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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 28-02-2019-0000-0630.
06:29:55VenusMichael Falch00:04:24
06:26:00Million miles awayTim Christensen og The Damn Crystal00:03:54
06:22:50SexchikaneShu bi dua00:03:11
06:19:12Too good to loseRebecca Ferguson00:03:40
06:13:18Big Girls CrySia00:03:28
06:09:26RiftSigne Svendsen00:03:53
06:04:22FighterChristina Aguilera00:04:06
05:58:33AlwaysBon Jovi00:05:51
05:54:02Juicy LucySir Henry00:03:32
05:50:33Take it easyEagles00:03:30
05:47:58The great pretenderThe Platters00:02:35
05:45:17You're the only oneMaria Mena00:02:43
05:41:25You're the stormThe Cardigans00:03:52
05:38:05Girl on the coastJessie James Decker00:03:19
05:33:45WarriorsFreedom Call00:04:20
05:29:51Stars in the nightRye & Roed00:03:45
05:26:18Red dressSugababes00:03:35
05:22:45HollywoodMichael Buble00:03:34
05:19:31Back into my eyesBig Fat Snake00:03:15
05:14:52When you say nothing at allHenning Stærk00:04:40
05:11:52Red balloonDave Clark Five00:03:01
05:07:55I've got your numberKim Schwartz00:03:57
05:04:55She movesAlle Farben feat. Graham Candy00:03:01
05:02:18Tell it like it isAaron Neville00:02:37
04:58:00Our last summerAbba00:04:18
04:54:46Lucky townBruce Springsteen00:03:15
04:50:49Everybody's got a storyMaria Lucia00:03:56
04:47:09A way back to loveSarah Dawn Finer00:03:41
04:43:19EmotionSamantha Sang00:03:51
04:39:51WomanJohn Lennon00:03:30
04:36:16Never met a woman like youDave Stewart00:03:37
04:33:22I see a starMouth and Macneal00:02:55
04:27:30To love somebodyBonnie Tyler00:05:41
04:24:10Don't you give up on meLissie00:03:19
04:21:19BelindaRocking Ghosts00:02:53
04:19:01I wonder whyDion and the Belmonts00:02:19
04:14:13Happy to be lonelyEster Brohus00:04:48
04:11:15Here comes my babyPå slaget 1200:02:58
04:06:40EndlesslyStan Urban00:04:34
04:02:56Chain reactionDiana Ross00:03:46
03:55:37Neverending storyLimahl00:03:20
03:52:49Lone i lårkortBirgit Lystager00:02:49
03:49:23How will I knowWhitney Houston00:03:27
03:46:22All time highRita Coolidge00:03:00
03:44:02DianaPaul Anka00:02:22
03:39:44Just when I needed you mostSmokie00:04:19
03:32:14Bring you homeRonan Keating00:03:13
03:28:35Let it rainSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:03:30
03:21:05Get togetherShakin' Stevens00:04:18
03:16:43You re no goodBarbara Kiss00:04:22
03:12:33SayBen Reel00:04:12
03:09:16Pull the triggerAnna David00:03:16
03:05:17To stjerneskudSteffen Brandt og Nanna00:04:00
03:01:32Sweat (A la la la la Long)Inner Circle00:03:45
02:57:47The way you look tonightRod Stewart00:03:46
02:53:50En som digBack To Back00:03:57
02:45:13The year we lostMarvin Urias00:03:26
02:43:23Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club bandThe Beatles00:01:51
02:39:33NaNa hey hey kiss him goodbyeHermes House Band00:03:50
02:35:51Welcome to lifeDuke Abel00:03:42
02:31:17Nothing's gonna stop us nowStarship00:04:35
02:27:51SkeletonLoveLike Violence00:03:14
02:24:37Tom Tom turnaroundNew World00:03:15
02:21:32I could've been your girlShe & Him00:03:05
02:17:56The RoseWestlife00:03:35
02:14:12Don't get me wrongThe Pretenders00:03:46
02:10:27I love the way you love meBoyzone00:03:45
02:06:52When Susannah criesEspen Lind00:03:37
02:03:16There's only loveGudrun00:03:36
01:59:50Jeg hader SusanneSouvenirs00:03:26
01:55:47Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
01:55:42Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
01:51:24The great escapePink00:04:19
01:48:21Roller bladesEliza Doolittle00:03:03
01:45:42Fox on the runManfred Mann00:02:41
01:42:31Lektier, spejder og sportSøren Korshøj00:03:11
01:39:28BrokenHead Over Heels00:03:03
01:34:51Ingen som digBamse00:04:38
01:31:08Bare det gårBamses Venner00:03:44
01:27:18Looking for a loveSongwriters00:03:42
01:23:19Daytona demonSuzi Quatro00:04:00
01:18:44I still carry onMichael Learns To Rock00:04:35
01:14:59Whitout youShehzad Bhanji00:03:45
01:11:18On my way to workPaul McCartney00:03:40
01:08:17MonstersSidnee Carter00:03:02
01:05:07She belongs to meThomas Helmig00:03:10
01:00:42Back to youBryan Adams00:04:26
00:56:43Smuk og dejligAnne Linnet00:04:00
00:53:05Can't break me downBilly Idol00:03:39
00:48:24Bat out of hellMeat Loaf00:04:43
00:45:14It's the same old songZindy00:03:09
00:42:51I need someoneStep by step00:02:23
00:39:46I can't stand the rainThe Commitments00:03:07
00:31:46Black or whiteMichael Jackson00:04:14
00:28:55Always something there to remind meSandie Shaw00:02:39
00:26:07I have fallen in love againJette Torp00:02:50
00:22:41Hele vejen hjemPeter Viskinde00:03:27
00:20:27ShindigThe Shadows00:02:15
00:17:34Det fryser fjorten grader i mit hjeLaura Illeborg00:02:54
00:12:39End of the lineHoneyz00:04:56
00:09:48Band of goldFreda Payne00:02:52
00:06:38A bite out of my bedThe New Pornographers00:03:10
00:04:34Plat fod flueKansas city stompers00:02:06
00:00:07Halgal halbalJohnny Madsen00:04:27