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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 22-10-2022-0000-0800.
07:57:02SommernætterChief 100:04:00
07:53:33It's easyBoy George00:03:31
07:49:41Giv mig skibene tilbageDodo And the Dodo's00:03:53
07:44:51No other wayKristina Renée00:04:52
07:40:59Love songZididada00:03:54
07:37:11You sang to meMarc Anthony00:03:50
07:33:21Show me the meaning of being lonelyBackstreet Boys00:03:53
07:29:32Mirror, mirrorZ31700:03:50
07:25:17Need you tonightBank00:04:16
07:21:52I should've knownNarrow Plains00:03:27
07:19:22I think of youMerseybeats00:02:32
07:14:42Crash and burnSavage Garden00:04:42
07:12:29Walk on byLeroy Van Dyke00:02:15
07:10:31Do you believe in magicThe Loving Spoonful00:02:00
07:06:11DrivingMartin Brygmann00:04:22
07:00:56Oh CarolNeil Sedaka00:02:13
06:57:27Måske ku' viSebastian00:03:31
06:53:36The golden cityMal Pop og Julie Costello00:03:53
06:50:18Når du ta'r herfraJørgen Thorup00:03:19
06:48:13Tchip TchipCash and Carry00:02:07
06:44:48Puff the magic dragonPeter Paul and Mary00:03:26
06:42:15The great pretenderThe Platters00:02:35
06:38:09Let her goPassenger00:04:08
06:36:00Pamela PamelaWayne Fontana00:02:10
06:32:22YoungParachute og Jacquire King00:03:40
06:27:30Mull of KintyrePaul MCcartney00:04:41
06:23:04I believe in youBette Midler00:04:28
06:18:17Se lysetBlyfri 9500:03:51
06:14:12ShotgunGeorge Ezra00:03:09
06:07:36AliveMeat Loaf00:04:21
06:02:49Cherry, cherryWishful Thinking00:03:18
05:59:12Inside to outsideLady Violet00:03:39
05:56:11To you I belongB'witched00:03:03
05:50:09Sweet harmonyThe Beloved00:05:01
05:45:17If I ould turn back the handsR. Kelly00:04:54
05:41:41Ordinary daysKowzi00:03:37
05:36:00Wrecking ballBruce Springsteen00:05:43
05:32:06Love is all aroundWet Wet Wet00:03:56
05:27:35Searching for a heartLisa Bassenge00:04:23
05:23:51The same old you and the same old mBilly Cross00:03:46
05:19:38HuntsmanMartin Rubashov00:04:15
05:15:38I see you everywhereChris De Burgh00:04:01
05:12:21Don't you give up on meLissie00:03:19
05:08:26Hvor var vi bare klogeDanser med drenge00:03:57
05:04:51Hjertet slår altid igenFenger // Nordstrøm00:03:36
05:00:43It takes twoRod Stewart / Tina Turner00:04:10
04:56:43ZabadakDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:03:34
04:53:04UpOlly Murs feat. Demi Lovato00:03:41
04:49:22All you need is loveThe Beatles00:03:44
04:45:04Dance the night awayThe Mavericks00:04:20
04:42:41Everybody loves a winnerMiddle of the Road00:02:25
04:37:26Don't you worry 'bout a thingIncognito00:05:16
04:30:42One way streetMichael Learns To Rock00:04:14
04:27:50U lu la luGasolin00:02:40
04:24:14Never give upSia00:03:37
04:19:54Pice of mindThe Bullhounds00:04:22
04:15:05You areLionel Richie and Blake Shelton00:04:51
04:12:59Mr. SandmanLes Paul and Mary Ford00:02:08
04:10:47Long timeCilla Raie00:02:14
04:08:01Matthew and sonCat Stevens00:02:48
04:02:49Sunglasses at nightCorey Heart00:05:14
03:59:04Lay downMelanie00:03:46
03:56:20There'll be peace in the vallyConnie Francis00:02:45
