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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 14-05-2019-0000-0630.
06:28:19Ikke flere chancerRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:03:44
06:24:22All I wanna doHella Donna00:03:57
06:20:58Love generationBob Sinclair00:03:25
06:17:51Shaking all overChimbo's Revival00:03:08
06:13:25Hold tightDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:02:43
06:09:49Closer togetherNorthern Assembly00:03:32
06:05:05Be with youAtomic Kitten00:03:33
06:00:10Single girlSandy Posey00:02:41
05:57:59This hammerThe Spencer Davis Group00:02:13
05:52:30WhyNatasja Lee Dickinson00:03:40
05:50:00Jim Johnny og JonasBlue Boys00:02:31
05:44:58DaisieKasper Winding00:05:03
05:41:08The way you make me feelRonan Keating00:03:49
05:38:08Give it up for loveKim Wagner00:03:01
05:34:47Kind enoughStefan Mørk00:03:22
05:30:08Delta MaeGlenn Coleman00:04:40
05:26:19You ain't got the rightDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:03:51
05:23:35Tiny butterfliesGladys Padron00:02:44
05:20:06Hey MatthewKarel Fialka00:03:29
05:16:14Time burns a flameHelene Hørlyck00:03:53
05:12:39If you wanna cryAnna David00:03:36
05:08:45The race is onSuzi Quatro00:03:55
05:05:23Det vi længes imodSolsort00:03:21
05:02:37One fine dayPå slaget 1200:02:19
04:58:45It ain't necessarily soBeefeaters00:03:53
04:54:49Din by min byDen Nøgne Sandhed00:03:57
04:47:05Loving you is a dirty jobBonnie Tyler00:07:45
04:43:23MonsoonRobbie Williams00:03:43
04:38:58Pure shoresAll Saints00:04:24
04:35:25Life goes onLee Ann Rimes00:03:33
04:31:00Losing my religionR.e.m.00:04:25
04:27:23Elsk mig i natRocazino00:03:26
04:23:50Unchained melodyRighteours Brothers00:03:35
04:21:24Let's danceChris Montez00:02:25
04:17:55Weak in the presence of beautyAlison Moyet00:03:31
04:15:18Blue bayouAndrea Corr00:02:37
04:11:48Marie MarieBrødrene Olsen00:03:32
04:03:19CabronRed Hot Chili Peppers00:03:37
03:59:23Mexican girlSmokie00:03:56
03:55:47Perfect tenseFallulah00:03:37
03:53:08This is night lifeItalo Brothers00:02:40
03:50:19Hvis du gårMarie Key00:02:49
03:38:10I wont cryRye & Roed00:04:26
03:35:17The things I didn't sayDr. Hook00:02:54
03:31:35In the summertimeShaggy00:03:43
03:29:30No parkingBilly Cross00:02:05
03:27:00On the beachCliff Richard00:02:30
03:23:16Sweat (A la la la la Long)Inner Circle00:03:45
03:19:08Hungry eyesEric Carmen00:04:08
03:15:35Her er herligt her vil jeg leveLotte Riisholt00:03:33
03:12:53You are so beautifulJoe Cocker00:02:42
03:10:00StardustJørgen Ingmann00:02:55
03:06:20I drove all nightRoy Orbison00:03:41
03:03:57Heart full of soulThe Yardbirds00:02:25
03:00:07Fading like a flowerRoxette00:03:49
02:56:30Hva' ve' du ha'Bamses Venner00:03:38
02:53:18While awayEagle-Eye Cherry00:03:12
02:50:01RespectableMel and Kim00:03:18
02:47:31Lovers of the world unitedDavid and Jonathan00:02:30
02:45:06The IsraelitesDesmond Dekker00:02:27
02:40:58Evig KærlighedTiden går00:04:10
02:37:22Leap of faithGeordie00:03:36
02:34:50Less of meGlen Campbell00:02:33
02:32:20My little ladyThe Tremeloes00:02:29
02:28:40Another countryRod Stewart00:03:28
02:26:31ClaudetteThe Everly Brothers00:02:11
02:24:08The NewsDays00:02:23
02:17:58Beyond the rainbowVeronica Mortensen00:03:40
02:15:00Move itRocking Ghosts00:03:00
02:12:42Roll over BeethovenChuck Berry00:02:19
02:08:40Fooled aroundFrank Hemmingsen00:04:02
02:05:121000 grundeMathilde Falch00:03:30
02:03:01Little bitty pretty oneThe Hollies00:02:12
01:58:08Rock'n roll I gave you all the bestThe Cats00:04:55
01:53:53A pearlSune Feld00:04:15
01:49:04Didn't we almost have it allWhitney Houston00:04:48
01:45:08SpacemanBabylon zoo00:03:59
01:42:28A little bit me, a little bit youThe Monkees00:02:39
01:39:47La la laBobby Sherman00:02:41
01:36:51Rock and roll waltzKay Starr00:02:55
01:33:34We are familySister Sledge00:03:18
01:29:53Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
01:26:55TroubleShakin' Stevens00:02:59
01:23:43LibertineKate Ryan00:03:12
01:20:24I love youThe Zombies00:03:20
01:16:13I turn to youMelanie C00:04:11
01:12:47Rescue meBell Book and Candle00:03:27
01:09:23Trouble sleepingCorinne Bailey Rae00:03:25
01:04:39Land of confusionGenesis00:04:43
01:01:13Stay the nightSailor00:03:28
00:58:17I would die for youAntique00:02:56
00:55:17Don't talk to himCliff Richard and The Shadows00:03:02
00:53:13SnowbirdLynn Anderson00:02:05
00:50:59Long tall SallyThe Danish Sharks00:02:14
00:47:14True colorsCyndi Lauper00:03:45
00:42:45Send me an angelScorpions00:04:30
00:39:52VenterChristian Brøns og Patrick Isakson00:02:53
00:37:47Brutale løgShu bi dua00:02:06
00:34:52ButterflyKatrine Falkenberg00:02:55
00:31:24Betty bluePoul Krebs00:03:30
00:28:19Slow downThe Beatles00:02:53
00:24:48Jeg har lagt mine våbenAnne Dorte Michelsen00:03:32
00:20:47The dark sideAnn May00:04:03
00:16:23Change the worldHanne Boel00:04:25
00:12:55On the roadPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:29
00:09:10Dragging me downSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:03:45
00:06:05Wake up BooGudrun00:03:05
00:04:12Kon-tikiThe Shadows00:01:52
00:00:25Break the cycleChristina Smith Langtoft00:03:48