Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 17-04-2019-2200-2359.
23:55:14Sensommer på strøgetGnags00:03:57
23:47:37Little less conversationElvis and Jxl00:03:31
23:43:22Væk fra denne virkelighedMathilde Falch00:04:16
23:40:41JitterboogieThe Cliffters00:02:42
23:36:39Manana mananaBonnie St. Claire00:04:02
23:33:32Twenty oneThe Cranberries00:03:07
23:29:21I can't stand the rainHanne Boel00:04:11
23:24:45I'd rather go blindAndrew Strong00:04:37
23:21:51Chanson D'amourManhattan Transfer00:02:53
23:18:51What becomes of the brokenheartedJimmy Ruffin00:03:00
23:11:31Let's go to the moviesBerlev's Rock 'n' Roll Hotel00:03:43
23:06:59The great gig in the skyPink Floyd00:04:32
23:03:22I'll keep holding onAction00:03:39
22:59:46My mamma saidAqua00:03:35
22:56:25Twisting the night awayLocomotion00:03:23
22:48:36Call meBlondie00:03:27
22:44:53Here comes the rainHenning Stærk00:03:43
22:41:51VacationThe Beach Boys00:03:03
22:37:13Electrical stormU 200:04:23
22:35:42Games people playJoe South00:01:32
22:32:09Don't waste your timeKelly Clarkson00:03:33
22:29:20If you want my loveMette Kirkegaard00:02:37
22:25:36Summer in the cityJoe Cocker00:03:45
22:21:41Love is all aroundWet Wet Wet00:03:56
22:15:45Feel like making loveBad Company00:04:55
22:12:30Mister can't you seeBuffy Sainte Marie00:03:15
22:08:19Swing the moodJive Bunny and the master mixers00:04:02
22:04:46Living next door to AliceSmokie00:03:33
22:00:31Singing in the carHenrik Launbjerg00:04:15