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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 01-12-2021-0000-0630.
06:27:42Let me knowBamboo Brothers00:03:46
06:20:01For enden af regnbuenPoul Krebs og Bookhouse00:04:49
06:14:58Be stillKelly Clarkson00:03:21
06:12:27Træk'n indBamses Venner00:02:33
06:09:03Monday mondayRed Squares00:03:12
06:03:49Monaco og NiceThomas kjellerup00:03:31
06:00:21One way or anotherBlondie00:03:29
05:57:49Pretty little angel eyesThe firebirds00:02:34
05:52:44Baby I love your wayBig Mountain00:04:24
05:49:17Going back to IndianaJackson 500:03:29
05:44:3539Pretty Maids00:03:16
05:41:38A perfect matchA Teens00:02:59
05:37:55Sweat (A la la la la Long)Inner Circle00:03:45
05:35:16Lykkelig smutningRasmus Nøhr00:02:40
05:31:44I like ChopinGazebo00:03:34
05:28:47L.A. International AirportSusan Raye00:02:45
05:25:29Alle verdens stemmerMichael Slot Pihl00:03:20
05:22:15Me and youShe and Him00:03:16
05:19:04I never got to know herDr. Hook00:03:13
05:15:34Another one bites the dustQueen00:03:31
05:11:35Just give me a reasonPink00:04:01
05:08:15You're not aloneAlanito feat. Dara00:03:23
05:04:27We take care of our ownBruce Springsteen00:03:50
05:00:45LullabyPeter Viskinde00:03:43
04:56:23It's overBonnie Tyler00:04:11
04:53:27ChihuahuaDj Bobo00:02:57
04:50:46Dancing partyShowaddywaddy00:02:43
04:46:50Spirit in the skyNorman Greenbaum00:03:58
04:41:53Big logRobert Plant00:04:59
04:38:30What good will you do for mePeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:24
04:36:00You're the reason whyThe Rubettes00:02:32
04:31:58Turn back timeAqua00:04:04
04:28:33And I found this boyMaia Hirasawa00:03:17
04:26:14Strangers in the nightPetula Clark00:02:20
04:22:19BitchMeredith Brooks00:03:57
04:19:04DumpetNadia Gattas00:03:17
04:14:59This waiting heartChris De Burgh00:04:07
04:05:51Huset ved havetPoul Krebs00:03:54
04:02:30Pass the dutchieMusical Youth00:03:22
03:58:20The river of dreamsBilly Joel00:04:02
03:54:35For what is't worthLisa Bassenge00:03:46
03:50:59Sad boyMick Motto00:03:38
03:47:43The song ohKim Wagner00:03:18
03:43:58Friends like thatLinnéa Handberg, feat. Miss Mukupa00:03:47
03:41:00Beautiful sundayDaniel Boone00:03:00
03:36:30På kanten af småt brændbartTV-200:04:31
03:33:20While awayEagle-Eye Cherry00:03:12
03:29:01As I lay me downSophie B. Hawkins00:04:07
03:22:29Woodpeckers from spaceVideo Kids00:03:29
03:18:33Clap your hands and stamp your feetBonnie St. Claire00:03:57
03:13:51The wind whispers youOne two00:04:44
03:10:17If you wanna cryAnna David00:03:36
03:06:49E spritteVOS00:03:29
03:03:31Laughter in the rainNeil Sedaka00:03:20
02:59:45Gi mig en elskovsnatSøs Fenger00:03:35
02:55:57Keep this fire burningRobyn00:03:49
02:53:34Åh at være en høneKim Larsen00:02:25
02:50:38Little red roosterThe Rolling Stones00:02:58
02:46:47Listen to what the man saidPaul MCcartney00:03:52
02:41:51Twin peaks theme.00:04:58
02:38:01Groovy dayThomas Helmig00:03:52
02:34:36Sweet dreams my LA exRachel Stevens00:03:26
02:27:46SometimesBritney Spears00:03:53
02:24:17The last nightBon Jovi00:03:31
02:20:22All I wanna doHella Donna00:03:57
02:17:01Achy breaky heartBilly Ray Cyrus00:03:22
02:13:30You're so different tonightSmokie00:03:33
02:08:47If you go awayBrenda Lee00:04:45
02:06:00Beer barrel polkaAndrews Sisters00:02:49
02:03:02Hvem si'r at jeg er færdig med digAnne Dorte Michelsen00:02:59
02:01:01PerfidiaLos Valentinos00:02:03
01:57:15Hodja fra PjortSebastian00:03:37
01:53:22Still the sameI am K00:03:56
01:48:38Gløder af håbBack To Back00:04:46
01:45:07Ensomheds bluesRioja Joe00:03:33
01:42:20When you walk in the roomSvenne og Lotta00:02:49
01:39:45Yellow riverThe Tremeloes00:02:37
01:36:10Coco JambooMr. President00:03:36
01:31:13Sail onLionel Richie and Jill Johnson00:04:59
01:27:36Motorcycle mamaHarpo00:03:25
01:23:29Love somebodyRobbie Williams00:04:09
01:19:14FrostbiteMichael Learns To Rock00:04:17
01:16:04Hvis du gårHjalmer00:03:12
01:13:05Sing me an old fashioned songNiamh Lynn00:03:01
01:09:19Ina SheerGeordie00:03:48
01:02:40I'd lie for youMeat Loaf00:06:41
00:58:42The way you make me feelRonan Keating00:03:49
00:55:43Break my strideMatthew Wilder00:03:02
00:53:09WhyFrankie Avalon00:02:35
00:48:37Forever loveGary Barlow00:04:34
00:43:04Absolute beginnersDavid Bowie00:05:35
00:39:46California saga: CaliforniaThe Beach Boys00:03:19
00:36:35FanOle Berthelsen00:03:13
00:32:36CourageCeline Dion00:04:02
00:28:41Basuner og engleShu bi dua00:03:43
00:22:54ShoutTears For Fears00:05:48
00:17:07Den jeg elskerSanne00:05:49
00:14:00Den nat de kørte cirkus vækPeter Belli00:03:08
00:10:31XanaduOlivia Newton John00:03:31
00:05:56I kissing youPoul Reiman00:04:37
00:02:39The wandererStatus Quo00:03:19