Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Blandet popul��r musik, Vært: AA, Periode: 12-03-2019-2200-2359.
23:59:00Sh-boomThe Crew Cuts00:02:44
23:55:26GoKim Wagner00:03:33
23:51:34Show me the meaning of being lonelyBackstreet Boys00:03:53
23:48:04Rhythm of the nightCorona00:03:31
23:44:08I keep gettin higherCorinne00:03:57
23:41:38Sweets for my sweetThe Drifters00:02:32
23:37:49Smalltown saturday nightHenning Stærk00:03:38
23:34:09At the beginningMartin og Ea00:03:40
23:27:44Ordinary worldPeter Viskinde00:05:28
23:23:50Walk of lifeDire Straits00:03:56
23:20:03AndebyTommy Seebach00:03:48
23:16:43A love worth waiting forShakin' Stevens00:03:20
23:14:09Yummy yummy yummyPå slaget 1200:02:35
23:11:36PersonalityLloyd Price00:02:33
23:07:13I love being meThomas Barsøe00:04:12
23:04:43A little bit of soapShowaddywaddy00:02:30
23:02:04Living dollCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:40
22:58:10Beautiful to meAlbin00:02:58
22:55:11Such a nightRocking Ghosts00:03:00
22:52:39Rythm of the rainPoacher00:02:34
22:49:48This is night lifeItalo Brothers00:02:40
22:47:15MarylinBamses Venner00:02:33
22:44:2716 dollarsVolbeat00:02:49
22:40:18Too lost in youSugababes00:04:10
22:38:09No parkingBilly Cross00:02:05
22:34:52Spanish HarlemBen E King00:02:50
22:29:06For enden af regnbuenPoul Krebs og Bookhouse00:04:49
22:25:00Fly awayJohn Denver00:04:07
22:21:57Uptown girlWestlife00:03:05
22:18:15Playing for keepsElle King00:03:34
22:14:21When tomorrow comesOne Eyed Mule00:03:55
22:10:44The long runEagles00:03:39
22:07:12Everything I ownKen Boothe00:03:20