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07:59:35Sweethearts togetherThe Rolling Stones00:04:43
07:57:01Johnny gi' et nummerCharlatan00:02:36
07:53:19Is this loveBob Marley and the Wailers00:03:44
07:49:19Woman in loveThe three degrees00:04:02
07:45:0226 grader i Paris i natChristian Brøns00:04:18
07:41:52Psycko chickenThe Fools00:03:12
07:38:10Fører selvMathilde Falch00:03:43
07:34:04In this lifeBette Midler00:04:08
07:24:06Black velvetAlannah00:04:45
07:21:01PerfumeHenrik Launbjerg00:03:07
07:17:21Don't say you love meM2M00:03:42
07:13:50Am I enoughMarie Marx00:03:33
07:11:08Danse i måneskinTrine Dyrholm og Moonlighters00:02:44
07:07:03I won't leave you lonelyShania Twain00:04:07
07:01:59Man kan stå så alenePoul Krebs00:05:06
06:57:49Just around the cornerCock Robin00:04:11
06:54:12FlyttetidPå slaget 1200:03:39
06:48:58Don't you worry 'bout a thingIncognito00:05:16
06:45:55Hey , let's celebrateHepstars00:03:04
06:42:37Ærligt taltShu bi dua00:03:20
06:38:51Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
06:36:25Come dig this rock'n'rollKool Cad and the Tailfins00:02:27
06:32:24FeverBoney M00:04:03
06:27:24Shame shame shameShirley and Company00:04:49
06:24:41Bobby BrownFrank Zappa00:02:45
06:21:16ParisThe Chainsmokers00:03:26
06:17:59Believe againBrinck00:03:02
06:14:20Cradle of loveJohnny Preston00:02:16
06:09:52Our citiesLouise Lula00:03:35
06:07:13Razzle dazzleBill Haley00:02:40
06:03:31Tonight againGuy Sebastian00:03:23
06:00:00CourageousOlivia Newton John/Melinda Schneide00:03:34
05:53:25I will follow himJessica Andersson00:02:37
05:51:27Dear mrs. ApplebeeThe Defenders00:02:00
05:47:48Way to knowDownTown Mystic00:03:41
05:44:09What if I doJette Torp00:03:41
05:41:43Du skal ikke græde mereBomles Venner00:02:28
05:38:13Hvor går man henTine Mynster00:03:32
05:34:52Wish you were hereJakob Sveistrup00:03:22
05:31:15One callNick Zutphen00:03:39
05:28:07A 5th of BeethovenWalter Murphy00:02:59
05:24:13SylviaHank Marvin00:03:55
05:21:14Seven nights to rockStan Urban00:03:01
05:18:14Everybody needs a little sunshineTurkey The Bird00:03:03
05:15:26Me and Bobby and Bobby's brotherAbba00:02:49
05:11:46I need your lovinMarc Et Claude00:03:42
05:07:44AmazedBonnie Tyler00:04:04
05:04:11Kysser himmlen farvelLars H U G00:03:34
05:02:06Swanee riverThe Honeys00:02:07
04:56:59All good things (come to an end)Nelly Furtado00:05:09
04:52:36Mona Lisa smiledThe quireboys00:04:25
04:48:55Here comes the rainHenning Stærk00:03:43
04:46:31LollipopRed Squares00:02:26
04:42:24No peace like in heavenBig Fat Snake00:04:08
04:39:50A glass of champagneSailor00:02:36
04:35:28So naturalLisa Stansfield00:04:24
04:32:14Love and sophisticationJesse Wilson00:03:15
04:27:11The miracleQueen00:04:51
04:22:34There must be an angelEurythmics00:04:39
04:18:17UnsungVanessa Carlton00:04:19
04:10:57Only a humanGeorg Ezra00:03:29
04:08:24Tribute to Buddy HollyMike Berry00:02:35
04:04:27Half of my heartJohn Mayer00:04:04
04:00:40If we only had the timeJørgen Ingmann00:03:49
