Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 14-05-2020-2100-2300.
22:58:24Clap your hands and stamp your feetBonnie St. Claire00:03:57
22:55:45Knights in rusty armourPeter and Gordon00:02:39
22:52:47Weep no more my babyBrenda Lee00:02:59
22:49:10Out in space and in betweenSelect Captain00:03:28
22:45:03The lady in redChris de Burgh00:04:07
22:41:48Can't get by without youReal thing00:03:16
22:37:46Ring a lingTiggy00:03:48
22:34:20Sagnet om myrenChristian00:03:27
22:31:45Nam namShu bi dua00:02:36
22:28:38Travelin' lightCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:55
22:24:26Monday mondayWilson Phillips00:04:14
22:19:28The riverBruce Springsteen00:04:58
22:15:51A lovers concertoLecia & Lucienne00:03:37
22:12:53Groove onHella Donna00:02:58
22:08:13(I just) died in your armsCutting Crew00:04:31
22:04:44Let it rainSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:03:30
22:00:44RhinestoneSort Sol00:03:57
21:56:29Stop, look and listenBelle & Sebastian00:04:06
21:53:41In the morningBee Gees00:02:49
21:51:53Dang meRoger Miller00:01:48
21:44:52Checkpoint CharlieJohnny Madsen00:03:22
21:41:14Inside to outsideLady Violet00:03:39
21:38:38What'd I sayJerry Lee Lewis00:02:24
21:31:32Rave onDelta Cross Band00:03:16
21:27:46Make me feelMichael Learns To Rock00:03:35
21:24:14Ain't no mountain high enoughAndrew Strong og Niamh Strong00:03:34
21:20:38Vi danserGitte Hænning00:03:35
21:17:49Fox on the runManfred Mann00:02:41
21:14:25The tide is highAtomic Kitten00:03:24
21:10:52If you've got loveKim Schwartz00:03:34
21:07:10Sunny afternoonHank Marvin00:03:42
21:04:38AutomobilJohn Mogensen00:02:33
21:02:33All summer longThe Beach Boys00:02:05