Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 07-11-2021-1900-2359.
23:58:38SoldierGavin DeGraw00:03:28
23:54:55All dreams are realPeter Viskinde Band00:03:45
23:51:06Kongens haveBamse00:03:51
23:48:06FriThomas Kjellerup00:03:02
23:44:59My number oneLuv00:03:09
23:41:38The final bowStrandels00:03:23
23:37:08Magi og miraklerPå Slaget 1200:04:31
23:33:39Sleeping in my carRoxette00:03:31
23:27:29I won't let you goAgnetha Faltskog00:06:01
23:23:31The six teensSweet00:04:00
23:19:40Remember thatHenriette00:03:53
23:16:59You're the only oneMaria Mena00:02:43
23:13:28StrongerKelly Clarkson00:03:33
23:10:05Closer to youRasmus Hagen00:03:25
23:07:12Earth angelThe penguins00:02:55
23:03:56Rodeo and the radioNikolas Benson00:03:18
23:00:18RoarKaty Perry00:03:40
22:57:39The LocomotionGrand funk00:02:41
22:54:09RainbowsIngrid D. Johnson00:03:31
22:49:45I wont cryRye & Roed00:04:26
22:46:52GoblenOle Berthelsen00:02:55
22:42:54Heaven is a place on earthBelinda Carlisle00:04:03
22:40:34I can't let goThe Hollies00:02:23
22:36:49The one and onlyThomas Helmig00:03:46
22:32:49Manden på bænkenShu bi dua00:04:02
22:29:18FoolWDWGFH Feat. Kelvyn Colt00:03:33
22:24:50JoshuaLeah Capelle00:04:30
22:21:56Når det bli'r sommerPoul Krebs00:02:56
22:18:50Love is the roadJakob Sveistrup00:03:08
22:15:49Mary AnnBlack Lace00:03:03
22:12:03Drinking wine spo-dee-o-deeJerry Lee Lewis00:03:34
22:10:04Patricia the stripperSir Henry00:02:01
22:05:40I will surviveHermes House Band00:04:26
22:03:49StayRed Squares00:01:53
22:00:25When you walk in the roomSmokie00:03:25
21:56:29Mustang SallyThe Commitments00:03:58
21:51:59Stuck in a moment You can't...U 200:04:32
21:48:01All I want is loveGudrun00:04:00
21:45:30Holder stadig sammenLaura Mo00:02:33
21:41:57Everybody's looking for somethingPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
21:39:43Just as I didThe Cliffters00:02:16
21:36:16Weightless loveThe Ball and The Wall Ft. Amalie St00:03:29
21:32:50Gold in them hillsKatie Melua00:03:28
21:28:48Walking on airBee gees00:04:03
21:26:22Bang bang LuluGoombay Danceband00:02:28
21:23:37Did you boogieFlash Cadillac and The Continental00:02:48
21:20:22Helt a mig selBamses Venner00:03:17
21:17:31I could easily fall in love with yoCliff Richard00:02:53
21:12:34If you go awayBrenda Lee00:04:45
21:09:17Mony monyTommy James and the Shondells00:02:50
21:05:47GodnatHenrik Strube00:03:31
21:02:45Heart to lovePassenger00:03:04
20:58:42Foolish heartsIeva Dubova00:03:40
20:55:30Ud af mørketShaka loveless00:03:14
20:52:25I'm still gonna write you a songThomas Ring00:03:06
20:49:24Tell meTommy P.00:02:53
20:43:07We belongDef Leppard00:05:03
20:39:31Fool (fight of our lives)Sir Reg00:03:38
20:34:35You better go nowSøs Fenger00:03:03
20:31:08Kandis karruselMiss B. Haven00:03:29
20:27:57Går med hunden gennem byenGnags00:03:13
20:22:44Freedom come freedom goFortunes00:03:01
20:18:36Every time you cryJette Torp og Andrew Strong00:04:10
20:13:14Out of timeChris Farlowe00:03:34
20:09:17Åh KarenDe Nattergale00:03:45
20:04:59Early in the morningVanity Fare00:02:43
20:00:44Hit by a feelingMichael Learns To Rock00:04:17
19:56:05Lun luft over DanmarkAllan Olsen00:04:36
19:51:41Look at meGeri Halliwell00:04:25
19:48:28OfeliaLars Lilholt00:03:14
19:44:37Elsk migHanne Boel00:03:53
19:41:05Please don't goK.W.S.00:03:34
19:37:56What's upExcellence00:03:11
19:34:46Det bedste sted i verdenPeter Viskinde00:03:12
19:31:18Since I saw you lastGary Barlow00:03:30
19:28:43Monster mashSha na na00:02:37
19:23:41It's only loveSheryl Crow00:05:03
19:20:39Underneath my skinChristina Undhjem00:03:04
19:17:45Million facesLucer00:02:56
19:13:32Godter på vejHumør ekspressen00:04:15
19:10:42You can't hurry loveDiana Ross00:02:51
19:07:30Drive by (Guitar up mix)Train00:03:14
19:05:10Mr. SandmanThe Chordettes00:02:22