Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 19-03-2020-2100-2300.
22:59:15Someone like youPeter Viskinde00:04:00
22:54:18Sail onLionel Richie and Jill Johnson00:04:59
22:51:24Better when I'm dancingMeghan Trainor00:02:53
22:46:44First kissKid Rock00:04:31
22:43:54I'll never fall in love againPå slaget 1200:02:52
22:39:57Whitout youShehzad Bhanji00:03:45
22:36:16Til ære for digPoul Krebs00:03:37
22:32:55Build me up buttercupZindy00:03:23
22:29:03One way ticketCalum and Rory Macdonald00:03:41
22:26:38HucklebuckChubby Checker00:02:25
22:22:25In the shadowsThe Rasmus00:04:14
22:19:22Raindrops keep falling on my headBobbie Gentry00:03:03
22:16:38My baby loves lovingWhite Plains00:02:45
22:13:31War MachineAC / DC00:03:08
22:11:39Only sixteenSam Cooke00:01:52
22:06:44AsGeorge Michael00:04:46
22:04:14Bon bonsEddie Skoller00:02:30
22:00:28Lad mig gå friMathilde Falch00:03:42
21:56:06Ooa hela nattenAttack00:04:12
21:53:39On the beachCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:29
21:49:14AskepotShu bi dua00:04:13
21:45:22I still believeMariah Carey00:03:52
21:41:54Billy don't be a heroPaper lace00:03:29
21:38:19Feel goodTeitur00:03:24
21:34:22Forever youngD.j. Space00:03:58
21:31:36Blue velvetBobby Vinton00:02:46
21:26:00In tranceScorpions00:05:25
21:21:52Guitar tangoThe Shadows00:04:09
21:18:58Sixteen candlesThe Crests00:02:45
21:15:32Let me be your loverMusic Gallery00:03:26
21:12:36Knock three timesDawn00:02:57
21:08:33Min familieMads La Cour00:04:05
21:02:27Save it for a rainy dayMaggie Reilly00:02:51