Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 28-03-2021-0000-0800.
07:57:25So longAbba00:03:04
07:55:24If I could make a livingKim Schwartz00:02:02
07:50:52Guardian angelMasquerade00:04:33
07:48:19She's coming homeZombies00:02:34
07:45:26Long long whileThe Rolling Stones00:02:54
07:41:55Moonlight shadowMike Oldfield00:03:32
07:38:59Move your feetJunior Senior00:02:57
07:36:48I'm the oneGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:13
07:33:36She was a girl selling gramophonesSon Of Caesar00:03:12
07:31:20Everybody knowsDave Clark Five00:02:17
07:26:11FameIrene Care00:05:11
07:22:33Out of sightChimbo's Revival00:03:38
07:19:11My favourite waste of timeOwen Paul00:03:23
07:17:23Great balls of fireJerry Lee Lewis00:01:49
07:11:23Baker streetGerry Rafferty00:06:02
07:09:04Sail to the other sideAnma00:02:20
07:04:00Mest af glædeBamses venner / Anne Grete00:05:05
07:00:45SplitsekundRasmus Walter00:03:16
06:57:10GøteborgLukas Vanggaard00:03:37
06:53:23Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
06:49:10Ingen ku nå osDanser med Drenge00:04:15
06:46:56ShindigThe Shadows00:02:15
06:44:45I've told every little starGitte Hænning00:02:11
06:40:41Spinning wheelBlood Sweat and Tears00:04:04
06:37:43AloneMarvin Urias00:02:59
06:33:40Another dayDonovan Woods00:04:04
06:23:00Someone loves you honeyLutricia McNeal00:02:57
06:18:51Give inTina Dickow00:03:48
06:14:52Dead thingG.O.A.T00:03:01
06:09:23Forever youngAndrew Strong00:04:44
06:05:28This loveMaroon 500:03:26
05:54:54Straight no chaserSelect Captain00:03:37
05:51:49Hjerter på spilLars Dk00:03:06
05:49:09Tom DooleyFour jacks00:02:41
05:42:21RosesKatrine Falkenberg00:03:39
05:40:01Blå ballonJørgen Ingemann / De små Ingemænner00:02:20
05:37:21A little bit me, a little bit youThe Monkees00:02:39
05:33:48Undvære digTine Mynster00:03:33
05:30:08Rambling manBig Fat Snake00:03:42
05:25:48Dance the night awayThe Mavericks00:04:20
05:22:20WomanJohn Lennon00:03:30
05:19:24Your secretsBelle & Sebastian00:02:56
05:14:50I still carry onMichael Learns To Rock00:04:35
05:12:18Mr bass manSha na na00:02:34
05:08:33Blue ain't your colorKeith Urban00:03:46
05:04:46Jeg er ked af at jeg tog telefonenDe Nattergale00:03:48
05:02:23I want to hold your handThe Beatles00:02:24
04:58:07Når engle elskerAnne Dorte Michelsen00:04:16
04:54:25All my stars alignedSt Vincent00:03:44
04:51:29I would die for youAntique00:02:56
04:47:42Mrs. RobinsonSimon and Garfunkel00:03:48
04:43:12Bringing on the heartbreakDef Leppard00:04:31
04:39:46Do you wanna love meMouth and Macneal00:03:27
04:36:43Worries in reverseJulie Berthelsen00:03:04
04:34:23Strangers in the nightPetula Clark00:02:20
04:30:29Isn't she lovelyDavid Parton00:03:55
04:26:46The last two on EarthBryan Rice00:03:31
04:22:47Min fremtidChristian00:03:59
04:20:15Ginny come latelySvenne og Lotta00:02:34
04:16:11Never close our eyesAdam Lambert00:04:05
04:11:47The young go firstWarm guns00:04:24
04:08:06Hey, hey, can you hear me?Hjörtur00:03:42
04:05:34This timeTroy Shondell00:02:34
04:03:04Sweets for my sweetThe Drifters00:02:32
03:59:18CabronRed Hot Chili Peppers00:03:37
03:54:47Cum on feel the noizeSlade00:04:33
03:51:11I don't wanna listen to the radioNice Little Penguins00:03:37
03:47:47Everybody's looking for somethingPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
03:44:45Wild nightMartina McBride00:03:04
03:42:05If I'd only come and goneDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:02:40
03:38:27One callNick Zutphen00:03:39
03:33:53Never walk alonePeter Viskinde00:04:35
03:30:18Years may come, years may goHermans Hermits00:03:35
03:26:31If you wanna cryAnna David00:03:36
03:23:33NobodyEliza Doolittle00:02:58
03:19:06You don't know how it feelsTom Petty00:04:28
03:16:52You've got to hide your love awaySilkie00:02:14
03:14:10Mos på din gravstenShu bi dua00:02:43
03:10:44WaterfallBek Ofis00:03:27
03:07:23Don't tell me that it's overAmy Macdonald00:03:12
03:03:31Don't let tonight ever endCliff Richard00:03:41
01:58:47Still in love with youThin Lizzy00:04:35
01:55:40AgadooBlack lace00:03:09
01:52:21You belong to someone elseKristine Blond00:03:19
01:49:02Storms never lastDr. Hook00:03:21
01:45:50Min luksusfælleJydepotten00:03:13
01:41:48I'm gonna getcha goodShania Twain00:04:02
01:37:50If I could turn back timeCher00:03:59
01:34:00I love it when we doRonan Keating00:03:49
01:30:39We're going to warMark Knopfler00:03:21
01:26:59Når bare man kan logreKester00:03:28
01:24:24Georgy girlPå slaget 1200:02:36
01:20:40Lay downMelanie00:03:46
01:17:25Skanderborg stationTV-200:03:15
01:14:27About youSweet and Co00:03:00
01:11:27TaxaSanne Salomonsen00:03:01
01:08:43Somebody's cryingChris Isaak00:02:46
01:04:32Love hurtsSmokie00:04:11
01:01:36Do it againSir Henry00:02:56
00:56:50The whisperNew Kids On The Block00:04:37
00:52:42Love somebodyRobbie Williams00:04:09
00:48:22Som et hjerte faret vildNews00:04:22
00:45:26She's good to meJoe Cocker00:02:56
00:42:56The no no songRingo Starr00:02:31
00:39:56Fuld som en grisBamses Venner00:03:02
00:35:10The bluffAmber Rahman00:04:46
00:32:17You are the sunshine of my lifeStevie Wonder00:02:55
00:27:37Human touchBonnie Tyler00:04:29
00:24:41Landet CamelotLecia00:02:56
00:21:08Riot in cell block no. 9Dr. Feelgood00:03:34
00:17:35Good timesJette Torp00:03:34
00:13:05Goody my loveRotation00:04:29
00:08:19Give me the good newsCrocodile Harris00:04:51
00:04:53SoldierGavin DeGraw00:03:28
00:00:45This onePaul McCartney00:04:08