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Netradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 02-08-2020-0000-0800.
05:48:39All over the worldJeff Lynne's00:03:56
05:45:5116 dollarsVolbeat00:02:49
05:42:15Alt for længe hver for sigPeter Terpager feat. Lisbet Jagedal00:03:36
05:39:08Baby it's youThe quireboys00:03:09
05:35:40Strawberry fields foreverThe Beatles00:04:04
05:32:38VacationThe Beach Boys00:03:03
05:29:26Never wanted your loveShe & Him00:03:12
05:26:08Not enoughLouise Lemon00:03:20
05:21:50Too much love will kill youQueen00:04:18
05:18:09Everybody (Backstreet's Back)Backstreet Boys00:03:43
05:15:06Somebody like youAtomic Kitten00:03:03
05:12:25The wandererDion00:02:41
05:09:06To be with youMr. Big00:03:19
05:06:01JoannaJohnny DeLuxe00:03:06
05:02:49SatelliteDave Stewart00:03:13
04:58:32I swearAll-4-one00:04:17
04:55:30Some people sayTerrorvision00:03:02
04:51:54No dancingThe Shadows00:03:37
04:48:53TaxaSanne Salomonsen00:03:01
04:46:37Just as I didThe Cliffters00:02:16
04:43:11I've got to use my imginationGladys Knight and the Pips00:03:27
04:39:36We're not gonna take itTwisted Sister00:03:36
04:35:07Autums leavesEva Cassidy00:04:29
04:30:22Take it to the limitEagles00:04:46
04:25:02Wrap your arms around meAgnetha Fältskog00:05:08
04:20:15For første gangDodo and the Dodo's00:04:48
04:15:41Frie hjerterIse00:04:35
04:11:45Time after timeCyndi Lauper00:03:56
04:08:10The story of my lifeOne Direction00:03:36
04:04:51Fistful of dollarsSmokie00:03:19
04:01:25I can't give you upThe Rubettes00:03:26
03:57:52Time is tightPå slaget 1200:03:25
03:54:16Det er ikke lyset fra NYCJohn Schmidt00:03:37
03:49:17Sad i parkenRugsted og Kreutzfeldt00:04:59
03:46:59Kisses sweeter than wineJimmie Rodgers00:02:18
03:45:09Running through the nightThe Hollies00:02:41
03:41:18Dooh doohBarcode Brothers00:03:53
03:38:13Summerlove sensationBay City Rollers00:03:06
03:30:28Making love out of nothing atBonnie Tyler00:07:46
03:24:55Dark side of loveLivia00:05:21
03:22:09Sig det' løgnTomas Thordarson00:02:47
03:18:20ExplainBig Fat Snake00:03:50
03:14:59More than a feelingBoston00:03:21
03:12:41Summer holidayCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:18
03:08:40CourageCeline Dion00:04:02
03:00:36She's so beautifulCliff Richard00:04:04
02:56:31Wrong reasonsSmokie and Maggie Reilly00:03:57
02:54:48Mercedes BenzJanis Joplin00:01:44
02:49:42Thank you for loving meBon Jovi00:05:06
02:45:39Sådan nogen som osPoul Krebs00:04:03
02:41:57No arms can ever hold youChris Norman00:03:42
02:39:13There'll be peace in the vallyConnie Francis00:02:45
02:36:34Ronja RøverdatterSebastian00:02:39
02:33:08Wanna see the lightSuzann and the Davies00:03:27
02:30:34Be my babyThe Ronettes00:02:35
02:27:25Good grief ChristinaChicory Tip00:02:57
02:16:52The anniversary waltzStatus Quo00:10:35
02:13:01Fools goldmineKim Schwartz00:03:52
02:08:34Behind blue eyesLimp Bizkit00:04:28
02:06:26Ooby doobyRoy Orbison00:02:09
02:03:51Just like EddieHeinz00:02:34
02:01:38Østre GasværkKim Larsen00:02:13
01:56:44Billy boyOne Two00:04:46
01:54:40Love potion no. 9Searchers00:02:04
01:49:43Smooth operatorSade00:04:56
01:47:46Blomsten og vasenFolkeklubben00:01:58
01:45:09Monster mashSha na na00:02:37
01:41:44Always look on the bright sideMonthy Python00:03:25
01:37:52The day after tomorrowSaybia00:03:52
01:35:34Devil in disguiseElvis Presley00:02:19
01:31:38Rock steadyBonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams00:03:56
01:27:19Hurt againWendy Walker00:04:08
01:22:33Black velvetAlannah00:04:45
01:17:39How do I liveLeAnn Rimes00:04:55
01:14:32She criesC 2100:03:08
01:12:14A girl in blueThe Meteors00:02:18
01:08:16This is our lifeBosson00:03:59
01:04:40The RoseWestlife00:03:35
01:01:05Hjertet slår altid igenFenger // Nordstrøm00:03:36
00:56:16EnoughHenning Stærk00:04:41
00:54:05I'm the oneGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:13
00:48:03I was only jokingRod Stewart00:06:04
00:44:42Mini mini miniIngjert Helen og Firebeat00:03:21
00:40:06Midnat i EuropaThomas Helmig00:04:37
00:35:02Mest af glædeBamses venner / Anne Grete00:05:05
00:31:49Lang vej til månenDaniel Jul00:03:14
00:24:38Hell or high waterPassenger00:03:35
00:20:05A good heartFeargal Sharkey00:04:34
00:15:59Held og lykkeLis Sørensen00:04:06
00:13:04Baby if we touchShakin' Stevens00:02:55
00:05:52Walk right inThe Rooftop singers00:02:32
00:01:42I can't stand the rainHanne Boel00:04:11