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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 04-12-2020-0000-0630.
06:28:18Jeg vedMaria Donna00:03:35
06:24:50All that she wantsAce of base00:03:29
06:21:01Riot in my houseMark Lanegan Band00:03:51
06:16:08No other wayKristina Renée00:04:52
06:12:37With a little help from my friendsThe Beatles00:02:34
06:08:24Gotta let your goRoxy Batz00:04:14
06:04:37He's beautiful to meCrystal Gayle00:03:11
06:01:21That empty chairRie Sanchez00:03:18
05:57:50Your longing is goneKatie Melua00:03:19
05:53:19Don't want to go homeGangway00:03:30
05:49:04Just close your eyesModern Talking00:04:16
05:40:31UnderMichael Falch00:04:36
05:37:50Reet petiteJackie Wilson00:02:41
05:34:42Heart of goldNeil Young00:03:07
05:31:04I allways miss youIndianna Dawn00:03:39
05:27:08StuckStacie Orrico00:03:58
05:23:31Solskin efter regnSanne Salomonsen00:03:39
05:20:30Think it all overSandie Shaw00:03:02
05:16:57Denver cityWoven Hand00:03:34
05:13:19Må vi ikke elske livetRocazino00:03:39
05:10:14I'm still gonna write you a songThomas Ring00:03:06
05:07:06Sealed with a kissDana Winner00:03:09
05:02:44Tro på tiden, der kommerKirstine Bonde og Per Sønderby00:04:14
04:58:40Listen to what the man saidPaul MCcartney00:03:52
04:55:40Na na nana nana nanaKirsten & Marie00:03:00
04:53:16Rocke til musikkenTyggegummibanden00:02:23
04:49:51Kelly's barTrampled by Turtels00:03:26
04:46:48Everybody get upFive00:03:03
04:43:22Stay the nightSailor00:03:28
04:40:12This yearA Soliman00:03:12
04:37:55Everybody knowsDave Clark Five00:02:17
04:33:58Have I told you latelyRod Stewart00:03:58
04:29:37Hvad er det vi lever forBack To Back00:04:13
04:24:58AlkymistenLaura Mo00:04:40
04:21:19Too many bad dreamsJesper Colfach00:03:38
04:18:25For once in my lifeBabou00:02:54
04:15:08Breat for youWaldo Greeff00:03:18
04:09:30Smoke on the waterDeep Purple00:05:38
04:05:52Think about you and meThomas Helmig00:03:38
04:02:42Kiss and say goodbyeUB-4000:03:10
03:57:47En gammel flammeSøs Fenger00:04:47
03:55:24Yellow boomerangMiddle of the road00:02:23
03:51:13GrandpaThe Judds00:04:11
03:49:00PolarisLos Valentinos00:02:15
03:44:38Crashing downEmmi00:04:23
03:42:15Please mr. postmanThe Marvelettes00:02:25
03:38:04Går på vandetIsse00:04:11
03:33:05The trawlerman's songMark Knopfler00:04:59
03:29:10If you leave me nowMaggie Reilly00:03:43
03:24:20LatelyHank Marvin00:04:52
03:20:07Skrøbelige venPoul Krebs00:04:14
03:17:25Lucky lipsCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:42
03:14:01YouniverseThe Alpine00:03:24
03:09:41Will there be loveAndy Michaels00:04:21
03:06:27LovefoolThe Cardigans00:03:15
03:02:42Take on meA Ha00:03:46
02:58:52Gonna get along just fineBilly Cross00:03:39
02:56:03Ruby don't take your love to townKenny Rogers00:02:49
02:53:02You can have himAnita Lindblom00:03:03
02:49:26GøteborgLukas Vanggaard00:03:37
02:47:29CaledoniaAmy Macdonald00:01:57
02:44:38Love is strangeMickey and Sylvia00:02:51
02:41:19Doctor JonesAqua00:03:20
02:38:19Not a Sinner, not a saintAlcazar00:03:00
02:35:21Head over heels in loveKevin Keegan00:02:58
02:32:27All she ever really wantedSmokie00:02:53
02:28:50Buler uden kuglerClara Jønsson00:03:29
02:24:37Surfing the surfaceTim Christensen00:04:14
02:21:06MarieSolveig Sandnes00:03:31
02:18:06Listen to the manGeorge Ezra00:03:01
02:14:21October and aprilThe Rasmus00:03:47
02:11:42U lu la luGasolin00:02:40
02:09:25RaunchyBill Justis00:02:17
02:06:16Tak for alle kysseneAnn Mette Elten00:03:11
02:01:39SledgehammerPeter Gabriel00:04:39
01:58:27Tune to the musicStatus Quo00:03:03
01:55:05Don't pay the ferrymanChris De Burgh00:03:23
01:52:33PersonalityLloyd Price00:02:33
01:48:36Forgiven (I feel your love)The Space Brothers00:03:57
01:46:22Do wah diddy diddyPå slaget 1200:02:14
01:43:36You've been a friend to meBryan Adams00:02:48
01:39:44AngelLionel Richie and Pixie Lott00:03:54
01:37:05Your heart's not in your loveCliff Richard00:02:40
01:32:19Black velvetAlannah00:04:45
01:28:27I can see clearlyDeborah Harry00:03:49
01:25:19Good timesEdie Brickell00:03:09
01:23:12LollipopThe Chordettes00:02:08
01:19:46Living thingElectric Light Orchestra00:03:28
01:16:32Maybe I'm crazyLaid Back00:03:15
01:11:41I can't tell you whyEagles00:04:52
01:06:58I don't want to live without youForeigner00:04:47
01:03:05Så langtTom Bjerg00:03:52
01:00:47Walk on byThe Cliffters00:02:18
00:57:02HollywoodMichael Buble00:03:34
00:54:50Hva' pokker ska' jeg gøreJohn Mogensen00:02:11
00:51:48Are you lonesome tonightElvis Presley00:03:05
00:47:32Hit by a feelingMichael Learns To Rock00:04:17
00:43:48Glory daysBruce Springsteen00:03:46
00:40:40She criesC 2100:03:08
00:38:06Os toAlex00:02:36
00:33:48Every little thing she does is magiThe Police00:04:18
00:28:13Udenfor sæsonenKeinstein00:05:24
00:24:31Mellow yellowDonavan00:03:43
00:22:11Rama lama ding dongSha na na00:02:21
00:17:51DrivingMartin Brygmann00:04:22
00:13:52Gamle festerLis Sørensen00:04:00
00:10:12Hot or notShu bi dua00:03:41
00:06:46Love will save the daySiri Svegler00:03:26
00:01:36Stars on Stevie WonderStars on 4500:05:11