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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 21-10-2020-0000-0630.
06:26:05Octopus's gardenThe Beatles00:02:47
06:22:50Take me bak' omeSlade00:03:15
06:19:35Calling Baton RougeGarth Brooks00:02:36
06:14:11This guy's in love with youEngelbert00:04:15
06:10:16Det gør da ik' så megetAnn Mette Elten00:03:43
06:05:00Ruin my lifeZara Larsson00:03:06
06:00:23UnderMichael Falch00:04:36
05:57:14Don't worry bout meLukas Graham00:03:10
05:52:13This onePaul McCartney00:04:08
05:48:29FootlooseKenny Loggins00:03:45
05:43:54Where the roads come togetherUp with people00:04:35
05:40:47When I was a boyJeff Lynne's Elo00:03:09
05:37:18You sexy thingHot Chocolate00:03:28
05:34:15Venner kom og seBamses Venner00:03:03
05:29:42You re no goodBarbara Kiss00:04:22
05:25:48Huset ved havetPoul Krebs00:03:54
05:22:48Believe in me (eurovision edit)Bonnie Tyler00:03:01
05:19:01Somewhere in meRen Gummer00:03:47
05:15:30Ta' medRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:03:44
05:11:33For one kissMaggie Reilly00:03:57
05:07:56Leave it aloneAmanda Shires00:03:39
05:04:46WeakJennifer Brown00:03:10
05:00:54SurvivorMichael Bolton00:03:53
04:57:07BattlefieldSvenstrup & Vendelboe feat. Ca00:03:35
04:53:39WintersongKari Rueslåtten00:03:28
04:51:35Oh BoyBuddy Holly00:02:05
04:49:05My little ladyThe Tremeloes00:02:29
04:46:56Splish splashBobby Darin00:02:09
04:43:21We're not gonna take itTwisted Sister00:03:36
04:39:55Black and blueMikkel Møl00:03:26
04:36:59Reach out I'll be thereFour Tops00:02:56
04:34:55One fine dayChiffons00:02:06
04:30:28AdrienneThe Calling00:04:27
04:27:32The boat that I rowLulu00:02:47
04:24:39Judy in disguiseJohn Fred and his Playboys00:02:54
04:21:20Tin soldierSmall faces00:03:19
04:17:52Kissing in the moonlightThe Boppers00:03:29
04:14:23Let's get loudThe Baseballs00:03:29
04:11:34GumbyAimee Mann00:02:51
04:08:25I heard it through the grapewineMarvin Gaye00:03:11
04:05:27SuitcaseAnne Gadegaard00:02:59
03:58:01Nu gir' det meningChristian Brøns00:03:47
03:50:28I dug up a diamondMark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris00:03:34
03:46:24Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
03:46:19Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
03:42:51Fallen in loveAlice Cooper00:03:29
03:40:02Our love will growFenders00:02:49
03:35:51What my heart wants to sayGareth Gates00:04:10
03:28:48Year of the youngSmith and Thell00:02:43
03:25:26Hazelton avenueManic Street Preachers00:03:21
03:21:48Sweetest angelKelly Family00:03:39
03:18:13This is itMichael Jackson00:03:36
03:13:36Don't forget to danceThe Kinks00:04:37
03:09:34Forever and for alwaysShania Twain00:04:03
03:06:20Dreamer - Tobias' songSko og Torp00:03:15
03:02:05Last nightTrio Of Awesuhm00:04:16
02:59:06Rocking all over the worldJohn Fogerty00:02:48
02:56:08Donegan's goneMark Knopfler00:02:58
02:48:44Music gets the best of meSophie Ellis Bextor00:03:27
02:46:03Glad all overDave Clark Five00:02:42
02:43:17Blue velvetBobby Vinton00:02:46
02:39:58Father and sonRonan Keating00:03:19
02:36:58Four strong windsSearchers00:03:02
02:32:23Frie hjerterIse00:04:35
02:28:50Papa don't preachKelly Osbourne00:03:24
02:26:09Sug indMusikbacillen00:02:42
02:22:01We are the colonelsPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:04:09
02:18:44I put a spell on youAlan Price00:03:17
02:12:20How high the moonGloria Gaynor00:06:26
02:09:59Rama lama ding dongSha na na00:02:21
02:05:14Herfra hvor vi stårSkousen og Ingemann00:04:47
02:01:03Everytime you go awaySmokie00:04:13
01:57:00Den eneste eneThomas Helmig00:03:54
01:54:01My favorite movieMorten00:03:00
01:50:54Spread your wingsKatrine Falkenberg00:03:07
01:47:00Lange ledeløse LoneJens Lysdal00:03:55
01:43:34I lay my love on youWestlife00:03:27
01:39:14Tænder det opKaren00:04:21
01:35:57Queen of heartsJuice Newton00:03:17
01:31:57Manana mananaBonnie St. Claire00:04:02
01:28:17The heart knowsOlivia Newton John / Barry Gibb00:03:28
01:24:21Blomst og honningMiss B. Haven00:03:57
01:19:12Love don't bother meSanne Salomonsen00:05:10
01:15:53Omnia boaThe Strange Boys00:03:19
01:13:28Listen to the rythm of the fallingThe Casades00:02:26
01:09:32All I wanna doHella Donna00:03:57
01:06:15Oh oh DaisyRocking Ghosts00:03:17
01:01:29Cry me a riverJustin Timberlake00:04:47
00:57:41GhostbustersRay Parker Jr.00:03:39
00:53:19DrivingMartin Brygmann00:04:22
00:49:37DiamondsThe Cliffters00:03:42
00:46:34This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04
00:42:32Walking on airBee gees00:04:03
00:38:48In my placeColdplay00:03:46
00:37:04Advokatens viseShu bi dua00:01:44
00:33:35Bye bye blackbirdJoe Cocker00:03:30
00:28:31Aldrig undvære digDanser med Drenge00:04:53
00:25:29Marchen to DrinaJørgen Ingmann00:03:03
00:21:09AliveMeat Loaf00:04:21
00:18:20There's a kind of hushBrødrene Olsen00:02:48
00:15:59Did you boogieEdison Lighthouse00:02:21
00:12:33Out in space and in betweenSelect Captain00:03:28
00:09:03I lost it at the moviesMount David00:03:31
00:04:4010.000 Nights of thunderAlpha Beat00:04:23