Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 19-05-2021-2200-2359.
23:56:33WomanNeneh Cherry00:04:09
23:53:34Such a nightRocking Ghosts00:03:00
23:49:45We both knowBlaudzun00:03:52
23:46:42Sunshine of your loveCream00:03:05
23:38:20Me and IAbba00:04:53
23:35:25Move your feetJunior Senior00:02:57
23:31:05Do you really want to hurt meCulture Club00:04:22
23:27:46The next time I'm in townMark Knopfler and Chet Atkins00:03:21
23:24:09I'll keep holding onAction00:03:39
23:21:02Charlie BrownTwo man sound00:03:09
23:18:40I want to hold your handThe Beatles00:02:24
23:15:10Friday I'm in loveThe Cure00:03:32
23:09:50The living yearsMike and the mechanics00:05:22
23:07:44Ice in the sunStatus Quo00:02:07
23:04:48In terms of ease and speedMr. Vast00:02:58
23:01:07At the bayKarin Eurèn00:03:43
22:56:43Everytime you go awaySmokie00:04:13
22:53:48Bicycle raceQueen00:02:57
22:49:22Bridges burnedSeeker Lover Keeper00:04:17
22:46:34FreeDeniece Williams00:02:50
22:42:25Rock i synagogenSir Henry00:03:57
22:38:22All I want is loveGudrun00:04:00
22:34:36SorryFrederikke Bohr00:03:48
22:31:58Your heart's not in your loveCliff Richard00:02:40
22:29:02Chapel of loveThe Dixie Cups00:02:45
22:27:49Som et strejfGasolin00:01:15
22:24:26End of the lineTraveling Wilburys00:03:25
22:21:08Neverending storyLimahl00:03:20
22:13:33When I was young00:03:35
22:09:33Love the one you're withRay Dee Ohh00:03:52
22:05:45Take her awayJacob Dinesen00:03:50
22:02:34Looking through the eyes of loveGene Pitney00:03:13