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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 29-09-2020-0000-0630.
06:29:19CaboeraRasmus Nøhr00:04:28
06:22:10All the sameReal Estate Days00:07:10
06:18:14Sol over GudhjemBamses Venner00:03:56
06:12:44Cry just a little bitShakin' Stevens00:03:11
06:09:21You promised rock n rollBackseat00:03:20
06:07:17All my lovingThe Beatles00:02:05
06:02:35Hvor er det stedLars Stryg og Royal Strings00:02:46
05:59:3025 minutes to goJohnny Cash00:03:06
05:53:40In the morningBee Gees00:02:49
05:51:17Who'll stop the rainCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:23
05:47:14New OrleansThe Les Humphries Singers00:04:04
05:44:04WeakJennifer Brown00:03:10
05:41:27Every blossomLightships00:02:37
05:36:44The wind whispers youOne two00:04:44
05:32:38Two peopleTina Turner00:04:06
05:30:23Hello Mary LouThe Everly brothers00:02:16
05:25:23The carnival is overBoney M00:04:51
05:22:30SusannaRobin Cook00:02:54
05:18:54Vi danserGitte Hænning00:03:35
05:14:21Jack and JillRaydio00:04:34
05:10:57What good will you do for mePeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
05:07:47Go nowPeter Belli00:03:11
05:02:48Heat of the nightSmokie00:04:59
05:00:39Tennessee waltzAlma Cogan00:02:08
04:57:29Dear oneLarry Finnegan00:02:59
04:53:42Silent timesMichael Learns To Rock00:03:47
04:50:25Hello hello I'm back againGary Glitter00:03:18
04:47:30Day trip to bangorFiddler's Dram00:02:56
04:43:47Bare os toLouise Juul00:03:44
04:39:49I am I feelAlisha's Attic00:04:00
04:36:20Hos dig (er jeg alt)Blå øjne00:03:29
04:33:11That's rock'n rollEric Carmen00:03:10
04:26:59You don't have to be in the army toMungo Jerry00:03:14
04:25:30Sticks and stonesThe Lions00:01:31
04:21:20Dancing with somebodyRun 4 fun00:04:12
04:17:23BitchMeredith Brooks00:03:57
04:14:09Fix your heartZididada00:03:14
04:11:06So longAbba00:03:04
04:06:42Live the lifeRod Stewart00:04:25
04:03:13From the bottom of my lonely heartBonnie Tyler00:03:29
03:59:32Ta' medRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:03:44
03:55:05Blå oceanerStig Skovlind00:04:28
03:52:07We are the championsQueen00:02:59
03:48:04Thorn in my sideBon Jovi00:04:04
03:44:28Spinning wheelAndrew Strong00:03:37
03:40:20I've hurt worseCourtney Marie Andrews00:04:08
03:37:07OfeliaLars Lilholt00:03:14
03:30:31BacktrackRebecca Ferguson00:03:06
03:19:43Stairway to heavenFar Corporration00:05:55
03:15:56Ta' med mig til MalagaAnne Dorte og Maria (Tøsedrengene)00:03:47
03:13:33Ain't that a shameFats Domino00:02:24
03:11:12Nylon BrandoShu bi dua00:02:21
03:08:50I can't let goThe Hollies00:02:23
03:03:57We'll take the nightRoy Orbison00:04:53
02:59:44The dream is still aliveWilson Phillips00:04:02
02:55:57Song 3Robbie Williams00:03:47
02:52:40Oh babe what would you sayHurricane Smith00:03:18
02:49:28Tumbling downBlind Melon00:03:12
02:44:35SummertimeBilly Stewart00:04:54
02:39:43Aldrig undvære digDanser med Drenge00:04:53
02:36:40Flyt din hånd JohnWenche Myhre00:03:04
02:34:03Smoke gets in your eyesThe Platters00:02:37
02:29:48UnderneathAdam Lambert00:04:04
02:24:37BottomlessBette Midler00:05:12
02:22:42Everyday I have to cryThe Defenders00:01:56
02:19:45Blame it on the pony expressJohnny Johnson00:02:59
02:14:59Heart without a homeWestlife00:04:46
02:12:41Dance onThe Shadows00:02:20
02:09:50If I had a hammerPå slaget 1200:02:53
02:06:07No arms can ever hold youChris Norman00:03:42
02:02:41Ocean of lightIn-Mood feat. Juliette00:03:27
01:59:22OperatorsBlack light white light00:03:11
01:55:58Little liesFleetwood Mac00:03:24
01:52:32In those bad old daysFoundations00:03:27
01:48:17Everybody knowsDixie Chicks00:04:17
01:44:44Riverboat queenThe Refreshments00:03:35
01:42:35Pamela PamelaWayne Fontana00:02:10
01:40:02Under the boardwalkThe Drifters00:02:33
01:36:41A good nightJohn Legend feat. Bloodpop00:03:21
01:33:35Watch outAndy Goggin og Nanna Larsen00:03:07
01:30:37I mørketFay Emilia00:02:58
01:27:00Lath'n a halfDAD00:03:29
01:24:21Before and afterChad and Jeremy00:02:40
01:20:06Anything but downSheryl Crow00:04:16
01:16:52Walk into an empty roomBig Fat Snake00:03:15
01:13:04Fuld af nattens stjernerLis Sørensen00:03:49
01:10:55Universal soldierGlen Campbell00:02:09
01:07:22Around the worldATC00:03:34
01:03:38Lange gættenætterMiss B. Haven00:03:46
01:01:08As usualBrenda Lee00:02:32
00:56:55LøkkehjuletMichael Meyerheim00:04:01
00:53:17RosesKatrine Falkenberg00:03:39
00:49:54The heartache is gonePeter Larsen00:03:25
00:47:01Sun goes downRobin Schulz Ft. Jasmine Thompson00:02:55
00:43:32E spritteVOS00:03:29
00:40:58Chewy chewyOhio Express00:02:36
00:38:47In the moodThe Spotnicks00:02:13
00:34:15Cum on feel the noizeSlade00:04:33
00:30:38I want to build a jumbo arkHenning Stærk00:03:38
00:27:38Swing your daddyJim Gilstrap00:02:50
00:23:35Vent på migPeter Frodin og Jimmy Jørgensen00:04:05
00:21:16Little QueenieJerry Lee Lewis00:02:19
00:17:48Ain't gonna bump no moreJoe Tex00:03:28
00:14:27Mini mini miniIngjert Helen og Firebeat00:03:21
00:10:21Let's get it onMarvin Gaye00:08:17
00:07:53Ud over livetHenrik Volf00:02:29
00:03:38Singing in the carHenrik Launbjerg00:04:15
00:00:41Rip it upCliff Richard00:02:59