Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 20-01-2022-2000-2359.
23:55:30Somebody's watching meRockwell00:03:45
23:52:34Før du vågner opRasmus Walter00:02:58
23:48:24Skt. Peders engleSneakers00:04:11
23:40:26Our last summerAbba00:04:18
23:36:39GoldSpandau Ballet00:03:48
23:34:42A groovy kind of loveMindbenders00:01:59
23:31:27PianomandPeter Viskinde00:03:17
23:26:17Calling all angelsLenny Kravitz00:05:12
23:22:33The way you look tonightRod Stewart00:03:46
23:16:48Ballebrovej 2Rikke Thomsen00:05:46
23:12:55The RoseTrine Gadeberg00:03:55
23:09:14Grow upOlly Murs00:03:43
23:05:47There is no placeNello00:03:29
23:02:59You can't hurry lovePhil Collins00:02:50
23:00:02Treat her rightGeorge Thorogood00:02:59
22:55:40There you goMaria Køhnke00:04:24
22:51:36Alle går vi rundt hver for sigBack To Back00:04:06
22:47:52I always liked thatMaria Mena00:03:35
22:44:18PromiseRye & Roed00:03:35
22:41:26The dreams I dreamCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:41
22:36:15AbracadabraSteve Miller Band00:05:07
22:32:10Would if I couldDizzy Mizz Lizzy00:04:07
22:29:26Moody riverPat Boone00:02:33
22:25:00Born to runBruce Springsteen00:04:28
22:21:12EuropavejLaura Mo00:03:49
22:18:39WhyFrankie Avalon00:02:35
22:15:22To be with youWestlife00:03:19
22:11:27EmeraldThin Lizzy00:03:56
22:07:13All in good timeBen Reel00:04:06
22:04:03The first cut is the deepestP.P. Arnold00:03:12
21:59:11While you were outHanne Boel00:04:48
21:55:20Even though I'm leavingLuke Comds00:03:43
21:52:01Clap for the wolfmanThe Guess Who00:03:20
21:48:50Such a nightRocking Ghosts00:03:00
21:41:54Morning has brokenNeil Diamond00:03:00
21:38:59BlindCarly Rhoades00:02:51
21:35:21Someone someoneThe Tremeloes00:03:39
21:31:28A thousand milesVanessa Carlton00:03:55
21:27:31Will you be mineLinnéa Handberg00:03:46
21:24:28Some times loveCliff Richard00:03:05
21:20:21Spread loveCut 'n' Move00:04:08
21:17:22Står på en alpetopShu bi dua00:02:51
21:10:01Bang bang LuluGoombay Danceband00:02:28
21:07:46Why do fools fall in loveGale Storm00:02:17
21:04:52NannaWarwick Avenue00:02:57
21:01:15When we fall in love againJulie00:03:33
20:58:24Sealed with a kissPå slaget 1200:02:40
20:55:16You won't find another fool like meThe New Seekers00:03:10
20:51:45Her er herligt her vil jeg leveLotte Riisholt00:03:33
20:49:26Good rockin' tonightElvis Presley00:02:10
20:47:02One night of sinBig Fat Snake00:02:27
20:42:32Million miles awayTim Christensen og The Damn Crystal00:03:54
20:39:06SunriseNorah Jones00:03:18
20:33:47You oughta knowAlanis Morissette00:04:06
20:31:14To whom it concernsChris Andrews00:02:34
20:27:06Sharp dressed manZZ-top00:04:11
20:22:54Nothing ever happens round ...Chris De Burgh00:03:37
20:19:24Paid my duesAnastacia00:03:19
20:10:01Læg dig ind under himlenMiss B. Haven00:04:20
20:05:28BrændtLis Sørensen00:04:34
20:02:25En tåre på vejKim Schwartz00:02:51