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07:59:02Hej smukkeSnapshot00:03:36
07:55:23Into the wildAura Dione00:03:39
07:52:04To be with youWestlife00:03:19
07:48:45Always on my mindChris De Burgh00:03:20
07:45:47I could easily fallCliff Richard and The Shadows00:03:00
07:41:08Breaking all the rulesBackseat00:04:40
07:36:06Elsker dig for evigtLars H U G00:05:02
07:33:12May you neverEric Clapton00:02:54
07:29:42Marie MarieBrødrene Olsen00:03:32
07:25:08A good heartFeargal Sharkey00:04:34
07:21:37Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
07:18:06Spring's the thingJan Rørdam00:03:32
07:14:09Silly love10 CC00:03:56
07:10:38The last two on EarthBryan Rice00:03:31
07:05:19Trial by fireBachman Turner Overdrive00:05:20
07:02:19Min fars roemark i SkjernRock Nalle00:03:01
06:59:25Chop chopSweet00:02:55
06:54:35Åndeløse dageBamse00:04:51
06:50:50When the day comesNico & Vinz00:03:46
06:47:17Don't waste your timeKelly Clarkson00:03:33
06:43:30Beautiful dayJette Torp00:03:47
06:39:45Alle leder efter kærlighedSøs Fenger00:03:45
06:35:39Stop, look and listenBelle & Sebastian00:04:06
06:29:31Part of me, part of youGlenn Frey00:05:56
06:25:51Tea with cinnamonKatzenjammer00:03:41
06:18:12Love in timeRoy Orbison00:05:29
06:12:28SummertimeBilly Stewart00:04:54
06:08:03The way you areAnti Social Media00:03:04
06:03:36Black and blueMikkel Møl00:03:26
06:00:26Good as youKane Brown00:03:11
05:56:53I like ChopinGazebo00:03:34
05:52:12StopSpice Girls00:03:23
05:47:40Left UnsaidTiger Baby00:04:33
05:45:36Say mamaRocking Ghosts00:02:05
05:41:44Man I feel like a womanShania Twain00:03:53
05:36:09Blaze of gloryJon Bon Jovi00:05:36
05:27:35One night in heavenM. People00:03:39
05:22:37Sad i parkenRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:04:59
05:19:18Forget about itMaggie Reilly00:03:21
05:15:22I'll come runningJuice00:03:57
05:12:52Travelling lightHermans Hermits00:02:31
05:09:00Always the last to knowSmokie00:03:53
05:05:19The heart of it allThe Consolation00:03:42
05:01:41Hidden treasureMiranda Lee Richards00:03:39
04:57:56Stars in the nightRye & Roed00:03:45
04:54:40Tættere påSiff Alexander Brown00:03:18
04:51:09I should have kissed youOne Direction00:03:33
04:48:54Traveling manRicky Nelson00:02:16
04:45:44Kysser farvelJohn Schmidt00:03:10
04:41:48Cool kidsEchosmith00:03:57
04:40:00The country guitarMichael Bakkestrøm00:01:48
04:36:59Here it comes againFortunes00:03:02
04:33:24No dancingThe Shadows00:03:37
04:29:31Don't say you love meM2M00:03:42
04:25:46Prince IgorThe Rapsody feat. Warren G & S00:03:47
04:21:58You're my heart you're my soulModern Talking00:03:49
04:19:00Ooh aah just a little bitGina G00:02:59
04:15:53Ob la di ob la daThe Beatles00:03:07
04:13:30HucklebuckChubby Checker00:02:25
04:09:56ReflektererMick Motto00:03:33
04:05:57Ret og vrangMiss B. Haven00:03:59
04:02:48I heard it through the grapewineMarvin Gaye00:03:11
03:59:47HackensackKaty Perry00:03:01
03:55:32All some kind of dreamJohs Ritter00:04:15
03:52:01The writings on the wallOk Go00:03:31
