Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 05-10-2021-0000-0630.
06:26:32Bare det gårBamses Venner00:03:44
06:23:33Shoom awayWiley Brooks-Martin00:03:01
06:20:04Bitter moonBackseat Boys00:03:30
06:12:29She's a mysteryBon Jovi00:05:15
06:09:01En aften på stranden i oktoberGnags00:03:25
06:03:40Move onPeter Belli00:02:53
06:01:19It's in her kissThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:23
05:57:27Perfekt strangerMorten00:03:54
05:51:39The last timeThe Rolling Stones00:03:39
05:48:38You can have himAnita Lindblom00:03:03
05:44:40In the heartlandMark Knopfler00:02:39
05:42:12Looking out my back doorCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:29
05:39:33The LocomotionGrand funk00:02:41
05:32:08Come UndoneRobbie Williams00:04:36
05:27:59Smuk og dejligShit og Chalou00:04:00
05:25:05I would die for youAntique00:02:56
05:22:20There's a kind of hushBrenda Lee00:02:47
05:18:27The cry of the lone wolfKatie Melua00:03:55
05:15:37Color my worldPetula Clark00:02:51
05:12:18Hazelton avenueManic Street Preachers00:03:21
05:08:35I love the way you love meBoyzone00:03:45
05:06:37Groovy kind of loveWayne Fontana00:02:00
05:01:02Elskes af digRay Dee Ohh00:05:08
04:57:52Cobbelstone streetsCrossroad feat. Anja Møllerskov00:02:59
04:53:55Going away babyEric Clapton00:03:59
04:49:34Skibe uden sejlAnne Grete og Peter Thorup00:04:23
04:46:15Doctor JonesAqua00:03:20
04:42:20Et andet livSanne Salomonsen00:03:57
04:39:13Shaking all overChimbo's Revival00:03:08
04:35:59Shut up and danceWalk the Moon00:03:16
04:32:34Wrong or rightLutricia McNeal00:03:27
04:29:28Here you come againDolly Parton00:02:55
04:25:48Nanna LeeSonny Møller00:03:42
04:21:52Carred by the windSoulmates00:03:58
04:18:52The dream hasn't changedBilly Cross00:03:01
04:15:54It don't come easyRingo Starr00:03:00
04:13:09Sommer rendezvouazX-Tasy00:02:46
04:09:24Rhythm of loveScorpions00:03:47
04:06:14Music box dancerFrank Mills00:03:12
04:02:59I knowAndrea00:03:17
04:00:14World without lovePå slaget 1200:02:46
03:56:16Only when I sleepThe Corrs00:03:49
03:53:31Freaker's ballDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:02:47
03:50:23Right place right timeOlly Murs00:03:09
03:48:12He's a rebelThe Crystals00:02:13
03:44:49When you walk in the roomSmokie00:03:25
03:41:15You are my homePernille Bach00:03:36
03:37:56Mini mini miniIngjert Helen og Firebeat00:03:21
03:33:36Tænder det opKaren00:04:21
03:31:17In the midnight hourThe Commitments00:02:21
03:29:15Wonderful worldSam Cooke00:02:04
03:25:38Losing youPeter Viskinde00:03:39
03:21:49Speak to a girlTim Mcgraw & Faith Hill00:03:51
03:16:46Min elskede venElsborgMaribo00:05:05
03:13:20WintersongKari Rueslåtten00:03:28
03:09:56Motorcycle mamaHarpo00:03:25
03:02:06Would you beAwa00:03:21
02:59:05Our love will growFenders00:02:49
02:56:05Hvis bare jeg kunne seMicky Skeel00:03:02
02:52:37I hear you knockingShakin' Stevens00:03:30
02:49:31The boys are back in townThin Lizzy00:03:08
02:46:20There she goesChris Isaak00:03:13
02:41:59Wings of an angelDef Leppard00:04:23
02:38:07TransistorPoul Krebs00:03:54
02:34:09Love is to blameMette Kirkegaard00:03:59
02:29:55Let's get it onMarvin Gaye00:08:17
02:26:12One way windDana Winner00:03:45
02:22:26Verden er i farverLis Sørensen00:03:48
02:19:36Outlaw in EmWaylon00:02:51
02:16:49Anytime anywhere anywayBrødrene Olsen00:02:49
02:14:01Get downBackstreet Boys00:02:50
02:10:44Livet er et mesterværkChief 100:03:19
02:07:11Norma Jean wants to be a movie starCunningham00:03:35
02:04:29Hold tightDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:02:43
02:01:19Alt hvad jeg erLars Lilholt00:03:12
01:56:21I don't wanna talk about itRod Stewart00:04:50
01:52:26I still believe in youVince Gill00:03:56
01:48:33Every timeLinnéa Handberg00:03:55
01:45:31You weren't thereLene Marlin00:03:04
01:42:09Never knew your nameMadness00:03:24
01:37:36Putting on the RitzTaco00:04:34
01:34:23Damernes narGasolin00:03:15
01:29:49The edge of heavenWham00:04:26
01:27:51Skip to my LouNat King Cole00:02:00
01:25:00Band of goldFreda Payne00:02:52
01:20:44The show must go onQueen00:04:18
01:14:16ChildMark Owen00:03:44
01:11:01The concrete & the streetlightTwins Twins00:03:17
01:07:17Where's the loveHanson00:03:46
01:04:26Daydream believerThe Monkees00:02:53
01:01:03The tide is highAtomic Kitten00:03:24
00:57:27Coulda woulda shouldaCeline Dion00:03:25
00:49:18It must have been loveRoxette00:04:16
00:45:10Something that you saidThe Bangles00:04:10
00:41:28The heat is onGlen Frey00:03:44
00:38:48Eight days a weekThe Beatles00:02:42
00:36:14The clawDave Edmunds00:02:35
00:32:13Lovely dayBill Withers00:04:03
00:28:42Games people playInner Circle00:03:23
00:24:24Is this thing onPink00:04:19
00:21:09Soul manAndrew Strong00:03:17
00:17:55Your own worst enemyBruce Springsteen00:03:16
00:15:39Rolly PollyThe Defenders00:02:17
00:13:12I can take or leave your lovingHermans Hermits00:02:29
00:09:13Don't let him call you babyBlue Wather Highway00:04:01
00:04:37Cloudy (with a chance of rain)Katherine Kostoff00:04:38
00:02:11Du skal ikke græde mereBomles Venner00:02:28