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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 15-07-2021-0000-0630.
06:27:49Please don't treat me like a childHelen Shapiro00:02:31
06:24:43I'll never fall in love againTrine Jepsen00:03:08
06:21:19Touch meWeeping Willows00:03:26
06:17:15All in good timeBen Reel00:04:06
06:13:12Be alrightRasmus Walter00:03:20
06:07:55GracelandPaul Simon00:04:47
06:02:37Pice of mindThe Bullhounds00:04:22
05:58:30Two out of three ain't badMeat Loaf00:03:56
05:55:47Holding onAndreas Moe00:02:44
05:51:28Woman of the worldEmma Noble00:04:07
05:43:42Eja ejaNis P. Jørgensen00:03:01
05:41:14Passion fruitBelle & Sebastian00:02:30
05:38:06Dream alongOne two00:03:09
05:34:48Home againJulie Berthelsen00:03:20
05:32:18Do you wanna danceBobby Freeman00:02:32
05:27:52Den du erLis Sørensen00:04:18
05:23:46The lady in redChris de Burgh00:04:07
05:20:56The wild oneSuzi Quatro00:02:52
05:18:42Little dipper slopThe Danish Sharks00:02:16
05:14:18A new manJohs Ritter00:04:25
05:10:57UadskilligeChristian Brøns00:03:24
05:06:08Åndeløse dageBamse00:04:51
05:02:40Rise aboveTonestone & Neyxt feat. Christopher00:03:30
04:59:57Route 66Rocking Silver00:02:34
04:56:57Petite fleurClarinetto Reeds00:03:02
04:53:19One callNick Zutphen00:03:39
04:46:30Den nat de kørte cirkus vækPeter Belli00:03:08
04:42:19Empty roomsGary Moore00:04:12
04:38:35Vi kom fra det havThomas Kjellerup00:03:46
04:35:07Kandis karruselMiss B. Haven00:03:29
04:31:41I'll never love this way againDionne Warwick00:03:28
04:27:36RosesTommy Thiel00:03:54
04:25:19Charlie BrownCoasters00:02:19
04:23:155 o'clock worldDave Clark Five00:02:06
04:20:35Rockabilly rebelMatchbox00:02:42
04:17:19To be with youMr. Big00:03:19
04:15:09Hva' pokker ska' jeg gøreJohn Mogensen00:02:11
04:11:30The wonderful soup stoneDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:03:40
04:07:56Sentimental foolColorblind00:03:36
04:04:03In it for loveDonny Osmond00:03:55
03:58:51The power of loveCeline Dion00:04:45
03:52:36Undivided loveLouise00:03:43
03:48:04Can't get it out of my headJeff Lynne's00:04:35
03:45:00Spring nu udLouise Espersen00:03:05
03:41:50Open doorsElectric Lady Lab00:03:11
03:38:20Moonlight shadowMike Oldfield00:03:32
03:35:01KalderRay Dee Ohh00:03:21
03:31:14Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
03:28:07Wake upJessica Andersson00:02:59
03:24:35Treat her rightThe Commitments00:03:33
03:21:4325 Hours a dayLe Freak00:02:54
03:18:49The next timeCliff Richard00:02:55
03:16:22On the beachCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:29
03:12:50She rides wild horsesSmokie00:03:34
03:09:02Down to the waterlineDire Straits00:03:45
03:04:32Stuck in a moment You can't...U 200:04:32
03:00:14AmazoneLouise Dubiel00:04:19
02:55:50Hvad er det vi lever forBack To Back00:04:13
02:51:39The last rocket manAndrew Strong00:04:13
02:47:31Dressed for successRoxette00:04:10
02:44:18Isn't it loveMartin og Ea00:03:14
02:40:56The tide is highAtomic Kitten00:03:24
02:33:25Mama LooThe Les Humphries Singers00:03:44
02:29:50Make me danceWiyaala00:03:23
02:26:59Forår igenRebecca Brüel og Troels Trier00:02:53
02:23:08Remember thatHenriette00:03:53
02:19:38Had it allParachute og Jacquire King00:03:31
02:17:37What do you want to make those eyesEmile Ford and the checkmates00:02:03
02:14:46Beautiful madnessMichael Patrick Kelly00:02:53
02:05:31Let you be rightMeghan Trainor00:02:54
02:02:15Fredes sangAlberte00:03:18
01:58:15Hello sunshineBruce Springsteen00:03:52
01:55:59Hot dogBuck Owens00:02:17
01:52:19Never believed in muchAndy Goggin og Marie Swane00:03:42
01:49:17MillionJoey Moe00:03:03
01:44:36Baby JaneRod Stewart00:04:43
01:33:31Hey JudeThe Beatles00:07:02
01:29:16On a night like thisSanne Salomonsen00:04:06
01:24:40Female voiceBig Fat Snake00:04:38
01:22:20GoodbyePå slaget 1200:02:21
01:18:39The golden sunBen Russell and the Charmers00:03:43
01:14:02There must be an angelEurythmics00:04:39
01:10:05Love is to blameMette Kirkegaard00:03:59
01:05:57Vilde kaninerGnags00:04:09
01:03:35What'd I sayJerry Lee Lewis00:02:24
01:00:22Magical feetBilly the Fit00:03:14
00:54:20AlwaysBon Jovi00:05:51
00:50:51Look up look downBrødrene Olsen og Cliff Richard00:03:30
00:47:29Give me a callPauline00:03:24
00:43:51My old man's a dustmanLonnie Donegan00:03:39
00:41:58Summertime bluesEddie Cochran00:01:55
00:38:48Love is allRoger Glover and Guests00:03:13
00:34:38I get weakBelinda Carlisle00:04:12
00:31:14Little darlingKamilia Amelie00:03:25
00:29:08Nut rockerB. Bumble and the Stringers00:01:58
00:26:14Such a nightElvis Presley00:02:56
00:24:11SnowbirdLynn Anderson00:02:05
00:20:22Hvor lykken grorBamses Venner00:03:50
00:17:45I'm in controlJetsi Kain00:02:39
00:13:01Take it to the limitEagles00:04:46
00:09:08We are all runningThe Once00:03:54
00:05:36Denver cityWoven Hand00:03:34
00:01:42Girl like youBertine Zetlitz00:03:56