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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 04-06-2020-0000-0630.
06:29:52All my loveRocazino00:03:32
06:26:03No promisesBryan Rice00:03:51
06:21:31Turn back the clockJohnny Hates Jazz00:04:32
06:17:11Corners of my lifeSidsel Ben Semmane00:04:21
06:13:08Everytime we touchMaggie Reilly00:04:05
06:09:32Wall of ChinaRunrig00:03:35
06:05:45Break the cycleChristina Smith Langtoft00:03:48
05:53:22Girl on the coastJessie James Decker00:03:19
05:46:16Loving the alienDavid Bowie00:07:07
05:41:49Så gik der tid med detTøsedrengene00:04:28
05:38:51Days like thisJette Torp00:02:59
05:34:34Bridges burnedSeeker Lover Keeper00:04:17
05:31:31Love you moreOlly Murs00:03:03
05:27:19Call meSpagna00:04:04
05:23:57Kids in AmericaKim Wilde00:03:23
05:20:57CuckooAdam Lambert00:03:00
05:16:56For the first timeRod Stewart00:04:01
05:13:58Tear me apartSuzi Quatro00:02:59
05:08:19Our shangri-laMark Knopfler00:05:39
05:04:20Whose bed have your boots been undeShania Twain00:03:59
05:00:32Ring a lingTiggy00:03:48
04:57:23Dead thingG.O.A.T00:03:01
04:53:33Two linesLightships00:03:49
04:49:13AliveMeat Loaf00:04:21
04:47:28NannaKim Larsen00:01:47
04:44:56Rockin' RobinBobby Day00:02:33
04:41:27E spritteVOS00:03:29
04:38:55Grandma's partyPaul Nicholas00:02:32
04:34:54Sos a loving homeLydbank feat. Ann amp drumkingone00:04:03
04:28:19Heal the worldMichael Jackson00:06:23
04:25:45I'm a manYardbirds00:02:36
04:22:03DaughterStefan Mørk00:03:42
04:18:32Sig mig nuJanette Sund00:03:31
04:16:14Walk on byThe Cliffters00:02:18
04:12:52Build me up buttercupZindy00:03:23
04:09:12CarrieCliff Richard00:03:41
04:06:59Concrete and clayUnit four plus two00:02:15
03:59:22Two out of three ain't badBonnie Tyler00:03:50
03:56:20Always breaking my heartBelinda Carlisle00:03:03
03:53:19Me and you and a dog named BooLobo00:03:00
03:50:33Walking on sunshineKatrina and the waves00:02:47
03:46:43All I've ever wantedMariah Carey00:03:49
03:42:24Sig mig hvem du elskerNews00:04:20
03:38:18The lady in redChris de Burgh00:04:07
03:35:45Holder stadig sammenLaura Mo00:02:33
03:33:16In the summernightTeach in00:02:31
03:30:53Quarks fløjtesangFrits Helmuth00:02:23
03:28:01Early in the morningVanity Fare00:02:43
03:24:49The rockJoan Audrey00:03:12
03:21:26MaleneSys Bjerre00:03:25
03:18:26HackensackKaty Perry00:03:01
03:14:22To live for loveMichelle00:04:04
03:10:14WomanNeneh Cherry00:04:09
03:06:48Det er mig der står herude og ba...Thomas Helmig00:03:27
03:05:35Som et strejfGasolin00:01:15
03:02:39Rock and roll (part 1)Gary Glitter00:02:55
02:58:38Warm and tender loveAndrew Strong00:03:50
02:55:52Here comes summerDave Clark Five00:02:48
02:50:50DaisieKasper Winding00:05:03
02:45:43AbracadabraSteve Miller Band00:05:07
02:41:54I want youVilliam & Hyldgaard00:03:49
02:38:30Time is tightPå slaget 1200:03:25
02:34:33Wrong reasonsSmokie and Maggie Reilly00:03:57
02:32:25Can't buy me loveThe Beatles00:02:09
02:29:16Cos you like to love meThe Hollies00:02:57
02:25:22JuliaChris Rea00:03:54
02:22:54Peggy SueBuddy Holly00:02:28
02:16:56I can't make you love meSanne Salomonsen00:06:00
02:15:08Dang meRoger Miller00:01:48
02:11:02All in good timeBen reel00:04:06
02:07:50Før det er for sentLouise Juul00:03:12
02:04:52While you were goneKarin Eurén00:03:00
02:00:32Hvad nu hvisAlex and Nik og Jay00:04:20
01:57:37Hope you're doing finePeter Larsen00:02:47
01:54:48Watch your stepThe Spencer Davis Group00:02:50
01:48:55Stairway to heavenFar Corporration00:05:55
01:45:05The best of meRonan Keating00:03:51
01:41:08RosieJohn Mayer00:03:56
01:33:38The wonderful soup stoneDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:03:40
01:29:05StrangerFalden R Rysgaard00:04:25
01:25:48DynamiteTaio Cruz00:03:18
01:23:34MaybellineChuck Berry00:02:15
01:21:28Mr. SandmanLes Paul and Mary Ford00:02:08
01:17:24If you leave me nowThe Shadows00:04:05
01:14:00So youngRonny Morris00:03:25
01:10:55And she's thereAndreas S Jensen00:03:05
01:07:22Far far awaySlade00:03:34
01:03:19Ford AngliaPoul Krebs00:04:04
00:58:53Naked loveSmokie00:04:14
00:53:21Vil du danse med migTV-200:05:32
00:50:49Moon riverJerry Butler00:02:32
00:48:40I can't believe what you sayThe Defenders00:02:10
00:44:56Woman behind the manIsetta Preston00:03:46
00:41:41Magical feetBilly the Fit00:03:14
00:38:29Monday mondayRed Squares00:03:12
00:33:35Those were the daysMary Hopkin00:04:57
00:29:28Mustang SallyThe Commitments00:03:58
00:26:39KlodekundskabShu bi dua00:02:48
00:21:35A hard rain's a-gonna fallHanne Boel og Laid Back00:05:05
00:17:55Try a little tendernessOtis Redding00:03:41
00:14:25Moonlight shadowMike Oldfield00:03:32
00:12:04You make my pants want to getDr. Hook00:02:22
00:08:31Gotta do it againAlvin Stardust00:03:35
00:04:02The actorMichael Learns To Rock00:04:30
00:00:20Bare det gårBamses Venner00:03:44