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07:56:52Melt me down like chocolateLouise Latham00:03:44
07:53:10Whole lotta storyGirls Aloud00:03:43
07:50:07Na na naOne Direction00:03:04
07:46:27Rambling manBig Fat Snake00:03:42
07:42:45Stand by me4 the Cause00:03:42
07:36:14Heartbeat songKelly Clarkson00:03:18
07:33:51Woolley bulleySha na na00:02:24
07:30:29StopSpice Girls00:03:23
07:27:22En lykkelig humlebiFenders00:03:07
07:19:38Hidden treasureMiranda Lee Richards00:03:39
07:11:50RavenDead Young oaks00:03:49
07:08:02Slå dig løsPeter Viskinde00:03:48
07:03:56Lige linealerRocazino00:04:06
06:59:58Ready for loveSongwriters00:03:59
06:57:25She's coming homeZombies00:02:34
06:55:05Mona LisaCarl Mann00:02:21
06:50:19Kiss from a roseSeal00:04:47
06:46:16Love letter to JapanThe Bird and the Bees00:04:05
06:43:08I've never been to TexasJudith Owen00:03:09
06:39:07She bangsRicky Martin00:04:01
06:35:28Saml det opThomas Helmig00:03:38
06:31:32Sæt friSanne Salomonsen00:03:57
06:27:46ZabadakDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:03:34
06:24:46It's a wonderful feelingJulie00:03:01
06:19:38Every breath you takeThe Police00:03:53
06:14:50Forever youngD.j. Space00:03:58
06:09:18Turn, turn, turnByrds00:03:52
06:07:00Memphis TennesseeThe Rolling Stones00:02:18
06:03:07Lang vej til månenDaniel Jul00:03:13
05:59:34Be with youAtomic Kitten00:03:33
05:56:12Oh what a nightClock00:03:24
05:52:21Længes hjemGasolin00:02:55
05:50:05Just as I didThe Cliffters00:02:16
05:46:18What a crying shameThe Mavericks00:03:48
05:37:26Cleaning out my closetEminem00:04:57
05:31:04Sømand af verdenDodo and the Dodo's00:06:22
05:28:01You better go nowSøs Fenger00:03:03
05:24:00Can we stay home tonight?Rod Stewart00:04:03
05:22:03Wonderful worldHermans Hermits00:01:58
05:18:43Father and sonRonan Keating00:03:19
05:10:50Two out of three ain't badMeat Loaf00:03:56
05:08:465 o'clock worldDave Clark Five00:02:06
05:05:13KaskaderneSonja Hald00:03:33
05:02:24You can't hurry lovePhil Collins00:02:50
04:59:49A glass of champagneSailor00:02:36
04:56:14Måske er det helt i ordenLouise Dubiel00:03:37
04:50:55Ticket to rideHank Marvin00:05:20
04:47:10SuzanneLeonard Cohen00:03:46
04:43:14All along the watchtowerJimi Hendrix00:03:56
04:38:54Tusind stykkerAnne Linnet00:04:20
04:35:13På min gravstenAlex00:03:41
04:32:34Crying gameDave Berry00:02:41
04:28:55Let it rainSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:03:30
04:25:22Good timesJette Torp00:03:34
04:14:59Calling ElvisDire Straits00:10:25
04:11:37My favourite waste of timeOwen Paul00:03:23
04:08:37Arms of MaryChilliwack00:03:01
04:04:36Manana mananaBonnie St. Claire00:04:02
04:00:23Sunshine reggaeLaid Back00:04:14
03:56:42Love is easyMcFly00:03:40
03:52:43To stjerneskudSteffen Brandt og Nanna00:04:00
03:48:17JulietteThomas Kjellerup00:04:28
03:42:13Inside mountainMajbritte Ulrikkeholm00:06:04
03:38:00Surfing the surfaceTim Christensen00:04:14
03:34:13This is not a lovesongGudrun00:03:49
03:32:06Mr. SandmanLes Paul and Mary Ford00:02:08
03:28:37Long cool woman in a black dressThe Hollies00:03:18
03:23:33American womanThe guess who00:05:05
03:20:09Everybody's looking for somethingPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
03:15:53She's the oneRobbie Williams00:04:17
03:13:07You turn me onIan Whitcomb00:02:47
03:05:54The long roadMark Knopfler00:07:13
03:01:29Senza Una DonnaZucchere and Poul Young00:04:25
02:57:30English man in New YorkSting00:04:01
02:50:59Tro på os toSeb00:02:45
02:47:25BattlefieldSvenstrup & Vendelboe feat. Ca00:03:35
02:44:23Go-goAlpha Beat00:03:03
02:40:19Cry me a riverStan Urban00:04:04
02:37:16Empty HandEliza Doolittle00:03:04
02:35:05Blue suede shoesCarl Perkins00:02:13
02:32:00Hungry heartBruce Springsteen00:03:16
02:28:21Don't want to go homeGangway00:03:30
02:24:46Leap of faithGeordie00:03:36
02:21:20Forever as oneVengaboys00:03:27
02:17:42Hva' ve' du ha'Bamses Venner00:03:38
02:15:05MassachusettsPå slaget 1200:02:38
02:11:03HelloLionel Richie00:04:03
02:08:42Move itCliff Richard00:02:20
02:02:46KlodekundskabShu bi dua00:02:48
01:59:13Follow meUncle Kracker00:03:34
01:55:23VårviseSebastian og Sissel Kyrkjebo00:03:50
01:52:44Chasing the sunHillary Duff00:02:41
01:47:36I see the moonTommy Seebach00:02:39
01:43:37Wasn't he somethingMaria Lucia00:04:00
01:40:58Lilly fra LøkkenDalton00:02:39
01:36:33Tror du at jeg vil la' dig gåRay Dee Ohh00:04:26
01:32:36Drove all nightCeline Dion00:03:58
01:28:32The reasonHoobastank00:03:53
01:24:12Out of timeAndrew Strong00:04:21
01:20:04BåletTine Mynster00:04:10
01:16:17SatisfedLeAnn Rimes00:03:49
01:12:34Fra bord og sengLaura Mo00:03:43
01:08:23Too lost in youSugababes00:04:10
01:06:26Nut rockerB. Bumble and the Stringers00:01:58
01:03:35Outlaw in EmWaylon00:02:51
01:01:05Lovers of the world unitedDavid and Jonathan00:02:30
00:59:12Kon-tikiThe Shadows00:01:52
00:55:25The magic keyOne-T00:03:49
00:52:25Never tear us apartINXS00:03:00
00:48:56Hos dig (er jeg alt)Blå øjne00:03:29
00:46:33Drive my carThe Beatles00:02:24
00:42:32Just another mileAnders Norman00:04:02
00:38:40The power of loveHuey Lewis and The News00:03:51
00:35:00LysorangePia Kamp Brincker00:03:40
00:30:58Heartbreak lullabyA Teens00:04:03
00:26:45Frosten slipperSigne Svendsen00:04:05
00:23:44The riverDelta Goodrem00:03:01
00:20:18Vi mødes en dagØst For Vest / Louise Blem00:03:26
00:17:24La vie en glaceGinnie Marker00:02:54
00:14:24Streets of PromiseMac Owen00:03:01
00:12:06Kisses sweeter than wineJimmie Rodgers00:02:18
00:09:12That girlOlly Murs00:02:53
00:06:40Mo'reenThe Teenmakers00:02:32
00:03:14Will you miss meEster Brohus00:03:26
00:00:30A well respected manThe Kinks00:02:45