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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 28-11-2021-0000-0800.
07:57:49Oh what a nightThe Dells00:02:50
07:54:45DriveJour Majesty feat. Sara00:03:06
07:51:11When I was young00:03:35
07:47:34Brother LouieModern Talking00:03:39
07:39:43Sabre danceLove Sculpture00:04:48
07:35:24Læg dig ind under himlenMiss B. Haven00:04:20
07:32:42Freight trainBuddy Miller00:02:44
07:29:24Clap for the wolfmanThe Guess Who00:03:20
07:25:29Wrong reasonsSmokie and Maggie Reilly00:03:57
07:22:56FoottapperThe Cliffters00:02:35
07:20:18Happy mondayThe Floor is Made of Lava00:02:40
07:16:29EmotionSamantha Sang00:03:51
07:12:48Never believed in muchAndy Goggin og Marie Swane00:03:42
07:10:13JavaRocking Ghosts00:02:37
07:06:59Do you wanna touch meGary Glitter00:03:16
07:02:52Crazy in loveBeyonce and Jay Z00:04:09
07:00:41He's a rebelThe Crystals00:02:13
06:57:17Little darlingKamilia Amelie00:03:25
06:53:16Eye of the tigerSurvivor00:04:03
06:46:43I only wanna be with youDusty Springfield00:02:39
06:43:12VidunderdagKaren Busk00:03:32
06:39:44Rock 'n' roll ladyShowaddywaddy00:03:30
06:35:32When you say nothing at allBoyzone00:04:14
06:31:26The bench near saint petriKite And Komets00:04:08
06:28:26The naughty lady of shady laneThe Ames brothers00:02:48
06:25:04If I can't have youKim Wilde00:03:24
06:18:24Black velvetAlannah00:04:45
06:13:54Only a humanGeorg Ezra00:03:29
06:08:55Pack upEliza Doolittle00:03:07
06:02:08My old friendJacob Dinesen00:04:52
05:56:41Bullet bandBob Seger and The Silver00:05:30
05:51:21Golden platitudesManic Street Preachers00:04:21
05:47:27Lad mig følge medPoul Krebs00:03:57
05:39:24Do you really want to hurt meCulture Club00:04:22
05:37:14Nut rockerThe Shadows00:02:11
05:34:44All I have to do is dreamGlen Campbell00:02:32
05:30:47Anywhere isEnya00:03:59
05:27:43Summerlove sensationBay City Rollers00:03:06
05:24:13MonkeymandKim Larsen00:03:32
05:21:13Nothing can change this loveAndrew Strong00:03:02
05:18:05Kysser farvelJohn Schmidt00:03:10
05:14:27Say you love meSimply red00:03:40
05:10:57MarieSolveig Sandnes00:03:31
05:07:25Go your own wayFleetwood mac00:03:34
05:03:37First cut is the deepestRod Stewart00:03:50
04:59:03Her hos mine vennerKim Schwartz00:04:09
04:56:05Should've known betterSoluna Samay00:03:00
04:48:26Lay down SallyEric Clapton00:03:49
04:44:36Bad boys and square girlsSongwriterz00:03:52
04:41:36Run to meBee Gees00:03:02
04:38:52Tro på os toSeb00:02:45
04:36:37Look through any windowThe Hollies00:02:17
04:32:41The boy is mineBrenda and Monica00:03:59
04:29:36I could easily fall in love with yoCliff Richard00:02:53
04:25:59I found someoneCher00:03:39
04:22:26Tired of giving good tings upBowe00:03:35
04:18:53Home againHenning Høeg00:03:35
04:15:22I just saw a ghostDoug DeForest00:03:33
04:12:02Yes I doLaura Illeborg00:03:21
04:09:26Oh lonesome mePå slaget 1200:02:39
04:06:41Public imageAlpha Beat00:02:47
04:03:02You comfort meMichael Bolton00:03:41
