Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 05-10-2019-0000-0800.
07:58:14Give it upK C and The Sunshine Band00:04:06
07:55:31California dreamingWilson Phillips00:02:45
07:51:58Ain't no mountain high enoughAndrew Strong og Niamh Strong00:03:34
07:49:14Chapel of loveThe Dixie Cups00:02:45
07:46:51Blue moonMud00:02:23
07:42:48Turn back timeAqua00:04:04
07:33:26Walk onU 200:04:57
07:29:58Listen to the radioSmokie00:03:29
07:26:41San FranciscoBrødrene Olsen00:03:18
07:19:26Sometimes when we touchFifth Avenue00:04:04
07:16:21Skal vi ikke bare være lykkeligeHenrik Nørrelykke00:03:05
07:12:58Kugler i KairoClaus Grønkjær Christensen00:03:24
07:09:18When the heartache is overTina Turner00:03:41
07:04:5610.000 Nights of thunderAlpha Beat00:04:23
07:01:56Think it all overSandie Shaw00:03:02
06:59:56Dear mrs. ApplebeeThe Defenders00:02:00
06:55:27(I just) died in your armsCutting Crew00:04:31
06:51:19Step by stepKim Schwartz00:04:09
06:48:37As tears goes byThe Rolling Stones00:02:41
06:44:34The Jean genieDavid Bowie00:04:05
06:40:56Because of youKelly Clarkson00:03:39
06:37:04ReconnectAura Dione00:03:53
06:33:12I et sommerhusSouvenirs00:03:40
06:30:03I've got dreams to rememberOtis Redding00:03:11
06:24:27Such a nightElvis Presley00:02:56
06:13:30When I'm 64Lennon og mcCartney00:02:36
06:06:38Man on the moonR.E.M.00:05:11
05:54:52We will standUp with people00:04:27
05:51:40Leidse PleinPoul Krebs00:03:12
05:48:40Red balloonDave Clark Five00:03:01
05:40:52I started a jokeBee Gees00:03:07
05:36:04The last timeBette Midler00:04:48
05:33:41It's in her kissThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:23
05:30:13Sign your nameMichael Bolton00:03:28
05:27:29I saw Linda yesterdayRocking Ghosts00:02:35
05:23:33NødlandingerDodo and the Dodo's00:03:57
05:19:34Midnight BlueLouise Tucker og Charlie Skarbek00:03:58
05:16:13Angels on my sideRick Astley00:03:22
05:12:10AmazedBonnie Tyler00:04:04
05:08:41Bare neccessaties megamixU.K. Mixmasters00:03:28
05:04:59No arms can ever hold youChris Norman00:03:42
05:02:48Who's been talkingManiacs00:02:13
05:00:25Yeh, yehGeorgie Fame and the Blue Flames00:02:24
04:56:57I hear you knockinShakin' Stevens00:03:30
04:53:40Your own worst enemyBruce Springsteen00:03:16
04:49:51BlodtudBamses venner00:03:49
04:47:30Aldrig helt aleneRocazino00:02:20
04:44:30Live foreverKane Brown00:03:01
04:42:54Little deuce coupeThe Beach Boys00:01:37
04:40:01For once in my lifeBabou00:02:54
04:36:05Mustang SallyThe Commitments00:03:58
04:32:20Ikke flere chancerRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:03:44
04:29:56Walk like a manThe Four Seasons00:02:13
04:25:43Surfing the surfaceTim Christensen00:04:14
04:21:44JonathanBack To Back00:04:00
04:18:32Reach outMarie Carmen Koppel00:03:12
04:14:31I'm gonna cetcha goodShania Twain00:04:02
04:10:40Love somebodyLisa Miskovsky00:03:52
04:07:51Me and Bobby and Bobby's brotherAbba00:02:49
04:04:35That empty chairRie Sanchez00:03:18
04:02:05On the beachCliff Richard00:02:30
03:58:23Pigen og trompetenMek Pek And The Allrights00:03:44
03:55:22Morning has brokenNeil Diamond00:03:00
