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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 10-04-2019-0000-0630.
06:26:07Faster and fasterOpus00:04:12
06:23:57Barbara AnnThe Regents00:02:09
06:18:09Time is tightBooker T. and the MG'S00:03:13
06:12:28I lost it at the moviesMount David00:03:31
06:09:15You won't find another fool ..The New Seekers00:03:10
06:04:06Feels like I'm in loveMungo Jerry00:03:16
06:01:08You bring the summerThe Monkees00:02:58
05:57:23Hvor end jeg går henSøs Fenger og Peter A.G. Nielsen00:03:47
05:51:47Many river to croseBryan Adams00:04:06
05:49:03Such a nightRacey00:02:46
05:45:16I can see clearlyDeborah Harry00:03:49
05:40:40Don't forget to danceThe Kinks00:04:37
05:37:58Hjørner og krogeVan Dango00:02:43
05:34:25Freak meAnother Level00:03:34
05:30:55Too lost in youSagababes00:03:32
05:28:33We're gonna rock around the worldBill Haley and his Comets00:02:10
05:24:36Tag godt imod hamDanser med Drenge00:03:57
05:20:45Eternal flameThe Bangles00:03:53
05:17:09The escapeDead Young oaks00:03:36
05:13:17Call it a dayKatrine Falkenberg00:03:53
05:08:27Every time you go awayPaul Young00:04:52
05:05:45My impossible dreamGlennis Grace00:02:42
05:01:47Min fremtidChristian00:03:59
04:57:27I need you tonightBackstreet Boys00:04:20
04:53:37Stay with me till the morningDana Winner00:03:51
04:49:53Something to nothingAnna David00:03:44
04:46:52TaxaSanne Salomonsen00:03:01
04:44:57My boy lollipopMillie00:01:55
04:41:26JackieEverybody's Talking00:03:31
04:38:28Talking to youJakob Sveistrup00:03:00
04:34:41I'm so excitedPointer Sisters00:03:47
04:31:22Sweets for my sweetC.J. Lewis00:03:20
04:27:431000 grundeMathilde Falch00:03:30
04:25:20Crying in the chapelElvis Presley00:02:23
04:21:35Stars in the nightRye & Roed00:03:45
04:17:34LøkkehjuletMichael Meyerheim00:04:01
04:15:16Little QueenieJerry Lee Lewis00:02:19
04:10:27My destinyLionel Richie00:04:49
04:07:41Matthew and sonCat Stevens00:02:48
04:03:56For what is't worthLisa Bassenge00:03:46
04:00:19En enkelt dansLaura Mo00:03:37
03:56:15Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
03:56:10Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
03:47:21Min stjerneMichael Falch00:03:58
03:44:30CocaineJ.J. Cale00:02:51
03:41:21Go nowPeter Belli00:03:11
03:38:04Warm and tender lovePercy Sledge00:03:16
03:34:03RamonaBamses venner00:04:02
03:30:55Årets første sommerdagPeter Viskinde00:03:09
03:27:23Summer sunMorten K00:03:21
03:21:45WeakJennifer Brown00:03:10
03:17:56What you're proposingStatus Quo00:03:50
03:13:34Sun of JamaicaGoombay Danceband00:04:22
03:06:09The writings on the wallOk Go00:03:31
03:02:43Follow meAntique00:03:27
02:58:44This town is lost without youCamilo & Grande00:03:58
02:53:12Vil du danse med migTV-200:05:32
02:50:47Blue eyesDon Partridge00:02:25
02:47:51Home (where I belong)Nick Zutphen00:02:56
02:45:26Good love can never dieAlvin Stardust00:02:27
02:41:50ForårsregnMichael Slot Pihl00:03:37
02:39:00FreestylerBomfunk MC'S00:02:52
02:36:55Wonderful worldSam Cooke00:02:04
02:33:48All nightCrystal Fighters00:03:07
02:29:24You'll be in my heartPhil Collins00:04:15
02:25:12The bestBonnie Tyler00:04:14
02:22:37Den kolde skulderAnn Mette Elten00:02:36
02:19:25If I was a girlZididada00:03:13
02:16:31You let me walk aloneMichael Schulte00:02:54
02:13:12One more minuteLars Muhl00:03:35
02:09:14Good old daysPink00:03:59
02:06:53RaketvisenMarguerite Viby og Bodil Steen00:02:22
02:03:25You're mineGudrun00:03:29
02:00:50Wrong kind of livingEster Brohus00:02:35
01:58:23For your loveYardbirds00:02:28
01:56:21If I could make a livingKim Schwartz00:02:02
01:51:03Equinoxe part 5The Shadows00:05:18
01:44:20TimePink Floyd00:06:44
01:40:35Will you be mineLinnéa Handberg00:03:46
01:37:51Sixteen candlesThe Crests00:02:45
01:33:05Gløder af håbBack To Back00:04:46
01:29:14Sweet little rock'n rollerShowaddywaddy00:03:39
01:25:27I believeHella Donna00:03:48
01:22:59You don't have to say you love meBrødrene Olsen00:02:28
01:18:39Pas på dine blå øjneTøsedrengene00:04:22
01:15:10Two can play that gameBobby Brown00:03:30
01:10:20I can't tell you whyEagles00:04:52
01:06:58Twisting the night awayLocomotion00:03:23
01:03:37StopSpice Girls00:03:23
00:59:59Too many bad dreamsJesper Colfach00:03:38
00:57:01Rock around the clockRocking Ghosts00:02:59
00:53:56Walk awayKelly Clarkson00:03:05
00:48:28When the girl in your arms is the..Cliff Richard00:02:22
00:45:47Lucky lipsCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:42
00:42:14Eight miles highByrds00:03:34
00:39:09When love takes overDavid Guetta and Kelly Rowland00:03:06
00:34:53Hit by a feelingMichael Learns To Rock00:04:17
00:32:07MidnatsluskerenShu bi dua00:02:48
00:27:42The best thingSavage Garden00:04:17
00:21:57Foolish little girlThe Shirelles00:02:14
00:18:10Angel of the morningMaggie Reilly00:03:48
00:16:09BassemandBirgit Lystager00:02:03
00:12:05Shooting starLucer00:04:05
00:07:50It must have been loveRoxette00:04:16
00:04:15Nothing ever happens round ...Chris De Burgh00:03:37
00:01:05Cry just a little bitShakin' Stevens00:03:11