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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 16-04-2020-2100-2300.
22:57:48A different youKim Wagner00:03:20
22:53:42For the first timeThe Script00:04:07
22:49:41A reason to believeWilson Phillips00:03:51
22:46:53Green onionsBooker T. and the MG'S00:02:50
22:43:55We are the championsQueen00:02:59
22:40:50Foxy ladyJimi Hendrix00:03:06
22:37:11Stupid manThomas Helmig00:03:24
22:34:18Wonderful worldCrossroad00:02:53
22:31:15I'm easyFaith no more00:03:03
22:26:54What my heart wants to sayGareth Gates00:04:10
22:23:48And she's thereAndreas S Jensen00:03:05
22:20:13We could have been loversSuzann and the Davies00:03:35
22:16:33In the real worldRoy Orbison00:03:40
22:12:08Stuck with youHuey Lewis and The News00:04:25
22:09:07Build me up a buttercupFoundations00:02:52
22:05:27On my mindLutricia McNeal00:03:41
22:01:26Forgiven (I feel your love)The Space Brothers00:03:57
21:58:57Strangers in the nightPetula Clark00:02:20
21:48:57In the redTina Dickow00:05:47
21:46:39A girl in blueThe Meteors00:02:18
21:43:13Rescue meBell Book and Candle00:03:27
21:40:17Hvor er de henneRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:02:56
21:37:22Hello BuddyThe Tremeloes00:02:43
21:33:33West end girlsPet Shop Boys00:03:51
21:30:30Empty HandEliza Doolittle00:03:04
21:27:38Daddy's gone to KnoxvilleMark Knopfler00:02:52
21:24:31PensionistsangenBamses Venner00:03:09
21:19:30ListeningMorten Harket00:04:52
21:13:37Vis mig hvem du erMarlene W. Mortensen00:02:58
21:10:55My impossible dreamGlennis Grace00:02:42
21:06:09GracelandPaul Simon00:04:47
21:03:41Rhytm of the rainBrødrene Olsen00:02:27
21:00:20My colouring bookCliff Richard00:03:23