19
21:45:52Den jeg elskerSanne00:05:49
21:41:01Muddy riversLightships00:04:43
21:37:51Hey there lonely girlEddie Holman00:03:10
21:34:06Chain reactionDiana Ross00:03:46
21:30:24Can't say I'm sorryBryan Rice00:03:44
21:26:09It keeps you runningThe Doobie Brothers00:04:16
21:23:11A perfect matchA Teens00:02:59
21:17:53Trial by fireBachman Turner Overdrive00:05:20
21:14:42Perfect lifeLevina00:02:59
21:11:44AloneMarvin Urias00:02:59
21:08:32Baby, please don't goTheme00:02:45
21:05:42Pretty little angel eyesShowaddywaddy00:02:52
21:02:32A bite out of my bedThe New Pornographers00:03:10
21:00:49I listen to my heartThe Cliffters00:01:43
20:57:28CadillacThe Defenders00:03:22
20:55:19Barbara AnnThe Regents00:02:09
20:52:00To be with youWestlife00:03:19
20:46:28Snowflakes from the sunKirsten & Marie00:05:23
20:43:07Tonight againGuy Sebastian00:03:23
20:39:20Sui suiSneakers00:03:47
20:35:37Luk mig opFredag00:03:44
20:32:16Dig og migBlå Øjne00:03:21
20:28:41Crying days are overZindy00:03:37
20:24:16Just another mileAnders Norman00:04:02
20:19:36Breaking all the rulesBackseat00:04:40
20:14:32Bridges burnedSeeker Lover Keeper00:04:17
20:11:46Stop stop stopThe Hollies00:02:47
20:08:34Things go wrongChris Isaak00:03:00
20:05:29Wake up BooGudrun00:03:05
20:01:12When a man loves a womanMichael Bolton00:03:49
19:57:06She doesn't live here anymoreRoxette00:04:02
19:53:07Smuk og dejligShit og Chalou00:04:00
19:49:58Morning has brokenCat Stevens00:03:11
19:45:26I believed in youDanny's mindfield00:04:32
19:38:01On my way to L.APhil Carmen00:07:26
19:33:56When the going gets tough, the ...Billy Ocean00:04:05
19:30:16Hjem til ÅrhusPå slaget 1200:03:42
19:27:08Take you downAnna David00:03:07
19:25:09I love youCliff Richard00:02:01
19:21:06Standing on the insideNeil Sedaka00:04:04
19:17:44Forget about itMaggie Reilly00:03:21
19:13:22Get it onT. Rex00:04:22
19:09:24Let the love go onMe and My00:04:00
19:05:08Last nightTrio Of Awesuhm00:04:16