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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 09-01-2021-0000-0800.
07:58:03I'd like to teach the world to singThe New Seekers00:02:23
07:54:53Roadhouse bluesRocking Silver00:03:10
07:50:49Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
07:50:44Sign of the timesHarry Styles00:04:04
07:48:10Smiling steelNils Tuxen00:02:34
07:44:34Goodbye maple leavesStefan Mørk00:03:36
07:41:29I've got your number, sonShe & Him00:03:06
07:36:41Long tall sallyThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:01:45
07:32:28Heard you on my RadioClaudia Scott00:04:14
07:29:37You're such a good looking womanJoe Dolan00:02:53
07:25:19Too much love will kill youQueen00:04:18
07:22:54Catch a falling starPerry Como00:02:27
07:19:56Wake upJessica Andersson00:02:59
07:16:08Let it rainAmanda Marshall00:03:49
07:11:58Never be the same againMelanie C feat.Lisa Left Eve L00:04:11
07:08:46In the year 2525Zager and Evans00:03:14
07:04:07Fight for your loveBig Fat Snake00:04:41
07:00:08TryCaroline Henderson00:04:00
06:56:27No arms can ever hold youChris Norman00:03:42
06:53:08Holding up balloonsGraham Candy00:03:19
06:50:10It's a beautiful dayKatrine Falkenberg00:02:59
06:46:30TodayBrad Paisley00:03:40
06:43:58Tryk påShu bi dua00:02:40
06:41:16Sug indMusikbacillen00:02:42
06:37:38A face in the mirrorCentury00:03:38
06:34:56See you later alligatorBill Haley00:02:43
06:30:22EndlesslyStan Urban00:04:34
06:27:36FoottapperThe Cliffters00:02:35
06:24:52Blue bayouRoy Orbison00:02:46
06:22:01Hit the road JackStampeders00:02:51
06:18:07SylviaHank Marvin00:03:55
06:15:09Days like thisJette Torp00:02:59
06:12:42SugartimeThe McGuire Sisters00:02:29
06:09:09You've got a friendThe brand new heavies00:03:23
06:04:54Belong to the seaAqua00:04:15
06:02:43Sweet nothin'sSidsel Ben Semmane00:02:11
05:59:24A love worth waiting forShakin' Stevens00:03:20
05:56:3516 dollarsVolbeat00:02:49
05:53:09ShadyAdam Lambert00:02:58
05:45:55Hollywood lieHanah00:03:27
05:42:50En dejlig dag i TivoliGry00:03:06
05:39:33DynamiteTaio Cruz00:03:18
05:35:53Brænder migAnna David00:03:41
05:32:29Love my lifeRobbie Williams00:03:24
05:28:21Missing youJohn Waite00:03:59
05:24:44Roder du lidt mæ rytmeboxenDe Nattergale00:03:37
05:21:39Foxy ladyJimi Hendrix00:03:06
05:18:59Fox on the runManfred Mann00:02:41
05:15:12I can see clearlyDeborah Harry00:03:49
05:12:45Talahassie LassieFreddie Cannon00:02:28
05:10:36Do the FreddieFreddie and The Dreamers00:02:09
05:02:40Me and you and a dog named BooLobo00:03:00
04:59:49Sig det højtHelle Elkjær00:02:52
04:57:50Skip to my LouNat King Cole00:02:00
04:51:44Saturday nightWhigfield00:03:42
04:48:13Hvem er din drømSøs Fenger00:03:32
04:44:50MaleneSys Bjerre00:03:25
04:41:35Old man MosesThe Les Humphries Singers00:03:16
04:38:11Love generationBob Sinclair00:03:25
04:34:55Helt a mig selBamses Venner00:03:17
04:32:01Yes I willThe Hollies00:02:54
04:27:29Walk the dinosaurWas Not Was00:04:21
04:22:34Love of the heart divineChris De Burgh00:04:55
04:20:16Little QueenieJerry Lee Lewis00:02:19
04:17:04Streets of PhiladelphiaBruce Springsteen00:03:13
04:14:08I've just seen a faceEverybody's Talking00:02:57
