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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 23-01-2020-0000-0630.
06:29:03Rush rushPaula Abdul00:04:50
06:25:18Stars in the nightRye & Roed00:03:45
06:22:44Chewy chewyOhio Express00:02:36
06:18:52Time burns a flameHelene Hørlyck00:03:53
06:11:57Me and IAbba00:04:53
06:07:30Tom's dinerSuzanne Vega00:04:28
06:01:24In a blue balloonLabrador00:04:22
05:56:24Another day in paradisePhil Collins00:05:23
05:53:19Rip it upLittle Richard00:01:58
05:50:02Morning has brokenDana Winner00:03:16
05:46:08My pretty oneCliff Richard00:03:56
05:42:47Yakety axeMark Knopfler and Chet Atkins00:03:23
05:35:25Behind closed doorsPercy Sledge00:03:27
05:32:27Weep no more my babyBrenda Lee00:02:59
05:29:08Midnight sunLucer00:03:10
05:26:03Don'tHep Stars00:03:05
05:17:57Too lateHenning Høeg00:04:33
05:14:26Daydream believerLobo00:03:31
05:11:07Goodbye foreverLindhard og Max Five00:03:19
05:06:31DreamtimeDaryl Hall00:04:38
05:03:38May you neverEric Clapton00:02:54
04:59:05VenusMichael Falch00:04:24
04:56:40Till I kissed youThe Everly brothers00:02:25
04:53:45All them losersTim Christensen og The Damn Crystal00:02:56
04:50:12Without breakingDa Buzz00:03:34
04:45:55JessieJoshua Kadison00:04:17
04:42:15Land i sigteLaura Mo00:03:41
04:40:06RememberShangri Las00:02:10
04:36:01Hvis det ikke var for digPoul Krebs00:04:06
04:31:08Always somewhereScorpions00:04:54
04:28:30FootprintsJordan Jackson00:02:28
04:26:11To know him is to love himThe Teddybears00:02:19
04:21:24Shame shame shameShirley and Company00:04:49
04:13:08MomentsOne Direction00:04:19
04:07:59These dreamsRobbie Williams00:05:08
04:04:17At the bayKarin Eurèn00:03:43
04:00:39The last timeThe Rolling Stones00:03:39
03:57:43Looking out my back doorCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:29
03:54:12Sexual guaranteeAlcazar00:03:32
03:49:57HuntsmanMartin Rubashov00:04:15
03:47:37Sea of lovePhil Phillips and the Twilight00:02:20
03:43:40Et andet livSanne Salomonsen00:03:57
03:40:01TodayBrad Paisley00:03:40
03:35:55Loved by youCandice Russell00:04:07
03:33:02Sikken dejlig dameAnne Herdorff00:02:53
03:29:54Tæt på mine drømmeJulie Bjerre00:02:59
03:26:10Paint my loveMichael Learns To Rock00:03:46
03:19:13Jet' adoreKate Ryan00:03:00
03:16:09Det går så stærktJohn Schmidt00:03:07
03:11:35Baba O'RileyThe Who00:04:34
03:09:15RaketvisenMarguerite Viby og Bodil Steen00:02:22
03:05:14TryCaroline Henderson00:04:00
03:02:21Higher and higherJackie Wilson00:02:54
02:59:05Empty HandEliza Doolittle00:03:04
02:55:44StopSpice Girls00:03:23
02:52:58Here comes my babyCat Stevens00:02:47
02:48:01You get what you giveNew Radicals00:04:57
02:43:34Can't stop this thing we startBryan Adams00:04:27
02:39:45Show meMe and My00:03:50
02:36:19ShotgunEugene McGuinness00:03:26
02:32:06Gotta let your goRoxy Batz00:04:14
02:29:42Little bitty pretty oneThe Hollies00:02:12
02:27:36She's not youElvis Presley00:02:08
02:24:40Write your sorrows in the sandKarin Eurén00:02:56
02:20:23All night longLionel Richie00:04:17
02:16:54Going back to IndianaJackson 500:03:29
02:11:34The living yearsMike and the mechanics00:05:22
02:08:08Let me be your loverMusic Gallery00:03:26
02:04:28Jogging to the beatFlyers00:03:41
02:00:51Into the great wide openTom Petty00:03:39
01:58:42Freight trainChet Atkins00:02:00
01:54:50Why angels flyStefan Mørk00:03:51
01:44:26Calling ElvisDire Straits00:10:25
01:42:57Sticks and stonesThe Lions00:01:31
01:37:44She's a mysteryBon Jovi00:05:15
01:33:56Reach out I'll be thereZindy00:03:47
01:29:16The great gig in the skyPink Floyd00:04:32
01:24:58Get togetherShakin' Stevens00:04:18
01:20:25Rich girlJørgen Thorup00:04:35
01:16:59Jeg hader SusanneSouvenirs00:03:26
01:13:19En forunderlig melodiBamses Venner00:03:40
01:09:18Lay back in the arms of someoneSmokie00:04:03
01:06:27Summer sunshineThe Corrs00:02:51
01:02:44No arms can ever hold youChris Norman00:03:42
00:59:57When I'm 64Lennon og mcCartney00:02:36
00:56:32I'm gonna make it betterShe and Him00:03:27
00:52:28FærgemandenJohnny Madsen00:04:03
00:48:41Nu gir' det meningChristian Brøns00:03:47
00:44:12Ode to my familyThe Cranberries00:04:30
00:41:59Don't throw your love awaySearchers00:02:14
00:39:36Melody manPetula Clark00:02:23
00:35:46Fuld af nattens stjernerLis Sørensen00:03:49
00:33:42My BonnieThe Beatles00:02:05
00:30:40Somebody like youAtomic Kitten00:03:03
00:26:54Spinning wheelAndrew Strong00:03:37
00:23:05The heart never forgetsMartin og Ea00:03:49
00:18:29For evigtVolbeat00:04:37
00:15:29Disse hænderPå Slaget 1200:03:01
00:12:10Holding up balloonsGraham candy00:03:19
00:08:35Alone again naturallyGilbert O'Sullivan00:03:35
00:04:11Pure shoresAll Saints00:04:24
00:00:19Aht uh mi hedLisa Bassenge00:03:53