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07:58:05Kik opPoul Krebs00:03:09
07:54:24Let's go to the moviesBerlev's Rock 'n' Roll Hotel00:03:43
07:51:28Vis mig hvem du erMarlene W. Mortensen00:02:58
07:47:30Mød mig i mørketMalurt00:04:00
07:43:49Dance awayBryan Ferry00:03:42
07:40:25Follow meAntique00:03:27
07:36:59Can I have a kissKelly Clarkson00:03:28
07:32:48Lovers laneOle Skovhøj00:04:12
07:28:50SuzanneFlemming Bamse Jørgensen00:04:00
07:25:35The concrete & the streetlightTwins Twins00:03:17
07:22:40Love is a mysteryMisstri00:02:57
07:18:27All some kind of dreamJohs Ritter00:04:15
07:13:47Smedens viseLille Palle00:04:42
07:09:48She bangsRicky Martin00:04:01
07:06:39The carnival is overThe Seekers00:03:10
07:03:18You've got a friendThe brand new heavies00:03:23
06:59:53To til tangoAnders Tind og Yvonne Thøgersen00:03:27
06:56:22Why can't you lie to meThe Chris White Experience00:03:33
06:53:07Desert bellJeff Tweedy00:03:19
06:50:23Du er min heltLotte Riisholt00:02:45
06:45:59Do you really want meRobyn00:04:26
06:43:51ShakeHep Stars00:02:10
06:41:10MagicBruce Springsteen00:02:43
06:38:41A thing called loveJohnny Cash00:02:31
06:34:53Shout our love will be the lightJulie00:03:50
06:32:22Art and designTurkey The Bird00:02:33
06:30:32Everything is sunshineThe Hollies00:01:52
06:26:12On love with an angelMarie Arredondo, Christian Ingebrin00:04:08
06:23:44Tired of waiting for youThe Kinks00:02:30
06:20:08Down underMen at work00:03:37
06:13:08Elsk mig i natRocazino00:03:26
06:08:30Mona Lisa smiledThe quireboys00:04:25
06:03:53My oh mySlade00:04:09
06:00:54Let your fingers do the YDance With Dirt00:03:00
05:57:12Drove all nightRoy Orbison00:03:44
05:51:19We all fall outBarry Alexander King00:05:40
05:47:42Casanova cowboyCarrie Underwood00:03:39
05:44:46Little red roosterThe Rolling Stones00:02:58
05:42:15Um, um, um, um, umWayne Fontana00:02:33
05:38:44Sing a happy songThe O'jays00:03:33
05:36:28Bo DiddleyBuddy Holly00:02:18
05:33:00What carCliff Richard00:03:29
05:29:51Morning has brokenNeil Diamond00:03:00
05:24:57Why worryDire Straits00:04:56
05:21:48Shaddap your faceJoe Dolce00:03:12
05:17:24Senza Una DonnaZucchere and Poul Young00:04:25
05:13:15Du erSøs Fenger00:04:11
05:10:01Year 3000Busted00:03:16
05:06:12Thinking of youBlacknuss feat. Nai-Jee-Ria00:03:52
05:00:21Please forgive meBryan Adams00:05:53
04:56:37Pleasure and the painJack Noch00:03:46
04:53:11Giv mig Danmark tilbageNatasja00:03:28
04:45:04Did you boogieEdison Lighthouse00:02:21
04:41:10No chance survivalJulian Plenti00:03:56
04:37:06Swear it againWestlife00:04:06
04:33:32De lyser blåTerese00:03:36
04:30:51RevlerneChristian Hjelm00:02:43
04:27:05Erase rewindThe Cardigans00:03:35
04:23:36Beautiful dayGeordie00:03:31
04:19:08Goody my loveRotation00:04:29
04:16:41I'm just a lonely boyPaul Anka00:02:30
04:12:06Tears in heavenEric Clapton00:04:36
04:07:54Buffalo soldierBob Marley and the Wailers00:04:14
04:04:57The millionaireDr. Hook00:02:59
04:01:46Monday mondayRed Squares00:03:12
03:58:58FreeDeniece Williams00:02:50
03:54:45Dancing on the CeilingLionel Richie and Rascal Flats00:04:15
