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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 07-06-2021-0000-0630.
06:27:15Farvel til bluesSanne Salomonsen00:04:02
06:23:30Only yesterdayCarpenters00:03:47
06:19:36Love will keep you warmSwan Lee00:03:38
06:15:16The boy is mineBrenda and Monica00:03:59
06:11:35Being myselfRob Alexander00:03:37
06:05:27AlwaysBon Jovi00:05:51
06:01:25Friends will be friendsQueen00:04:04
05:53:32Here comes my babyPå slaget 1200:02:58
05:49:32JessieJacob Dinesen00:04:02
05:45:42Stroke you upChanging Faces00:03:51
05:41:51Eternal flameThe Bangles00:03:53
05:38:15You made me find myselfLee Ann Rimes00:03:38
05:35:00DumpetNadia Gattas00:03:17
05:31:32Paint it blackVanessa Carlton00:03:30
05:27:53SoldierGavin DeGraw00:03:28
05:24:32Games people playInner Circle00:03:23
05:21:17Queen of heartsJuice Newton00:03:17
05:17:18Leads To NowhereLUTH00:04:01
05:14:06GeronimoAura Dione00:03:14
05:11:23Under the boardwalkThe Rolling Stones00:02:45
05:03:23Tunnel of loveDire Straits00:08:01
04:59:37Love songs ain't for usAmy Shark feat. Keith Urban00:03:38
04:52:16Love you moreOlly Murs00:03:03
04:48:25Call it a dayKatrine Falkenberg00:03:53
04:45:32GoblenOle Berthelsen00:02:55
04:41:20Can't stop loving youPhil Collins00:04:14
04:37:423 knapper i min skjorteJacob Haugaard00:03:40
04:35:41Orange blossom specialThe Cliffters00:02:03
04:32:06Walking on sunshineGudrun00:03:37
04:28:56Listen to the manGeorge Ezra00:03:01
04:25:02Så' der vognNalle00:03:56
04:21:19One way windDana Winner00:03:45
04:17:33Only a foolMaggie Reilly00:03:48
04:15:25Living loving wreckShakin' Stevens00:02:10
04:13:02Blue eyesDon Partridge00:02:25
04:08:48Ulykkelige hjerterThomas Helmig00:04:16
04:05:48Guilty flowersWard Thomas00:03:01
04:02:50Not a Sinner, not a saintAlcazar00:03:00
03:58:17Thousand miles to goCliff Richard00:04:21
03:55:51For your loveYardbirds00:02:28
03:50:05ShoutTears For Fears00:05:48
03:47:40Catch a falling starPerry Como00:02:27
03:44:17RevelationSøren Sko00:03:25
03:41:24Walking by myselfGary moore00:02:54
03:36:47There'll be no tearsInnocent Blood00:04:39
03:34:51I saw Linda yesterdayDickey Lee00:01:58
03:31:44FifteenThe Ha'pennies00:03:09
03:28:32Bye bye loveMelvis & his Gentlemen00:03:00
03:25:14Sing a songEarth, Wind and Fire00:03:20
03:21:56Bonsoir MadameBig Fat Snake00:03:20
03:18:12Where do broken hearts goOne Direction00:03:46
03:14:39Gi mig en elskovsnatSøs Fenger00:03:35
03:05:35Catherine the waitresTeitur00:03:34
03:02:19Hard enoughDownTown Mystic feat. Max Weinberg00:03:18
02:57:31You win againThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:04:39
02:54:35Life is liveOpus00:02:59
02:51:38Homeless heartBryan Rice00:02:58
02:46:41Love is a matter ofTim Christensen00:04:59
02:43:32Pieces of meAshlee Simpson00:03:11
02:39:32Leave the light onBeth Hart00:04:01
02:36:51Bang bangCher00:02:43
02:32:50Lay back in the arms of someoneSmokie00:04:03
02:30:18Sunny dayCALLmeKAT00:02:34
02:26:12Paper dollJohn Mayer00:03:58
02:22:55World hold on (Children of the sky)Bob Sinclair and Stewe Edwards00:03:18
02:19:43Magical feetBilly the Fit00:03:14
02:16:20Skinnie MinnieThe Lions00:03:24
02:08:08Hurt againWendy Walker00:04:08
02:04:55Turn it on againRonan Keating00:03:15
02:02:22Send me a postcardShocking blue00:02:35
01:57:38Every little part of meJulie00:04:33
01:53:47Aldrig mereJohnny Madsen00:03:52
01:49:56Ordinary girlLyra Project00:03:53
01:45:27I am the walrusThe Beatles00:04:31
01:42:43Yeh yehGeorgie Fame00:02:45
01:38:3411 months 3 weeks 6 daysWoundedspirit00:04:11
01:33:40Smooth operatorSade00:04:56
01:29:37Noget om helteLars Grand, Mads Westfall, Rasmus V00:03:52
01:26:46Billy boyChildren00:02:53
01:22:17Stay happy but please stay awayBilly Cross00:04:31
01:18:22Blomst og honningMiss B. Haven00:03:57
01:14:53Don't change my luckSuzi Quatro00:03:31
01:09:48Man kan stå så alenePoul Krebs00:05:06
01:06:13Crying days are overZindy00:03:37
01:01:31Planet of paradiseSavage Rose00:04:44
00:57:07Girlfriend on demandJoss Stone00:04:15
00:51:39Bullet bandBob Seger and The Silver00:05:30
00:48:21Peace in the valleyElvis Presley00:03:20
00:45:47Glass of champagneSailor00:02:35
00:42:16A view to killDuran Duran00:03:33
00:38:53Give it all upThe Corrs00:03:24
00:36:07Fredag natPeter Belli00:02:48
00:32:57Seven drunken nightsThe Dubliners00:03:11
00:29:10Flyv nu bortJanette Sund00:03:35
00:26:23Beer barrel polkaAndrews Sisters00:02:49
00:22:03Get it onT. Rex00:04:22
00:19:08Korean librariansZididada00:02:57
00:15:20Videre i migBjørnskov00:03:50
00:12:16Ned med hovedetIse00:03:05
00:08:27Riot in my houseMark Lanegan Band00:03:51
00:03:39For enden af regnbuenPoul Krebs og Bookhouse00:04:49
00:00:39Petite fleurClarinetto Reeds00:03:02