03:57:04Out of sightChimbo's Revival00:03:38
03:54:36Leve livetLecia og Lucienne00:02:31
03:51:12Little darlingKamilia Amelie00:03:25
03:47:12All shook upCliff Richard00:04:02
03:43:54Neverending storyLimahl00:03:20
03:37:14A new life4 Guys From The Future00:03:42
03:33:17Sol til alleStig Skovlind00:03:59
03:29:15Tip of my tongueSanne00:03:54
03:26:26Sea cruiseHermans Hermits00:02:52
03:23:14Hearts on fireGavin James00:03:14
03:19:57Chequered loveKim Wilde00:03:19
03:16:20New moonJeff Tweedy00:03:41
03:12:19Self controlLaura Branigan00:04:02
03:08:42Empty spaceJupiter Day00:03:39
03:05:49Jeg vil gerne troRye00:02:55
03:03:19Do you wanna danceBobby Freeman00:02:32
03:00:47Davy CrockettCollage00:02:34
02:54:58The pretenderJackson Brown00:05:51
02:51:26La camisa negraJuanes00:03:34
02:47:47MillenniumRobbie Williams00:03:41
02:45:00I never had a chanceThe Cliffters00:02:48
02:40:12I still love you now and thenJohs Ritter00:04:50
02:36:34Pigen med det røde hårDodo And the Dodo's00:03:40
02:33:11When you walk in the roomSmokie00:03:25
02:29:04FlyvefjerLaura Mo00:03:55
02:25:05True love lastEngelbert00:04:01
02:22:22Tro på os toSeb00:02:45
02:19:44Helt perfekt (Det bli'r man aldrig)Laban00:02:39
02:15:12Too lateHenning Høeg00:04:33
02:12:09SuperheltMette Kirkegaard00:03:05
02:09:15When you're in love with a beautifuDr. Hook00:02:56
02:06:49Chirpy chirpy cheep cheepMac and Katie Kissoon00:02:29
02:02:55Hold the lineToto00:03:55
01:59:58My hand in your pocketThomas Ring00:02:59
01:55:51I skyggenRasmus Madsen00:04:09
01:52:06These foolish thingsRod Stewart00:03:46
01:49:04I think I found itManic Street Preachers00:03:04
01:45:19Going homeThe Shadows00:03:50
01:42:10The carnival is overThe Seekers00:03:10
01:34:52Rocking with the boysAce Frehley00:04:11
01:32:31DianaPaul Anka00:02:22
01:28:38Tidens kvinderTV-200:03:44
01:25:14Shy BoyKatie Melua00:03:26
01:21:37What I meant to sayDonny Osmond00:03:39
01:18:14Hey JoeJimi Hendrix experience00:03:25
01:15:25I think I love youPartridge Family00:02:50
01:10:37All night longLionel Richie/Jimmy Buffet/Coral Re00:04:49
01:06:14Tougher than the restBruce Springsteen00:04:25
01:02:30In my placeColdplay00:03:46
00:56:35EloiseBarry Ryan00:05:43
00:53:06Drift awayDobie Gray00:03:31
00:50:01I started a jokeBee Gees00:03:07
00:45:30Ud af mørketMichael Falch00:04:33
00:42:08Det er dyrt at være fattigHoltsø Wittrock00:03:24
00:39:02MindeparkenBamses Venner00:03:07
00:37:06I don't want to see you againPeter and Gordon00:01:58
00:33:20Somewhere in meRen Gummer00:03:47
00:30:00Forklædt som voksenKim Larsen00:03:23
00:28:16Teddy bearElvis Presley00:01:45
00:25:38Before and afterChad and Jeremy00:02:40
00:21:50Videre i migBjørnskov00:03:50
00:18:20You're beautifulJames Blunt00:03:32
00:14:47Unchained melodyThe Righteous brothers00:03:35
00:11:21Ready to go home10 cc00:03:27
00:07:38RainmakerEmmelie de Forest00:03:45
00:04:46Morning BeatBrian Wilson00:02:55
00:00:08You win againThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:04:39