03:53:12Seven little girls sitting in the bBombalurina00:03:10
03:49:24Sig du ka' li' migTøsedrengene00:03:50
03:47:02I need someoneStep by step00:02:23
03:44:48The way we do itTommy P. Studio Group00:02:16
03:41:01He's no heroBrian McFadden00:03:49
03:37:58Don'tHep Stars00:03:05
03:33:09Kaj og stjernerneFrede Fup00:04:51
03:30:22Lone i lårkortBirgit Lystager00:02:49
03:25:46Sæsonen er slutC.V. Jørgensen00:04:28
03:22:01Mama weer all craze nowSlade00:03:46
03:18:43Riders in the skyThe Shadows00:03:20
03:14:58EmmaShu bi dua00:03:47
03:11:35Lille danserindeStig Skovlind00:03:25
03:05:13MoniaLos Comunicativos00:03:00
03:02:37Every blossomLightships00:02:37
02:56:47I am what I amGloria Gaynor00:05:52
02:54:30A teenager in loveMarty Wilde00:02:19
02:50:44SorryFrederikke Bohr00:03:48
02:46:55Drømmer / glemmerThomas Helmig00:03:51
02:43:09FiskermandGert Vorre00:03:48
02:40:41In the midnight hourWilson Pickett00:02:29
02:35:28She's a mysteryBon Jovi00:05:15
02:31:57This is the world we live inAlcasar00:03:33
02:28:45On the top of the worldHeidi Degn00:03:00
02:25:05Always have always willAce of Base00:03:42
02:21:18Before the night is overBryan Adams00:03:49
02:18:32Fredag natPeter Belli00:02:48
02:14:54Gribe digGlasgriber00:03:39
02:12:51I'll never get over youJohnny Kidd and The Pirates00:02:05
02:09:58Here you come againDolly Parton00:02:55
02:06:25Goodbye my loveRed Squares00:03:35
02:03:23Na na naOne Direction00:03:04
02:00:42Hjørner og krogeVan Dango00:02:43
01:57:40This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04
01:53:46A thousand milesVanessa Carlton00:03:55
01:49:38The bad touchBloodhound Gang00:04:09
01:45:51Fading like a flowerRoxette00:03:49
01:43:15My heart and IThe Cliffters00:02:37
01:39:50Stay the nightSailor00:03:28
01:36:21Tankernes spindLars Jelsbak00:03:31
01:33:12BølgerIsam B00:03:10
01:30:43Do you wanna danceBobby Freeman00:02:32
01:27:53ChickenSweet and Co00:02:41
01:24:21Make it goodA 100:03:34
01:21:47Georgy girlPå slaget 1200:02:36
01:18:06Hel igenSanne Salomonsen00:03:42
01:14:26All I ever wantedBonnie Tyler00:03:42
01:11:54There's a kind of hushNew Vaudeville Band00:02:34
01:06:56Love is a matter ofTim Christensen00:04:59
01:03:0610 sekunders stilhedLars H U G00:03:52
00:58:24Tell it like it isDon Johnson00:04:31
00:55:11Looking too closelyFink00:03:15
00:51:40Ain't no stopping us nowMcFadden and Whitehead00:03:33
00:47:33I want to break freeQueen00:04:15
00:44:09Mama saidLukas Graham00:03:26
00:41:08City of dreamsJakob00:03:03
00:35:59My heart can't tell you noRod Stewart00:05:11
00:33:18Tell Laura I love herRicky Valance00:02:42
00:29:48Tjald lal og lirTyggegummibanden00:03:31
00:26:24Flying on my ownCeline Dion00:03:26
00:23:23Whole againAtomic Kitten00:03:03
00:21:00Bente kom hjemBamses Venner00:02:25
00:17:52Right place right timeOlly Murs00:03:09
00:14:44Rice and curryDr. Bombay00:03:10
00:11:37The young ones move itCliff Richard and The Shadows00:03:09
00:06:51Give me the good newsCrocodile Harris00:04:51
00:03:07Stars in the nightRye & Roed00:03:45