Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 12-07-2020-1900-2359.
23:58:45Anytime anywhere anywayBrødrene Olsen00:02:49
23:55:07Somebody loves somebodyCeline Dion00:03:41
23:51:20You see a darknessDirty Old Town00:03:47
23:48:19Break my strideMatthew Wilder00:03:02
23:44:04Your womanWhite Town00:04:16
23:40:13Completely fallenJulie00:03:52
23:36:23Common breedMaya Albana00:03:51
23:32:31Under pressureQueen og David Bowie00:03:53
23:29:20Raindrops keep falling on my headBobbie Gentry00:03:03
23:24:34As the night comes onSanne Salomonsen00:04:48
23:20:49Tidens kvinderTV-200:03:44
23:16:53RosieJohn Mayer00:03:56
23:13:32Be stillKelly Clarkson00:03:21
23:10:39Walk on waterEmma Anderson00:02:54
23:06:16I wonder whyChurtis Stigers00:04:24
23:02:43No wordsErik Hassle00:03:33
22:58:09Where the roads come togetherUp with people00:04:35
22:55:25Walking back to happinessThe Cliffters00:02:46
22:53:37Simon Smith and his amazing ...Alan Price00:01:48
22:48:49With or without youU 200:04:47
22:46:26Tossing and turningIvy League00:02:25
22:42:44Home alone 4DAD00:03:43
22:39:53Uptight (everything's alright)Stevie Wonder00:02:52
22:35:10Planet of paradiseSavage Rose00:04:44
22:32:19You are everythingMarvin Gaye and Diana Ross00:02:53
22:29:02Thinking about youNorah Jones00:03:17
22:24:56En tår af KronjyllandTelestjernen00:04:07
22:21:25Juicy LucySir Henry00:03:32
22:17:12Ooh la laRod Stewart00:04:14
22:14:52Bedstefar ta' dine tænder påKim Larsen00:02:09
22:12:29Fake fur coatJeff Tweedy00:02:25
22:09:19It's the same old songZindy00:03:09
22:06:09You won't find another fool like meThe New Seekers00:03:10
22:02:48Tonight againGuy Sebastian00:03:23
21:58:45Lonesome dayBruce Springsteen00:04:05
21:56:01Airport surroundingsLoney Dear00:02:44
21:52:23Gonna get along just fineBilly Cross00:03:39
21:49:58LollipopRed Squares00:02:26
21:46:43TonightDa Buzz00:03:15
21:43:03Send me the pillowBonnie Tyler00:03:32
21:39:09Love is all aroundWet Wet Wet00:03:56
21:36:06This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04
21:33:57SurfingThe Beach Boys00:02:09
21:29:52Salt of your skinHanne Boel00:04:07
21:27:10Sh-boomThe Crew Cuts00:02:44
21:23:43Don't worry babyWilson Phillips00:03:28
21:20:34Good as youKane Brown00:03:11
21:17:24The carnival is overThe Seekers00:03:10
21:13:15Vi var engang så tætTøsedrengene00:03:57
21:08:44I want youTina Dickow00:04:04
21:03:40Sejler udLars Lilholt00:05:10
20:59:55Seal to lightStefan Mørk00:03:45
20:56:01JuliaChris Rea00:03:54
20:53:12Wait and seeThe Blue Van00:02:49
20:50:59Foolish little girlThe Shirelles00:02:14
20:46:12Rock'n roll dreamAc / Dc00:04:39
20:42:11Karma ChameleonCulture Club00:04:01
20:37:55Ude på det blå oceanPå Slaget 1200:04:16
20:35:09Do you know the way to San JoseDionne Warwick00:02:50
20:30:31SledgehammerPeter Gabriel00:04:39
20:25:38We all fall downD-A-D00:04:54
20:23:15FallingRoy Orbison00:02:23
20:19:00Dig og migDieters Lieder00:04:16
20:15:34På en spansk altanØst For Vest / Louise Blem00:03:27
20:10:30Heart without a homeWestlife00:04:46
20:06:40Give me a signLivia00:03:39
20:02:55Watch outAndy Goggin og Nanna Larsen00:03:07
19:59:44Tell me worldMouth and Macneal00:03:07
19:56:48We'll sing in the sunshineGale Garnett00:02:56
19:53:31Vintertur på StrøgetAnne Grete00:03:17
19:49:02MorgensolLis Sørensen00:04:30
19:45:22Costa KalundborgShu bi dua00:03:42
19:41:12We got it going onBon Jovi00:04:11
19:36:45Daddy venterThomas Helmig00:04:29
19:33:03Lad mig gå friMathilde Falch00:03:42
19:26:06This town is lost without youCamilo & Grande00:03:58
19:22:42Lucy in the sky with diamondsThe Beatles00:03:24
19:19:13Med farfar i biffenBamses Venner00:03:28
19:14:58Hit by a feelingMichael Learns To Rock00:04:17
19:11:25Jeg holder fastBack To Back00:03:34
19:09:05The savageThe Shadows00:02:21
19:02:50The lucky oneAlison Krauss & Union Station00:03:05