Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 24-10-2021-1900-2359.
23:57:55FBIThe Shadows00:02:19
23:51:39Thats what I wanna give to youGudrun00:03:14
23:49:01Diamonds are foreverShirley Bassey00:02:39
23:45:27Alt for længe hver for sigPeter Terpager feat. Lisbet Jagedal00:03:36
23:41:10I just called to say I love youStevie Wonder00:04:19
23:37:47Tom PillibiRaquel Rastenni00:03:25
23:34:43Summerlove sensationBay City Rollers00:03:06
23:29:55You can call me AlPaul Simon00:04:39
23:25:55What you need from meBonnie Tyler00:04:02
23:21:23Found in doubtKristina Renée00:04:35
23:15:35Hvide løgneOne Two00:05:50
23:11:43SometimesBritney Spears00:03:53
23:08:20Two beds and a coffee macineSavage Garden00:03:25
23:05:21Alice in the wonderlandJimmy Jørgensen00:03:01
23:02:25We're living in a dreamRob Alexander00:02:57
22:59:25UnexpectedFabrizo Faniello00:03:02
22:56:31I need a houseMaruie Serneholt00:02:56
22:52:51Way to knowDownTown Mystic00:03:41
22:49:04Not for the doughMulticyde feat. Anéa00:03:49
22:45:31Flyv nu bortJanette Sund00:03:35
22:41:53Riders in the skyJohnny Cash00:03:39
22:38:02Dooh doohBarcode Brothers00:03:53
22:35:18Woolly bullyThe Cliffters00:02:46
22:33:18Brown eyed handsome manBuddy Holly00:02:02
22:29:15Bittersweet meR.E.M.00:04:05
22:25:03Wonder childTrine Gadeberg00:04:13
22:22:02Would I lie to youAli Campbell and Bitty Mclean00:03:03
22:19:14Sha la la laThe Wynners00:02:50
22:15:55Dance (While the music...)Svenne og Lotta00:03:22
22:11:28HuntsmanMartin Rubashov00:04:15
22:08:06You'll seeLouise Juul00:03:24
22:03:00Dutch talk bossaShakes+Seven00:05:08
21:58:49Nothing wrong with meHenning Stærk00:04:13
21:55:20I lost it at the moviesMount David00:03:31
21:51:50One way ticketEruption00:03:31
21:48:58Look here comes the sunBaronets00:02:54
21:45:30On the roadPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:29
21:42:55Du forstår ingentingSiw Malmkvist00:02:26
21:39:34Make me danceWiyaala00:03:23
21:36:02Sexy boyShazoot00:03:33
21:33:16I hear you knockingDave Edmunds00:02:48
21:30:17For your eyes onlySheena Easton00:03:02
21:28:09Living loving wreckShakin' Stevens00:02:10
21:24:19De fedes hærDanser med Drenge00:03:52
21:19:55Back to youBryan Adams00:04:26
21:12:24Uptown girlBilly Joel00:03:13
21:08:09I won't be thereAtomic Kitten00:03:48
21:05:55Why do fools fall in loveFrankie Lymon and The Teenagers00:02:16
21:02:47She belongs to meThomas Helmig00:03:10
21:00:13Whole lotta troubleThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:36
20:57:18Does he knowOne Direction00:02:57
20:53:36PassionTrain To Spain00:03:44
20:51:22Magic trumpetHerb Alpert00:02:16
20:47:28Sweat (A la la la la Long)Inner Circle00:03:45
20:43:20Gotta do it againAlvin Stardust00:03:35
20:39:24Walking on broken glassAnnie Lennox00:03:58
20:36:38The naughty lady of shady laneThe Ames brothers00:02:48
20:32:27Let's hang onMcKinleys00:03:04
20:28:30Going away babyEric Clapton00:03:59
20:24:54Big surThe Thrills00:03:04
20:20:25I am the walrusThe Beatles00:04:31
20:13:48Tro kun på det bedstePå Slaget 1200:05:19
20:09:20Jo mere du gi'rAnne Grete00:04:17
20:03:22Just moreWonderwall00:04:29
20:00:20Hey , let's celebrateHepstars00:03:04
19:52:10All night longLionel Richie00:04:17
19:49:35A lover's concertoToys00:02:37
19:46:38Rock around the clockRocking Ghosts00:02:59
19:43:19Country roadsHermes House Band00:03:20
19:39:35These foolish thingsRod Stewart00:03:46
19:36:49Byens hotelKim Larsen00:02:48
19:32:59Hungry eyesSmokie00:03:51
19:29:13Mrs. RobinsonSimon and Garfunkel00:03:48
19:26:02Don't you knowMichael Kratz00:03:13
19:22:58Magic of the nightPeter Viskinde00:03:05
19:20:18MovesOlly Murs00:02:42
19:17:12MindeparkenBamses Venner00:03:07
19:14:16JulietteLaura Mo00:02:58
19:09:57Get it onT. Rex00:04:22
19:06:15Even though I'm leavingLuke Comds00:03:43