Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 11-09-2022-1900-2359.
23:58:18Keep this fire burningRobyn00:03:49
23:55:01California saga: CaliforniaThe Beach Boys00:03:19
23:51:45My heart's in tennesseeThe Refreshments00:03:18
23:48:18Billy don't be a heroPaper Lace00:03:29
23:44:18SandstormThera'se Neaima'00:04:02
23:41:43Nu i natBamses venner00:02:37
23:38:06FarkropCity Singler00:03:39
23:34:41Husk at glemme migLeeloo00:03:27
23:31:59See you later alligatorBill Haley00:02:43
23:27:57Andedam til ÅrhusMichelle Birkballe00:03:54
23:25:25There's a kind of hushNew Vaudeville Band00:02:34
23:22:10YesMerry Clayton00:03:16
23:15:10We were so youngBrødrene Olsen00:03:28
23:12:15Wolverton mountainNat King Cole00:02:56
23:09:41Making your mind upBucks Fizz00:02:36
23:06:43SommerregnLuna park00:03:00
23:04:28Love letters in the sandPat Boone00:02:17
23:01:55Don't let the sunGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:34
22:58:02Murder incorporatedBruce Springsteen00:03:55
22:53:36Rebel rebelDavid Bowie00:04:28
22:50:40Wishing and hopingDusty Springfield00:02:57
22:47:15I'm gonna make it betterShe and Him00:03:27
22:42:54Free manJørgen Thorup00:04:23
22:39:01PhotographRingo Starr00:03:55
22:32:16Bop bopInna00:03:18
22:28:29Two linesLightships00:03:49
22:25:46In a moment of madnessWhite Plains00:02:45
22:22:16Another one bites the dustQueen00:03:31
22:18:09Sweet condemnationGisel de Marco00:04:08
22:15:51Aldrig helt aleneRocazino00:02:20
22:12:00BalladeRikke Thomsen00:03:40
22:08:06Love at first sightKylie Minogue00:03:56
22:04:45StopSpice Girls00:03:23
22:02:10Put your head on my shoulderPaul Anka00:02:37
21:59:50The little old lady from PasadenaJan and Dean00:02:22
21:54:11Oh CarolNeil Sedaka00:02:13
21:51:13Look what you've doneZara Larsson00:03:00
21:47:30FootlooseKenny Loggins00:03:45
21:43:59Mi AireInez00:03:22
21:40:25Goodbye my loveRed Squares00:03:35
21:33:55Everything I do I do it for youBryan Adams00:06:32
21:30:19Think about the nightSmokie00:03:38
21:25:16Som de andre gørBack to back00:05:05
21:21:41Knuste hjerterTroels Gustavsen00:03:36
21:18:24Afraid of the lightAlexander Grandjean00:03:19
21:15:42Dancing partyShowaddywaddy00:02:43
21:12:05Love existsAmy Lee00:03:26
21:08:55Something like a stormGreat Lake Swimmers00:03:12
21:06:09Someone stole my bikeBrophy's Law00:02:48
21:01:12So much closerOne two00:04:59
20:53:57Nu ka du ikke snakke udenomRollo og King00:03:26
20:49:43My dingelingChuck Berry00:04:06
20:44:27Forever youngD.j. Space00:03:58
20:40:55Catherine the waitresTeitur00:03:34
20:37:51BacktrackRebecca Ferguson00:03:06
20:33:22Hubba hubba zoot zootCaramba00:03:01
20:26:54Trubled waterHaven00:03:58
20:22:46TilfredserneShu bi dua00:02:51
20:17:26The living yearsMike and the mechanics00:05:22
20:12:43Clap for the wolfmanThe Guess Who00:03:20
20:09:22The carnival is overThe Seekers00:03:10
20:03:39Don't look for loveShirley og Jonas Winge Leisner00:03:30
19:59:38Mr. JonesCounting Crows00:03:58
19:56:26Without youNilson00:03:14
19:54:44I listen to my heartThe Cliffters00:01:43
19:50:34Brand new carThe Rolling Stones00:04:11
19:47:20Drømmere som osPoul Krebs00:03:16
19:44:54Fall in love with youCliff Richard00:02:28
19:41:29You gave me a mountainBig Fat Snake00:03:26
19:37:31If I lose myself in thisThomas Helmig00:04:00
19:33:46Working class heroJohn Lennon00:03:47
19:30:04I don't like mondaysBoomtown Rats00:03:44
19:26:57I've never been to TexasJudith Owen00:03:09
19:23:52Out of the darkSiri Svegler00:03:07
19:20:09Show me heavenMaria McKee00:03:44
19:18:02Splish SplashSha na na00:02:09
19:14:54Seven little girls sitting in the bBombalurina00:03:10
19:10:23Little town flirtHenning Stærk00:04:33
19:05:05Byens hotelNephew00:05:20