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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 19-07-2022-0000-0630.
06:28:05I put a spell on youAlan Price00:03:17
06:24:53Drive byTrain00:03:13
06:21:30Remember meIna Wroldsen00:03:25
06:21:25Remember meIna Wroldsen00:03:25
06:17:20Not gonna get usT.A.T.U.00:03:35
06:12:40FærgemandenJohnny Madsen00:04:03
06:08:02Car crashesStandfast00:04:34
06:04:56Rock and roll waltzKay Starr00:02:55
06:01:32Back to youLisa meri00:03:26
05:58:58RosettaPrice and Fame00:02:36
05:55:31CirclesSiri Svegler00:03:29
05:51:16LatelyStevie Wonder00:04:04
05:48:47A thing called loveJohnny Cash00:02:31
05:44:53A thousand milesVanessa Carlton00:03:55
05:41:12Bare os toLouise Juul00:03:44
05:38:17Wolverton mountainClaude King00:02:56
05:35:36Lipstick powder and paintShakin' Stevens00:02:43
05:32:42Everything is alrightMike Tramp00:02:55
05:28:47Hvor end jeg går henSøs Fenger og Peter A.G. Nielsen00:03:47
05:26:02UundgåeligAlma Agger00:02:47
05:22:21Yes, I have ghostsDavid Gilmour00:03:43
05:18:37Sweat (A la la la la Long)Inner Circle00:03:45
05:14:02Crazy worldJamestown Revival00:04:37
05:11:29The clawDave Edmunds00:02:35
05:05:53Father figureGeorge Michael00:05:37
05:01:02So naturalLisa Stansfield00:04:24
04:56:07Old black magicJohs Ritter00:04:44
04:52:49Love conquers allLalou00:03:20
04:48:46Younger than yesterdayReal Estate Days00:04:04
04:45:22Picture of youBoyzone00:03:26
04:41:28All along the watchtowerJimi Hendrix00:03:56
04:38:45California girlsDavid Lee Roth00:02:44
04:36:44It's all rightBZN00:02:03
04:33:25KalderRay Dee Ohh00:03:21
04:28:10It's only loveSheryl Crow00:05:03
04:24:20A reason to believeWilson Phillips00:03:51
04:20:53Hey MatthewKarel Fialka00:03:29
04:17:04Stay with me till the morningDana Winner00:03:51
04:14:08Girl, you be a woman soonUrge Overkill00:02:58
04:09:15Lige nuNews00:04:55
04:07:20The poor people of ParisChet Atkins00:01:56
03:58:18Brothers in armsDire Straits00:08:54
03:54:36At the bayKarin Eurèn00:03:43
03:50:41Cool kidsEchosmith00:03:57
03:47:48It's still rock and roll to meBilly Joel00:02:55
03:44:24The heartache is gonePeter Larsen00:03:25
03:40:33Skrøbelige hjerteThomas Kjellerup00:03:53
03:38:20Mr. LonelyRed Squares00:02:14
03:35:23We are the championsQueen00:02:59
03:32:01Everybody's looking for somethingPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
03:29:39Be bop a boogieRocking Ghosts00:02:24
03:25:31Just one timeMark Knopfler and Chet Atkins00:04:09
03:21:56CabronRed Hot Chili Peppers00:03:37
03:17:47Everybodys brokenBon Jovi00:04:11
03:14:32Alle mine veninderSys Bjerre00:03:17
03:10:26StarsSimply Red00:04:07
03:03:50Længes efter mereLis Sørensen00:03:38
02:59:45Another day in paradiseCasa & Nova00:03:54
02:55:55I wanna wake up with youEngelbert00:03:52
02:52:24If we ever fall in love againSunzet00:03:32
02:48:44Always have always willAce of Base00:03:42
02:46:35RosieDon Partridge00:02:11
02:43:19Everlasting lovePå slaget 1200:03:18
02:41:00The savageThe Shadows00:02:21
02:38:06Alle stjernerne på himlenGnags00:02:55
02:34:43Holiday InnTeitur00:03:26
02:31:37Ginny come latelyThe Hitmakers00:03:08
02:29:07Charlie BrownCoasters00:02:19
02:26:00En sidste gangMathilde Falch00:03:09
02:22:56Sjæl i flammerKasper Winding og Lars Muhl00:03:06
02:17:46Calling all angelsLenny Kravitz00:05:12
02:14:34SkeletonLoveLike Violence00:03:14
02:11:39FolkevognenShu bi dua00:02:57
02:07:51All I've ever wantedMariah Carey00:03:49
02:04:15Fight of our livesSir Reg00:03:37
02:02:23My boy lollipopMillie00:01:55
01:58:08I'm jealousShania Twain00:04:06
01:54:29I'll stand by youThe Pretenders00:03:41
01:51:11Wonderful worldFlemming Bamse Jørgensen00:03:20
01:48:27Everyway that I canSertab00:02:46
01:45:12I believe in youKylie Minogue00:03:18
01:41:08Vent på migPeter Frodin og Jimmy Jørgensen00:04:05
01:38:18Hallo halloLonnie Devantier00:02:52
01:33:55Look at meGeri Halliwell00:04:25
01:30:20C'mon c'mon c'monBryan Adams00:03:36
01:27:18De øjne du sendteHenrik Amdi Madsen00:02:53
01:24:22We're living in a dreamRob Alexander00:02:57
01:19:59What you get is what you seeTina Turner00:04:26
01:17:12Ved du hva' du sku'Trax00:02:48
01:14:39Wear my ring around your neckThe Cliffters00:02:35
01:09:18Baby, please don't goTheme00:02:45
01:05:37Night changesOne Direction00:03:43
01:01:47Love done rightSanne Salomonsen00:03:52
00:57:42She should be with meJohn Berge00:03:54
00:53:04There must be an angelEurythmics00:04:39
00:50:09Love is a mysteryMisstri00:02:57
00:45:05As dreams goes byBette Midler00:05:06
00:41:10Boys of summerEverybody's Talking00:03:57
00:38:38I fought the lawClash00:02:34
00:35:30She belongs to meThomas Helmig00:03:10
00:32:32Leinen losSantiano00:03:00
00:28:54Look up look downBrødrene Olsen og Cliff Richard00:03:30
00:25:14Hang onFreedom00:03:41
00:21:05Love hurtsSmokie00:04:11
00:17:27BalladeRikke Thomsen00:03:40
00:14:31I mørketFay Emilia00:02:58
00:07:42Land of hope and dreamsBruce Springsteen00:06:51
00:04:13Drift awayDobie Gray00:03:31
00:01:00Looking too closelyFink00:03:15