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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 03-04-2021-0000-0800.
07:59:04StrangerFalden R Rysgaard00:04:25
07:56:03There's a kind of hushCarpenters00:03:02
07:52:09The wrong reasonsSmokie and Maggie Relly00:03:55
07:49:48Hey babyBruce Channel00:02:22
07:46:45New tomorrowA Friend in London00:03:03
07:42:25Crazy worldMichael Learns To Rock00:04:21
07:33:21Dutch talk bossaShakes+Seven00:05:08
07:30:30Looking at you, looking at meJohnny Brady00:02:51
07:27:06Papa don't preachKelly Osbourne00:03:24
07:23:19Follow meAmanda Lear00:03:48
07:19:27DreamloverMariah Carey00:03:52
07:15:51Let me goGary Barlow00:03:36
07:11:29So naturalLisa Stansfield00:04:24
07:09:10Stand by meSkylar Grey00:02:19
07:06:40All I have to do is dreamGlen Campbell00:02:32
07:04:31Look out here comes tomorrowThe Monkees00:02:09
07:00:18StrongerFaith Hill00:04:13
06:57:08The carnival is overThe Seekers00:03:10
06:52:034 and 20Joss Stone00:05:05
06:48:16Forever after allLuke Combs00:03:47
06:45:43Don't let the sunGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:34
06:42:01You're not aloneOlive00:03:45
06:37:47No time for love like nowMichael Stipe & Big Red Machine00:04:14
06:34:12Roder du lidt mæ rytmeboxenDe Nattergale00:03:37
06:30:15RosieJohn Mayer00:03:56
06:27:22Lucky lipsCliff Richard00:02:42
06:24:07De her dageMarie Key00:03:16
06:20:57BølgerIsam B00:03:10
06:17:26So youngRonny Morris00:03:25
06:11:55RomeoBlå Øjne00:03:55
06:07:02Alt i altRay Dee Ohh00:04:24
06:03:39Concrete and clayBaccara00:03:04
05:59:19Love is all aroundSort Sol00:04:22
05:53:09A simple songDeep Purple00:04:35
05:48:58The closest thing to crazyKatie Melua00:04:11
05:45:03Will you still love me tomorrowSmokie00:03:55
05:42:24MichelleThe Beatles00:02:39
05:40:17Good golly miss MollyLittle Richard00:02:08
05:36:13HeartbreakerDionne Warwick00:04:04
05:32:28Whatever happened to foreverLinda Tourje feat.00:03:45
05:27:57Det bedste til mig og mine vennerGasolin00:04:23
05:23:06From the heartAnother Level00:04:52
05:18:53Et hjem går ituKH Ørum00:04:15
05:15:54Gi' mig dit jaMaria Madsen00:03:00
05:12:25Sign your nameMichael Bolton00:03:28
05:08:31The wall street shuffle10 cc00:03:56
05:06:03Bang bang LuluGoombay Danceband00:02:28
05:03:02Denne gangTrine Jepsen og Michael Teschl00:03:01
04:59:22Land i sigteLaura Mo00:03:41
04:55:35Hide from meSille Nielson00:03:49
04:51:21In the shadowsThe Rasmus00:04:14
04:48:58HucklebuckChubby Checker00:02:25
04:45:18Brænder migAnna David00:03:41
04:41:49It's raining menThe Weather Girls00:03:29
04:37:41We are the colonelsPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:04:09
04:33:55When the day comesNico & Vinz00:03:46
04:27:22Kysser farvelJohn Schmidt00:03:10
04:24:26Rock and roll (part 1)Gary Glitter00:02:55
04:19:59Me and Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin00:04:28
04:15:55High on youMarcus Winther-John00:04:03
04:13:16Tom DooleyFour jacks00:02:41
04:10:22ApacheJørgen Ingmann00:02:55
04:07:03Wonderful worldFlemming Bamse Jørgensen00:03:20
04:04:40I can't let goThe Hollies00:02:23