03:48:58MillionJoey Moe00:03:03
03:46:30Du skal ikke græde mereBomles Venner00:02:28
03:42:22Every time you cryJette Torp og Andrew Strong00:04:10
03:39:03Light down lowJessie James Decker00:03:21
03:35:53Diggy downInna00:03:10
03:33:18Chewy chewyOhio Express00:02:36
03:30:37Tiny butterfliesGladys Padron00:02:44
03:26:15Love storyTrine Gadeberg00:04:13
03:24:13How high the moonLes Paul and Mary Ford00:02:04
03:21:43All night standThe Thoughts00:02:30
03:19:03I got the rhythmBerlev's Rock 'n' Roll Hotel00:02:40
03:16:12One in a millionGudrun00:02:53
03:12:44LovedKim Wilde00:03:28
03:10:56Dang meRoger Miller00:01:48
03:04:48Do I have to say the wordsBryan Adams00:06:09
03:01:24You light up my lifeWestlife and Delta Goodrem00:03:25
02:56:50Fri som et forårPoul krebs00:04:36
02:52:58Here I go againE-Type00:03:52
02:50:20I will follow himJessica Andersson00:02:37
02:47:08I've been missing youUB-4000:03:12
02:41:52When the world was mineRonan Keating00:05:16
02:38:19Drinking wine spo-dee-o-deeJerry Lee Lewis00:03:34
02:34:43Skateboard riderMabel00:03:35
02:31:17Music gets the best of meSophie Ellis Bextor00:03:27
02:26:17This hard landBruce Springsteen00:04:49
02:22:34Kærlighedens gnistMichael Falch00:03:42
02:20:09Just one lookThe Hollies00:02:25
02:18:045 o'clock worldDave Clark Five00:02:06
02:10:42She's not youElvis Presley00:02:08
02:07:48Die for youAntique00:02:55
02:03:42Leave Virginia aloneRod Stewart00:04:06
01:59:34Lay your hands on meBeth Hart00:04:10
01:56:27En sidste gangMathilde Falch00:03:09
01:53:15Vimmersvej 2Bamses Venner00:03:13
01:50:00Give me shakespeareSailor00:03:15
01:45:33This love you never forgetCliff Richard00:04:28
01:42:07Shy BoyKatie Melua00:03:26
01:38:22Dansende blå linealerGnags00:03:45
01:35:47A lover's concertoToys00:02:37
01:31:38Just one timeMark Knopfler and Chet Atkins00:04:09
01:28:31We are the championsQueen00:02:59
01:24:27Younger than yesterdayReal Estate Days00:04:04
01:21:31ApacheJørgen Ingmann00:02:55
01:17:13Du rejste bortNews00:04:19
01:13:33Good thingRebecka Törnqvist00:03:41
01:10:16Confident and ordinaryGangway00:03:18
01:05:42Can't get it out of my headJeff Lynne's00:04:35
01:01:59Sunny afternoonHank Marvin00:03:42
00:53:58DrømmepigeBjarne Druedal00:04:35
00:49:4026 grader i Paris i natChristian Brøns00:04:18
00:46:41Sugar SugarPå slaget 1200:02:58
00:43:25Everlasting loveJamie Cullum00:03:18
00:39:28Goodbye my loveGary Glitter00:03:56
00:36:54Os toAlex00:02:36
00:33:27I can't give you upThe Rubettes00:03:26
00:31:14You're no goodThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:15
00:27:24Shanghaid in TokyoMichael Learns To Rock00:03:50
00:24:00Sweetness in her sparkLightships00:03:24
00:20:15The man who sold the worldLulu00:03:46
00:17:03SkeletonLoveLike Violence00:03:14
00:13:23A way back to loveSarah Dawn Finer00:03:41
00:10:27FolkevognenShu bi dua00:02:57
00:08:18Living loving wreckShakin' Stevens00:02:10
00:05:15You got what it takesShowaddywaddy00:03:03
00:00:08Let 'em inPaul MCcartney00:05:07