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Udsendelse: Netradio, Vært: AA, Periode: 01-10-2020-0000-0630.
06:27:28Ooh la laRod Stewart00:04:14
06:23:031000 kysNews00:04:25
06:18:58Oh what a nightClock00:03:24
06:12:36No sleepJanet Jackson00:03:22
06:05:55FoolsThe Grenadines00:05:00
06:00:50When you close your eyesMichael Winther00:04:29
05:57:12I'm holding on to loveShania Twain00:03:26
05:54:12When I'm 64Lennon og mcCartney00:02:36
05:50:11The dark sideAnn May00:04:03
05:46:17Things can only get betterD:Ream00:03:54
05:42:12FighterChristina Aguilera00:04:06
05:38:27Some kind of nothingnessManic Street Preachers00:03:46
05:34:38Bleeding loveThe Baseballs00:03:50
05:29:43The bluffAmber Rahman00:04:46
05:26:43Denne gangTrine Jepsen og Michael Teschl00:03:01
05:24:25Roll over BeethovenChuck Berry00:02:19
05:22:07Kisses sweeter than wineJimmie Rodgers00:02:18
05:19:11Big loopLouam00:02:55
05:15:45Call meBlondie00:03:27
05:12:24Pass the dutchieMusical Youth00:03:22
05:07:01WhyFrankie Avalon00:02:35
05:04:34Don't fight itRock Nalle00:02:28
05:01:24OperatorsBlack light white light00:03:11
04:58:00Me and youShe and Him00:03:16
04:54:57This old houseShakin' Stevens00:03:04
04:51:52Sjæl i flammerKasper Winding og Lars Muhl00:03:06
04:47:28I wonder whyChurtis Stigers00:04:24
04:44:28Krig og festSys Bjerre00:03:01
04:40:55No wordsErik Hassle00:03:33
04:35:46These dreamsRobbie Williams00:05:08
04:28:24All the sameReal Estate Days00:07:10
04:24:05The rhytm of the nightCorona00:04:21
04:21:09She's good to meJoe Cocker00:02:56
04:15:20ShoutTears For Fears00:05:48
04:13:14Heartbreak hotelElvis Presley00:02:07
04:11:05Party dollBuddy Knox00:02:08
04:07:27Hanging by a threat singleMariyah00:03:38
04:05:14PolarisLos Valentinos00:02:15
04:02:23Save it for a rainy dayMaggie Reilly00:02:51
03:54:14There'll be no tearsInnocent Blood00:04:39
03:51:46Yesterday's goneChad and Jeremy00:02:29
03:48:13KokomoThe Beach Boys00:03:33
03:44:13En ven for livetGully Hanna Ragnarsdottir00:04:00
03:39:44The actorMichael Learns To Rock00:04:30
03:35:31Gotta let your goRoxy Batz00:04:14
03:31:56Hell or high waterPassenger00:03:35
03:28:36Open doorsElectric Lady Lab00:03:11
03:24:51SuzanneLeonard Cohen00:03:46
03:22:11I see the moonTommy Seebach00:02:39
03:18:44Twisting by the poolDire Straits00:03:29
03:15:11Go your own wayFleetwood mac00:03:34
03:10:42Never break my heartValentine Bunch00:04:29
03:06:39Every time you cryCurtis Stigers00:04:04
03:02:58Dust in the windDana Winner00:03:40
02:58:35Empty roomsGary Moore00:04:12
02:55:41The things I didn't sayDr. Hook00:02:54
02:51:54This is not AmericaDavid Bowie00:03:49
02:49:11Hot stuffJudith Owen00:02:44
02:44:33You win againThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:04:39
02:41:43Tequila sunriseEagles00:02:52
02:39:13Rebel rouserDuane Eddy00:02:30
02:35:33Love hangoverDiana Ross00:03:41
02:32:17Thinking about youNorah Jones00:03:17
02:29:26I'm in controlJetsi Kain00:02:39
02:25:34Hello sunshineBruce Springsteen00:03:52
02:22:41All she ever really wantedSmokie00:02:53
02:17:44Cleaning out my closetEminem00:04:57
02:14:02I don't like mondaysBoomtown Rats00:03:44
02:09:19Sweethearts togetherThe Rolling Stones00:04:43
02:04:41Rock'n roll dreamAc / Dc00:04:39
02:01:22A different youKim Wagner00:03:20
01:56:31I've got dreams to rememberHenning Stærk00:04:42
01:51:17DonnaRitchie Valens00:02:27
01:49:06Det er en kold tidKim Larsen00:02:11
01:44:37St. louis elegyMark Lanegan Band00:04:29
01:39:33Som de andre gørBack to back00:05:05
01:36:30The sound of silenceSimon and Garfunkel00:03:04
01:34:07What'd I sayJerry Lee Lewis00:02:24
01:29:55Listen to your heartRoxette00:04:04
01:26:01The final countdownEurope00:03:55
01:21:51Never be the same againMelanie C feat.Lisa Left Eve L00:04:11
01:19:19Mo'reenThe Teenmakers00:02:32
01:17:13Here comes summerJerry Keller00:02:07
01:13:42What's love got to do with itCliff Richard00:03:31
01:09:43Play that songTrain00:03:59
01:00:54Kære linedanserElsborgMaribo00:05:10
00:57:34Dance little lady danceTina Charles00:03:08
00:54:17Long cool woman in a black dressThe Hollies00:03:18
00:51:14So longAbba00:03:04
00:47:25BlodtudBamses venner00:03:49
00:42:58Behind blue eyesLimp Bizkit00:04:28
00:39:56Play the drumNice Little Penguins00:03:04
00:35:3826 grader i Paris i natChristian Brøns00:04:18
00:31:41Min stjerneMichael Falch00:03:58
00:27:59Emerald eyesAndy Michaels feat. Tiarne Madison00:03:33
00:25:25Chain gangSam Cooke00:02:36
00:21:22RevengeLouise Goffin feat. Skylar Gudasz00:04:04
00:18:24Pigen med de hvide bukserHumør ekspressen00:02:58
00:14:44When the heartache is overTina Turner00:03:41
00:09:59TwilightVanessa Carlton00:04:45
00:05:09Jeg falderTine Mynster00:04:50
00:01:15Mens vi går og venterPå Slaget 1200:03:55