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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 11-02-2020-0000-0630.
06:27:10It's the same old songZindy00:03:09
06:23:23Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
06:19:55Take it easyEagles00:03:30
06:17:27Dancing in the streetMartha Reeves00:02:28
06:13:28Let's danceChris Montez00:02:25
06:09:14Where do you goBryan Rice00:03:44
06:03:19The next timeCliff Richard00:02:55
05:59:39Line KoldingSonja Hald00:03:41
05:49:43American pieDon Mclean00:08:28
05:45:49Dear lieTLC00:03:55
05:41:20The actorMichael Learns To Rock00:04:30
05:37:47Denver cityWoven Hand00:03:34
05:34:00The magic keyOne-T00:03:49
05:29:56A thousand milesVanessa Carlton00:03:55
05:26:25Without youMariah carey00:03:32
05:22:41In my placeColdplay00:03:46
05:18:14I believe in youBette Midler00:04:28
05:14:51Oh what a nightClock00:03:24
05:11:06Vi kom fra det havThomas Kjellerup00:03:46
05:08:29Det er mig det samme hvor jeg havneClidows00:02:37
05:05:22If I said you had a beautifulBellamy Brothers00:03:08
05:00:32Det bedste til mig og mine vennerGasolin00:04:23
04:57:20Sing me an old fashioned songNiamh Lynn00:03:01
04:52:48This is usMark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris00:04:31
04:49:32Suddenly I seeKT Tunstall00:03:18
04:46:03TømrersangenDe Nattergale00:03:29
04:42:21Fra bord og sengLaura Mo00:03:43
04:39:19Hopelessly devoted to youOlivia Newton John00:03:02
04:36:51Green riverCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:29
04:32:41Lay your hands on meBeth Hart00:04:10
04:29:19He's beautiful to meCrystal Gayle00:03:11
04:25:53Åh LouiseFenders00:03:26
04:22:09Du er fremmed for mig nuPeter Viskinde00:03:46
04:18:59I've got dreams to rememberOtis Redding00:03:11
04:17:00Freight trainChet Atkins00:02:00
04:14:04A message to your heartSamantha Janus00:02:56
04:11:14Looking at you, looking at meJohnny Brady00:02:51
04:08:37Signs that will never changeThe Hollies00:02:38
04:04:57Love hangoverDiana Ross00:03:41
04:02:10Public imageAlpha Beat00:02:47
03:59:13Beer barrel polkaAndrews Sisters00:02:49
03:56:46You don't have to say you love meBrødrene Olsen00:02:28
03:52:10Lun luft over DanmarkAllan Olsen00:04:36
03:48:30Jeg bøjer mig i støvetMichael Korup00:03:41
03:45:04Fragment eightKenneth Bager00:03:26
03:41:36Lets go out with a bangNew Kids On The Block00:03:29
03:39:13Honey loveThe Drifters00:02:23
03:35:59Fix your heartZididada00:03:14
03:32:43Englene kommerBamses Venner00:03:18
03:29:28Give me shakespeareSailor00:03:15
03:25:13She's a mystery to meRoy Orbison00:04:15
03:21:22Hungry eyesSmokie00:03:51
03:19:37NannaKim Larsen00:01:47
03:16:29Dream alongOne two00:03:09
03:13:13And I found this boyMaia Hirasawa00:03:17
03:09:10What can make you happyMajbritte Ulrikkeholm00:04:05
03:01:52Midnight in ChelseaSkarlet June00:04:05
02:59:19Tutti fruttiLittle Richard00:02:22
02:56:37Eight days a weekThe Beatles00:02:42
02:53:35Concrete and clayBaccara00:03:04
02:49:43Show me the meaning of being lonelyBackstreet Boys00:03:53
02:45:26All the love in the worldThe Corrs00:04:18
02:43:26Hawai TattooThe Waikiki's00:02:01
02:40:50Honey don'tCarl Perkins00:02:36
02:37:08Undivided loveLouise00:03:43
02:33:56I must not chase the boysPlay00:03:12
02:30:56Should've known betterSoluna Samay00:03:00
02:27:53Man upThe Blue Van00:02:52
02:24:22It's easyBoy George00:03:31
02:20:50Vend digKaspar Kaae00:03:33
02:18:08Tell Laura I love herRicky Valance00:02:42
02:14:19This pretty faceAmy Macdonald00:03:49
02:12:04I østen stiger olsen opShu bi dua00:02:16
02:08:42Comment ca vaThe Shorts00:03:23
02:05:07I don't wanna listen to the radioNice Little Penguins00:03:37
02:00:44Who's yer PaddyThe Brazen Heads00:04:23
01:58:17Memphis TennesseeChuck Berry00:02:19
01:54:47Flower of the UniverseSade00:03:32
01:52:12Johnny gi' et nummerCharlatan00:02:36
01:48:23If you can't give me loveSuzi Quatro00:03:52
01:44:19You are everythingRod Stewart00:04:05
01:40:46Jeg holder fastBack To Back00:03:34
01:37:01Some kind of nothingnessManic Street Preachers00:03:46
01:34:08We fight for rock n rollThundermother00:02:53
01:31:33Georgy girlPå slaget 1200:02:36
01:29:01Rocke til musikkenTyggegummibanden00:02:23
01:25:35I lay my love on youWestlife00:03:27
01:21:16Give it upCut 'n' Move00:04:22
01:17:49You gave me a mountainBig Fat Snake00:03:26
01:14:02Angel of the morningMaggie Reilly00:03:48
01:07:27I listen to my heartThe Cliffters00:01:43
01:03:02I wont cryRye & Roed00:04:26
00:59:15Hjertet slår altid igenFenger // Nordstrøm00:03:36
00:55:32All my stars alignedSt Vincent00:03:44
00:51:13MomentsOne Direction00:04:19
00:49:11Little darlingThe Diamonds00:02:03
00:45:03Dressed for successRoxette00:04:10
00:41:56Sliding off the sidewalk of loveAnn J00:03:09
00:38:06Wake me up before you go goWham00:03:49
00:34:22Lange gættenætterMiss B. Haven00:03:46
00:30:21Rul natten indRocazino00:04:00
00:27:03Kik opPoul Krebs00:03:09
00:22:36Halgal halbalJohnny Madsen00:04:27
00:18:38Back for goodTake That00:03:59
00:15:42Home (where I belong)Nick Zutphen00:02:56
00:11:39Memory laneSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:04:03
00:08:22DumpetNadia Gattas00:03:17
00:04:31The safest placeLee Ann Rimes00:03:52
00:01:57Chewy chewyOhio Express00:02:36