Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 24-03-2019-1900-2359.
23:57:15What is loveHaddaway00:04:27
23:55:27Hello little girlGerry and the Pacemakers00:01:49
23:51:57Lady MadonnaBooker T. and the MG'S00:03:31
23:48:19Old ladySinead O'Connor00:03:37
23:45:12Årets første sommerdagPeter Viskinde00:03:09
23:42:54Stagger LeeLloyd Price00:02:19
23:38:44Slinger ned ad VestergadeGnags00:04:12
23:35:51Stealing carsKid Harpoon00:02:54
23:33:05Shame on youTomas Thordarson00:02:46
23:27:49Let 'em inPaul MCcartney00:05:07
23:24:19Just a little loveErasure00:03:31
23:20:16Hold om migHenrik Strube00:04:04
23:16:15Swing the moodJive Bunny and the master mixers00:04:02
23:12:51Stupid manThomas Helmig00:03:24
23:08:04SuzanneThe Art Company00:04:47
23:04:56Sitting on a fenceTwice as much00:03:07
22:59:52Fortæl migChristian Brøns00:04:08
22:55:14Tæt på ækvatorLis Sørensen00:04:39
22:52:39Chewy chewyOhio Express00:02:36
22:50:35Twisting PatriciaThe Cliffters00:02:04
22:48:24SleepwalkThe Shadows00:02:12
22:46:41Long tall sallyThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:01:45
22:42:50Make me smileSteve Harley and Cockney Rebel00:03:53
22:40:36Foolish little girlThe Shirelles00:02:14
22:37:43Earth angelThe penguins00:02:55
22:34:45In terms of ease and speedMr. Vast00:02:58
22:31:59Rock the partyFive00:02:46
22:26:34Rebel rebelDavid Bowie00:04:28
22:22:38All I wanna doHella Donna00:03:57
22:20:18Mona LisaCarl Mann00:02:21
22:16:24Bonfire heartJames Blunt00:03:54
22:11:57This guy's in love with youEngelbert00:04:15
22:08:17Life for rentDido00:03:40
22:04:12This lifeLeAnn Rimes00:04:05
21:57:42These dreamsMaggie Reilly00:05:33
21:55:29Turn your radio onRay Stevens00:02:15
21:52:54U.S. of AmericaDonna Fargo00:02:35
21:46:51Eleanor RigbyHank Marvin00:02:52
21:44:27Hello Mary LouRick Nelson00:02:16
21:41:18Don't worry bout meLukas Graham00:03:10
21:37:15Ford AngliaPoul Krebs00:04:04
21:33:32Whataya want from meAdam Lambert00:03:43
21:29:47Have a drink on meLonnie Donegan00:02:49
21:27:31Love me doThe Beatles00:02:18
21:22:48Sammen med digEskild Dohn00:04:43
21:19:05Stand by me4 the Cause00:03:42
21:09:53Where blue beginsSanne Salomonsen00:04:16
21:06:22Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
21:03:08Drive by (Guitar up mix)Train00:03:14
20:57:28Forever youngAndrew Strong00:04:44
20:52:50All the way to RenoR.E.M.00:04:38
20:47:59Only one roadCeline Dion00:04:43
20:43:16VenusPå slaget 1200:03:51
20:39:48A groovy kind of lovePhil Collins00:03:29
20:34:36Små blå mændShu bi dua00:03:53
20:31:57A little bit me, a little bit youThe Monkees00:02:39
20:28:18My impossible dreamGlennis Grace00:02:42
20:23:37I don't wanna lose youTina Turner00:04:13
20:21:31Skru opGasolin00:02:08
20:18:15Forgetting all my troublesKatie Melua00:03:17
20:11:38SoberKelly Clarkson00:04:49
20:08:22Don'tHep Stars00:03:05
20:04:09Make luvRoom 5, Oliver Cheatham00:03:30
19:56:47Sømand af verdenDodo and the Dodo's00:06:22
19:52:39We are the colonelsPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:04:09
19:50:00Who put the bumpThe Viscounts00:02:40
19:44:19To love somebodyBonnie Tyler00:05:41
19:42:10Memphis TennesseeMatadoerne00:02:09
19:39:10Denne gangTrine Jepsen og Michael Teschl00:03:01
19:34:46Face the nightWalter Trout Band00:04:25
19:30:36Dancing with somebodyRun 4 fun00:04:12
19:26:37Unforgivable sinnerLene Marlin00:03:59
19:22:34Baby break it downThe Rolling Stones00:04:03
19:18:26Hurt againWendy Walker00:04:08
19:14:16100 dageThomas Helmig Feat. Medina00:04:11
19:11:51Jailhouse rockElvis Presley00:02:26
19:07:55I still believe in youVince Gill00:03:56
19:04:19Nothing ever happens round ...Chris De Burgh00:03:37