04:00:37DreamloverBobby Darin00:02:26
03:56:54Crossing bordersSiri Svegler00:03:35
03:52:33Rock with youInner Circle00:04:22
03:49:09Mama saidLukas Graham00:03:26
03:46:46Bente kom hjemBamses Venner00:02:25
03:44:15Mo'reenThe Teenmakers00:02:32
03:40:37AngelAndy Michaels00:03:40
03:36:54The dreamerEster Brohus00:03:45
03:33:24Bageren og servitricenShu bi dua00:03:31
03:28:41Hole in my pocketSheryl Crow00:04:32
03:24:51Noget om helteLars Grand, Mads Westfall, Rasmus V00:03:52
03:19:46Please don't leave mePretty Maids00:05:13
03:17:37ClaudetteThe Everly Brothers00:02:11
03:14:58ChickenSweet and Co00:02:41
03:10:11Died in your arms tonightSmokie00:04:48
03:03:06Loving the alienDavid Bowie00:07:07
02:59:50Goodbye to the IslandBonnie Tyler00:03:08
02:56:17How will I knowJessica00:03:35
02:52:03Peaceful easy feelingEagles00:04:15
02:48:23Indtil solen skinnerAnders Boldsen00:03:43
02:45:46I see the moonTommy Seebach00:02:39
02:42:17Timen starter nuRocazino00:03:30
02:39:35I am a wandererSteve Earle00:02:44
02:36:40So beautifulCrossroad feat. Anja Møllerskov00:02:57
02:34:11The pied piperCrispian St. Peters00:02:31
02:30:16Bette LiverpoolAllan Olsen00:03:57
02:26:21If you were my girlSongwriters00:03:43
02:22:38Tidens kvinderTV-200:03:44
02:19:29Count on meJefferson Starship00:03:12
02:15:1226 grader i Paris i natChristian Brøns00:04:18
02:11:38The bright lightsFlora Cash00:03:36
02:07:52Ahead of the gameGary Kemp00:03:48
02:04:27Give me a reasonThe Corrs00:03:27
02:00:13No matter what you doOlivia Newton John00:04:16
01:56:26Give me a signLivia00:03:39
01:52:34I'm coming outDiana Ross00:03:54
01:48:25Dum for digVenter på far00:04:10
01:46:33You're sixteenJohnny Burnette00:01:54
01:42:31High on youMarcus Winther-John00:04:03
01:39:09Back homeFritz Kalkbrenner00:03:25
01:36:58I'm the oneGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:13
01:33:11Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
01:28:22DreamtimeDaryl Hall00:04:38
01:22:04MoneyPink Floyd00:06:20
01:18:40Shangri-laAnne Grete00:03:26
01:15:10Silver nightThe Rasmus00:03:31
01:11:57A love so beautifulBig Fat Snake00:03:15
01:09:07The cover of the rolling stoneDr. Hook00:02:51
01:05:47CadillacThe Defenders00:03:22
01:01:52Garden partyMezzoforte00:03:57
00:59:28Little dipper slopThe Danish Sharks00:02:16
00:56:49Knocked me outCallinaz00:02:40
00:53:11Can't let you knowSine00:03:40
00:49:34My heart goes boomFrench Affair00:03:39
00:46:06Strawberry fields foreverThe Beatles00:04:04
00:41:35Vi ka elske med hinandenLis Sørensen00:04:33
00:36:49Kiss from a roseSeal00:04:47
00:32:56Hold the lineToto00:03:55
00:31:00Poison ivyThe Beatophonic00:01:58
00:27:00If we only had the timeJørgen Ingmann00:03:49
00:22:51Lav sol over ÅrhusGnags00:04:11
00:19:26All the things she saidT.A.T.U.00:03:27
00:16:35Catch the windDonovan00:02:53
00:12:58The last timeThe Rolling Stones00:03:39
00:09:14Will you be mineLinnéa Handberg00:03:46
00:05:11Another dayDonovan Woods00:04:04
00:02:02What's upExcellence00:03:11