04:10:37Ta' medRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:03:44
04:07:00Empty spaceJupiter Day00:03:39
04:04:44PatriciaPerez Prado00:02:18
04:02:42What do you want to make those eyesEmile Ford and the checkmates00:02:03
04:00:12Rebel rouserDuane Eddy00:02:30
03:57:23Gi'r du et knusSnapshot00:02:50
03:54:09That's meAbba00:03:15
03:51:34ZambesiThe Shadows00:02:36
03:49:20You've got to hide your love awaySilkie00:02:14
03:45:47She rides wild horsesSmokie00:03:34
03:42:12Be my manAsa00:03:36
03:38:25Steal my girlOne Direction00:03:47
03:35:27Stoned loveThe Supremes00:02:57
03:32:15The rockJoan Audrey00:03:12
03:28:07Four letter wordKim Wilde00:04:00
03:24:55BounceSarah Connor00:03:12
03:21:38Something changedPulp00:03:17
03:18:24TonightDa Buzz00:03:15
03:15:40Tænker titFolkeklubben00:02:45
03:12:48SnowbirdDana Winner00:02:51
03:08:12The whisperNew Kids On The Block00:04:37
03:03:52Slave to loveBryan Ferry00:04:22
02:59:50Lovely dayBill Withers00:04:03
02:55:42Arthurs WartburgHåndslaw00:04:08
02:52:02RoarKaty Perry00:03:40
02:48:38Feel goodTeitur00:03:24
02:45:28He's beautiful to meCrystal Gayle00:03:11
02:41:41SatisfedLeAnn Rimes00:03:49
02:38:34One night onlyKane Brown00:03:08
02:34:42Man I feel like a womanShania Twain00:03:53
02:31:04In one timeAHI00:03:39
02:27:01Sotto voceElisabeth00:03:52
02:24:45Why do fools fall in loveGale Storm00:02:17
02:22:38BernadinePat Boone00:02:08
02:19:49Anytime anywhere anywayBrødrene Olsen00:02:49
02:17:08Sluk dit lysLindhard og Max Five00:02:43
02:13:44Rock n rollAvril Lavigne00:03:24
02:07:43School's outAlice Cooper00:06:01
02:03:04Lidt for sentIse00:04:40
01:59:34Sleeping in my carRoxette00:03:31
01:56:12Rejser gennem tidenNadia Gattas00:03:23
01:52:27The way you look tonightRod Stewart00:03:46
01:49:43Airport surroundingsLoney Dear00:02:44
01:46:20The last timePå slaget 1200:03:24
01:42:28Giv mig skibene tilbageDodo And the Dodo's00:03:53
01:38:24Frosten slipperSigne Svendsen00:04:05
01:34:47What I meant to sayDonny Osmond00:03:39
01:30:57You sang to meMarc Anthony00:03:50
01:27:05Where do you goBryan Rice00:03:44
01:24:30Love is blueLos Valentinos00:02:35
01:20:08Rock with youInner Circle00:04:22
01:17:03Mod åbne vidderFede Finn og Funny Boyz00:03:06
01:13:32She criesStep by step00:03:32
01:10:23No freedomDido00:03:12
01:06:24Stop dragging aroundStevie Nicks00:03:59
01:01:52Turn back the clockJohnny Hates Jazz00:04:32
00:57:36In our lifetimeTexas00:04:05
00:52:23She's a mysteryBon Jovi00:05:15
00:49:04Long as I see the lightAndrew Strong00:03:19
00:46:43Sweet little sixteenThe Beatles00:02:21
00:44:02Jeg skal nok holde opMichelle Birkballe00:02:42
00:39:39Searching for a heartLisa Bassenge00:04:23
00:36:51Best daysLissie00:02:50
00:34:49Everybody knows a placeSir Henry00:02:03
00:30:33Umulige kæresterMorten Remar00:04:15
00:26:30Teardrops in heavenSanne Salomonsen00:04:05
00:23:43You make me feel like dancingLeo Sayer00:02:47
00:19:52Groovy dayThomas Helmig00:03:52
00:16:53Vil du danse med migBamse00:02:58
00:08:16I just called to say I love youStevie Wonder00:04:19
00:05:06BakkerSofia Hedia00:03:11
00:00:53Little girlKaren Marie00:04:13