03:51:55Der er intet der kan få mig til atAnniqa00:02:52
03:48:35Get outHenrik Lauenbjerg00:03:22
03:45:16Forget about itMaggie Reilly00:03:21
03:41:29I can see clearlyDeborah Harry00:03:49
03:36:45Living in the worldChris De Burgh00:04:45
03:34:15Little Miss heartbeatShabby Tiger00:02:32
03:30:11Give it all you gotMike Tramp00:04:06
03:27:18Itchycoo parkSmall Faces00:02:44
03:23:08Hul i mavenIvan Pedersen00:04:12
03:19:34PromiseRye & Roed00:03:35
03:14:16I believe I can flyR. Kelly00:05:20
03:11:38This is night lifeItalo Brothers00:02:40
03:08:41Lille fredag i provinsenMarie Frank00:02:59
03:04:54Run for loveWinder00:03:49
03:01:42Trés JolieRuxandra Bar00:03:14
02:57:55Falling singleDiverse00:03:49
02:55:46I've told every little starGitte Hænning00:02:11
02:51:48I am I feelAlisha's Attic00:04:00
02:48:22Tonight I celebrate my love for youPeabo Bryson and Roberta Flack00:03:27
02:42:59Glorious daysSko og Torp00:05:25
02:39:36Live againTherése Neaimé00:03:24
02:36:10Take good care of my babySmokie00:03:28
02:34:00The birds and the beesThe Defenders00:02:12
02:30:25Mamy BluePop Tops00:03:37
02:26:45Roll with meJacob Dinesen00:03:29
02:23:06Brænder migAnna David00:03:41
02:19:42En natKenneth00:03:26
02:15:54Shanghaid in TokyoMichael Learns To Rock00:03:50
02:12:13Sunny afternoonHank Marvin00:03:42
02:08:37Losing youPeter Viskinde00:03:39
02:05:17Big big worldEmilia00:03:21
02:02:54Blame it on the bossa novaEydie Gorme00:02:26
01:58:49On a night like thisSanne Salomonsen00:04:06
01:56:16There's a kind of hushNew Vaudeville Band00:02:34
01:52:35MonsoonRobbie Williams00:03:43
01:48:45A reason to believeWilson Phillips00:03:51
01:44:00GracelandPaul Simon00:04:47
01:40:00Let me growLouise Juul00:04:02
01:37:27Karbad babyShu bi dua00:02:34
01:34:32Lille skatBamses Venner00:02:57
01:32:36Wonderful worldHermans Hermits00:01:58
01:28:35Love songZididada00:03:54
01:27:04Games people playJoe South00:01:32
01:23:49Making love in the rainThe Rubettes00:03:17
01:20:13Sad boyMick Motto00:03:38
01:16:28What's a womanVaya Con Dios00:03:49
01:14:19Them from a summer placeLos Valentinos00:02:11
01:11:59Spænding i luftenLecia og Lucienne00:02:23
01:07:29Something from nothingFoo Fighters00:04:32
01:04:56The end of the worldPå slaget 1200:02:35
01:01:25Ain't no stopping us nowMcFadden and Whitehead00:03:33
00:56:35Female voiceBig Fat Snake00:04:38
00:52:09What becomes of the brokenheartedPaul Young00:04:28
00:49:33Good golly miss MollyCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:39
00:45:47Anyone of usMathias Holmgren00:03:48
00:42:29Så kom og ta' migMaud og Mænd00:03:19
00:35:24I miss youDarren Hayes00:03:27
00:32:45The wandererDion00:02:41
00:29:09To the moon and backBonnie Tyler00:03:37
00:24:24Don't look back in angerOasis00:04:48
00:20:19For the first timeThe Script00:04:07
00:17:20Krig og festSys Bjerre00:03:01
00:14:47Yellow submarineThe Beatles00:02:35
00:10:52Blomst og honningMiss B. Haven00:03:57
00:07:57If not for youOlivia Newton John00:02:56
00:04:58Red balloonDave Clark Five00:03:01
00:02:15Baby, please don't goTheme00:02:45