03:53:07Traveling manRicky Nelson00:02:16
03:48:14Rock'n roll I gave you all the bestThe Cats00:04:55
03:45:22You can't hurry loveDiana Ross00:02:51
03:42:25Oh pretty womanRoy Orbison00:02:58
03:38:35Videre i migBjørnskov00:03:50
03:33:48Give me the good newsCrocodile Harris00:04:51
03:29:25Singing in the carHenrik Launbjerg00:04:15
03:27:16Universal soldierGlen Campbell00:02:09
03:24:04Never wanted your loveShe & Him00:03:12
03:20:07Donna ØThomas Ulrik Larsen00:03:57
03:15:55When you say nothing at allRonan Keating00:04:14
03:13:20FlyingNice Little Penguins00:02:35
03:09:43Children of mineSavage Rose00:03:38
03:05:49Brother LouieThe Stories00:03:55
03:01:52Alt minder mig om digLis Sørensen og Jimmy Colding00:03:57
02:57:53To stjerneskudSteffen Brandt og Nanna00:04:00
02:55:35Keep a knockingLittle Richard00:02:18
02:51:17Don't you forget about meSimple Minds00:04:18
02:47:40Old ladySinead O'Connor00:03:37
02:44:16Make me danceWiyaala00:03:23
02:40:39I found someoneCher00:03:39
02:36:52RavenDead Young oaks00:03:49
02:32:56Hey JoeThe Marmalade00:03:58
02:30:28Friday on my mindEasybeats00:02:29
02:26:42I dit hjerteHasan Shah00:03:35
02:24:23SummertimeSam Cooke00:02:18
02:21:51He's in townRockin Berries00:02:33
02:18:19Tonight's the nightRod Stewart00:03:33
02:15:04Papa was a rolling stoneThe Temptations00:03:16
02:09:58Chantilly laceBig Bopper00:02:22
02:06:01The wall street shuffle10 cc00:03:56
02:02:19If you come to meAtomic Kitten00:03:44
01:58:27Gold diggerThomas Helmig00:03:52
01:54:41Anyone of usMathias Holmgren00:03:48
01:51:47La vie en glaceGinnie Marker00:02:54
01:48:36Book of loveJakob Sveistrup00:03:13
01:44:44You, me and timeMac Owen00:03:51
01:42:12PersonalityLloyd Price00:02:33
01:37:20LatelyHank Marvin00:04:52
01:33:54Ocean of lightIn-Mood feat. Juliette00:03:27
01:31:54Freight trainChet Atkins00:02:00
01:28:13Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
01:24:59Never my loveBryan Adams00:03:14
01:22:55Love potion number nineSearchers00:02:04
01:17:06I en lille båd der gyngerKeinstein00:05:48
01:14:43Lul lul rocken gårShu bi dua00:02:24
01:12:18DreamloverBobby Darin00:02:26
01:08:48Weak in the presence of beautyAlison Moyet00:03:31
01:05:03Secret symphonyKatie Melua00:03:46
01:02:41National provincial sambaThe Shadows00:02:22
00:59:16I love to watch a woman danceEagels00:03:13
00:55:50Vi mødes en dagØst For Vest / Louise Blem00:03:26
00:53:28I want to hold your handThe Beatles00:02:24
00:48:36I can't tell you whyEagles00:04:52
00:42:37Pigen med de hvide bukserHumør ekspressen00:02:58
00:40:29Bedstefar ta' dine tænder påKim Larsen00:02:09
00:36:18I wanna wake up with youBoris Gardiner00:04:12
00:31:52Jeg vil la' lyset brændeRay Dee Ohh00:04:27
00:28:09To FranceMR00:03:45
00:25:21Whole lotta shaking going onJerry Lee Lewis00:02:50
00:21:46Imagine me imagine youFox00:03:36
00:16:44Distant dreamerDuffy00:05:03
00:13:49Wild loveMungo Jerry00:02:57
00:10:58Please don't say you love meGabrielle Aplin00:02:52
00:07:54Flyt din hånd JohnWenche Myhre00:03:04
00:03:58For always and everModern Talking00:03:56
00:00:12SorryFrederikke Bohr00:03:48