04:01:11Don't want to go homeGangway00:03:30
03:58:50Mr. SandmanThe Chordettes00:02:22
03:55:35Long cool woman in a black dressHollies00:03:15
03:51:34Deep river womanLionel Richie and Little Big Town00:04:03
03:48:59RegnvejrRasmus Nøhr00:02:35
03:46:57Shaking all overThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:02
03:38:10Herfra hvor vi stårSkousen og Ingemann00:04:47
03:33:40This is usMark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris00:04:31
03:30:44Ain't got no homeThe Defenders00:02:56
03:26:51Tidens kvinderTV-200:03:44
03:22:24October rainThomas Helmig00:04:27
03:19:28Wolverton mountainNat King Cole00:02:56
03:15:54Sing a happy songThe O'jays00:03:33
03:12:59Hvis det ik' skal være osJoey Moe00:02:57
03:09:46EcstasyWhite Plains00:03:12
03:05:42Memory laneSusanne and the Peacekeeping Forces00:04:03
03:01:43Whose bed have your boots been undeShania Twain00:03:59
02:57:14Soft dogsDAD00:04:30
02:53:33Little of your timePeter Viskinde00:03:42
02:50:17Uuh you touch my tra la laPhill og Co00:03:18
02:47:42Making your mind upBucks Fizz00:02:36
02:44:39Let's hang onMcKinleys00:03:04
02:40:12JulietteThomas Kjellerup00:04:28
02:36:17Things can only get betterD:Ream00:03:54
02:32:48Mercury bluesDavid Lindley00:03:30
02:29:38All for me grogThe Dubliners00:02:59
02:23:51Holding out for a heroBonnie Tyler00:05:47
02:19:56Look trough my eyesPhil Collins00:03:54
02:14:49These dreamsRobbie Williams00:05:08
02:12:12Monster mashSha na na00:02:37
02:09:04ShotgunGeorge Ezra00:03:09
02:05:01Love to see you cryEnrique Iglesias00:04:04
02:02:26FoottapperThe Cliffters00:02:35
01:59:44Bo DiddleyBo Diddley00:02:42
01:56:34Don't stopFleetwood Mac00:03:10
01:54:01Johnny B. GoodeChuck Berry00:02:33
01:51:13The three ballsThe Browns00:02:49
01:48:10Kærlighed og kildevandDaniel Jul00:03:03
01:43:26Think twiceCeline Dion00:04:45
01:39:29Hey JoeThe Marmalade00:03:58
01:35:28The dream is still aliveWilson Phillips00:04:02
01:32:03Always look on the bright sideMonthy Python00:03:25
01:27:22Let me liveSidsel Ben Semmane00:04:33
01:24:15She criesC 2100:03:08
01:21:52Sko og støvlerShu bi dua00:02:24
01:17:38Heard you on my RadioClaudia Scott00:04:14
01:12:57Rush rushPaula Abdul00:04:50
01:09:40Shade of the pinesSundays00:03:17
01:07:06Walk right backAnne Murray00:02:35
01:04:57Don't go out into the rainHermans Hermits00:02:10
01:01:07Give you timeRoyal Feet Factory00:03:51
00:58:10You little trustmakerThe Tymes00:02:45
00:55:10Streets of PromiseMac Owen00:03:01
00:51:59Alt hvad jeg erLars Lilholt00:03:12
00:49:25Let's dancePå slaget 1200:02:36
00:45:47Brother LouieModern Talking00:03:39
00:41:5799 luftballonsNena00:03:50
00:37:39It's overRod Stewart00:04:17
00:32:46Soon you'll be goneBarry Alexander King00:04:55
00:29:13Wall of ChinaRunrig00:03:35
00:25:42JackieEverybody's Talking00:03:31
00:22:15Meget, meget mer' end førMichelle Birkballe00:03:26
00:18:00Hula hula babyBamses Venner00:04:17
00:14:45In your eyesKylie Minogue00:03:16
00:11:12Over detSanne Salomonsen00:03:35
00:06:42C MoonPaul MCcartney00:04:30
00:03:34Hasta mananaAbba00:03:08
00:00:11BreathlessThe Corrs00:03:25