Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 26-02-2020-2200-2359.
23:57:31100 dageThomas Helmig Feat. Medina00:04:11
23:55:17Paperback writerThe Beatles00:02:15
23:52:31You turn me onIan Whitcomb00:02:47
23:49:05Husk at glemme migLeeloo00:03:27
23:46:02Concrete and clayBaccara00:03:04
23:43:13Midnight in MoscowGale Garnett00:02:49
23:40:20It's still rock and roll to meBilly Joel00:02:55
23:36:21Min fremtidChristian00:03:59
23:33:12French navyCamera Obscura00:03:12
23:26:50Coming back to me nowCeline Dion00:06:21
23:23:50Psychotic reactionCount Five00:03:02
23:20:03Devil gate driveSuzi Quatro00:03:48
23:17:16In the morningBee Gees00:02:49
23:13:29On a night like thisThe Shadows00:03:49
23:09:28Iron roosterFoo Fighters00:04:02
23:06:13Summer af sommerSonny Møller00:03:15
23:02:50Fold drømmen udHelle Elkjær00:03:24
22:57:56I've got dreams to rememberHenning Stærk00:04:42
22:53:36Som et hjerte faret vildNews00:04:22
22:49:0510.000 Nights of thunderAlpha Beat00:04:23
22:40:23Lady MadonnaBooker T. and the MG'S00:03:31
22:36:13In it for loveDonny Osmond00:03:55
22:31:27Kiss from a roseSeal00:04:47
22:28:52He's so fineChiffons00:01:53
22:26:01You are everythingMarvin Gaye and Diana Ross00:02:53
22:24:06Summertime bluesEddie Cochran00:01:55
22:19:21Ticket to heavenDire Straits00:04:19
22:16:51Bye bye loveBrødrene Olsen00:02:31
22:13:08Back to the 80'sAqua00:03:44
22:09:56I think I found itManic Street Preachers00:03:04
22:07:17Your heart's not in your loveCliff Richard00:02:40
22:04:11And she's thereAndreas S Jensen00:03:05
22:00:59Os to ved vandetCasper Milton00:03:13