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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 16-06-2020-0000-0630.
06:27:39Something like a stormGreat Lake Swimmers00:03:12
06:23:29Here with meDido00:04:11
06:19:25Jealous heartBackseat00:04:04
06:14:51Går på vandetIsse00:04:11
06:10:55Mustang SallyThe Commitments00:03:58
06:06:28Johnny og DjimC.V. Jørgensen00:04:24
06:02:10ConditionalTracy Chapman00:04:04
05:58:16When tomorrow comesOne Eyed Mule00:03:55
05:53:39HushDeep Purple00:04:24
05:49:48Perfekt strangerMorten00:03:54
05:47:08Will and the hand jiveCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:40
05:42:55My moudlin careerCamera Obscura00:04:13
05:39:29SofiaAlvaro Soler00:03:27
05:36:10Forget about itMaggie Reilly00:03:21
05:29:53Shaking all overThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:02
05:25:43We got it going onBon Jovi00:04:11
05:22:02MillenniumRobbie Williams00:03:41
05:19:37Dengang da jeg var lilleKim Larsen00:02:30
05:16:27Når lykken banker påAnn Mette Elten00:03:11
05:11:58Lucky fewPia Kamp Brincker00:04:30
05:08:01Miss you moreNew Kids On The Block00:03:58
05:03:50To the moon and backSavage Garden00:04:12
05:01:32Everything is sunshineThe Hollies00:01:52
04:58:24Vi som tvivlerMichael Klinke & edisons00:02:57
04:55:44Fox on the runManfred Mann00:02:41
04:52:18En natKenneth00:03:26
04:43:59Forever loveGary Barlow00:04:34
04:41:36Ain't that a shameFats Domino00:02:24
04:39:18ButterflyAndy Williams00:02:19
04:36:41Suicide girlBelle & Sebastian00:02:38
04:33:57A well respected manThe Kinks00:02:45
04:31:24Trains and boats and planesBilly J. Kramer00:02:33
04:28:00Os to ved vandetCasper Milton00:03:13
04:25:22Nød lærer nøgen kvinde at kendShu bi dua00:02:37
04:22:24In terms of ease and speedMr. Vast00:02:58
04:18:51Kysser himmlen farvelLars H U G00:03:34
04:16:42I've told every little starGitte Hænning00:02:11
04:10:30Sowing the seeds of loveTears for Fears00:06:12
04:05:51You can call me AlPaul Simon00:04:39
03:59:13Losing youPeter Viskinde00:03:39
03:55:44What carCliff Richard00:03:29
03:53:12I go apeNeil Sedaka00:02:32
03:49:43Are you gonna go my wayLenny Kravitz00:03:30
03:45:53Slow handPointer Sisters00:03:49
03:42:41LibertineKate Ryan00:03:12
03:38:46TakenOne Direction00:03:54
03:35:32Out of reachGabrielle00:03:15
03:32:55Poison ivyCoasters00:02:37
03:29:15Rose A LeeSmokie00:03:41
03:25:51Stupid manThomas Helmig00:03:24
03:22:04Hide from meSille Nielson00:03:49
03:18:36Taking back my heartMaria Lucia00:03:29
03:14:53Even though I'm leavingLuke Comds00:03:43
03:10:52Hjem med håbEbberfeld00:04:03
03:08:05There's a kind of hushBrenda Lee00:02:47
03:05:00It's magicFenders00:03:06
03:02:00Disse hænderPå Slaget 1200:03:01
02:59:28Singing the bluesTommy Steele00:02:20
02:57:28Skip to my LouNat King Cole00:02:00
02:54:37Hallo halloLonnie Devantier00:02:52
02:52:03U.S. of AmericaDonna Fargo00:02:35
02:48:13Gak gak i gågadenMalurt00:03:51
02:44:40Drinking wine spo-dee-o-deeJerry Lee Lewis00:03:34
02:41:44Gi' mig gi' migSnapshot00:02:57
02:39:24Aldrig helt aleneRocazino00:02:20
02:34:50Baba O'RileyThe Who00:04:34
02:31:28Checkpoint CharlieJohnny Madsen00:03:22
02:28:58FBIThe Shadows00:02:19
02:26:28I'm just a lonely boyPaul Anka00:02:30
02:22:57Sleeping childMichael Learns To Rock00:03:32
02:19:19Too many bad dreamsJesper Colfach00:03:38
02:16:42Little arrowsSha na na00:02:38
02:14:42Groovy kind of loveWayne Fontana00:02:00
02:10:48All over the worldJeff Lynne's00:03:56
02:07:48Here it comes againFortunes00:03:02
02:05:46Run to himBobby Vee00:02:03
02:02:01I love the way you love meBoyzone00:03:45
01:58:52It don't come easyRingo Starr00:03:00
01:54:39Hold udNanna00:04:13
01:50:12We will standUp with people00:04:27
01:45:49Livets træSanne Salomonsen00:04:23
01:42:54So preciousAskling00:02:57
01:39:02Tip of my tongueSanne00:03:54
01:34:27Lun luft over DanmarkAllan Olsen00:04:36
01:30:59Love yourselfZididada00:03:29
01:27:33Making love in the rainThe Rubettes00:03:17
01:25:36Blomsten og vasenFolkeklubben00:01:58
01:22:10Fragment eightKenneth Bager00:03:26
01:18:49The final bowStrandels00:03:23
01:15:36I love to watch a woman danceEagels00:03:13
01:12:59Do yaLionel Richie00:02:39
01:09:47Tumbling downBlind Melon00:03:12
01:07:03Arme eleverLindhard og Max Five00:02:44
01:03:03Your mamma won't like meSuzi Quatro00:03:59
01:00:21Hold meP.J. Proby00:02:43
00:57:28MovesOlly Murs00:02:42
00:53:40October and aprilThe Rasmus00:03:47
00:50:40Guilty flowersWard Thomas00:03:01
00:47:16Love generationBob Sinclair00:03:25
00:44:18Tør jeg sige undskyldHenriette Lykke00:02:59
00:39:16Johnny the bluesKeinstein00:05:04
00:35:38Would I lie to youCharles and Eddie00:03:39
00:31:27Dude (Looks like a lady)Aerosmith00:04:12
00:27:42Genie in a bottleChristina Aguilera00:03:36
00:23:53I will miss you endlesslyJon00:03:51
00:19:42Endless loveLionel Richie and Shania Twain00:04:11
00:16:28Your own worst enemyBruce Springsteen00:03:16
00:12:28Smuk og dejligAnne Linnet00:04:00
00:08:11The great escapePink00:04:19
00:04:29Beautiful onesSuede00:03:43
00:00:51EverywhereFleetwood mac00:03:39